Have you ever seen someone stopped and ticketed for texting and driving? Me neither. Nearly sideswiped multiple times daily. Ought to be easy to catch.

Those zany Republicans: Trump, the "Mad Flusher," "Gazpacho Soup Nazi" Marjorie Taylor Greene, "Cancun Teddy," "Sprinter" Kevin McCarthy, and Ron "Normal Tourist Day" Johnson.

No matter how he rhetorically rationalizes it, Biden is ultimately responsible for not meeting his obligations and promises as president.

Before death, tell your story.

The Republican Party has a"daddy issue." They are scared to death of "Big Daddy" down in Mar-a-Lago.

I have been admitted since 1975 to practice before the Supreme Court. The problem with the process is not race, gender, etc., but rather politicized witch hunts.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan, Kissinger, Dole, Baker, McCain Nixon, Trump McCarthy, Cruz, DeSantis, Jordan, Giuliani Taylor Greene.

You don't need a Ph.D. in political science to know that open border policies are the same as sending engraved invitations to cartels eager to get their products here.

Biden: Take a Florida "Griswold Family Vacation" on July 4 in your E-vehicle down I-75 and see how to find a charging station.

Trump had to keep Roto Rooter on speed dial at the White House because of his habit of flushing classified documents down the toilet.

Nixon had his 18 minutes of missing tape, and Trump has gaps in his White House phone logs. Two peas in a pod.

Biden, leave Lester Holt of NBC alone. Just answer his question about inflation.

If you see Dems dropping mask mandates, it's only to get re-elected. They will bring back mandates later. They love their new control and power. Watch.

"GOP pushes U.S. schools to post class materials." What's next, GOP? Assign political commissars to each classroom?

Republicans demanded seven completely wasted Benghazi investigations. Surely we can investigate a deadly attempted overthrow of our election. What are Republicans so afraid of?

Last week's rant said that we can blame having to pay taxes because Trump doesn't. Does he really think that Joe, Hunter, Nancy, etc., pay their fair share? Ha ha ha.

Mask. Don't mask. Distance. Don't distance. Vaccinate. Don't vaccinate. Is anyone else getting confused yet besides me?

Why are the Dems more upset over protesting, peaceful truckers and not burning BLM riots? They are upside down in their thinking.

So, former community organizer and President Obama bought a house on the Cape ($11.8 mil) and bought land in Hawaii to build a huge spread ($8.78 mil). But aren't the oceans rising?

Lawmakers attempting to control what young people read should think about what some are teaching when they repeat lies and disrespect for our country.

Why doesn't the Tennessee legislature just script classes for teachers and librarians to read all day? No thinking required — just like them. GOP controls all.

Feelings now more important than truth. If numbers and facts don't support your position, change or ignore them. Above all, feel good in your bubble.

Banned books for sale!

Gosh, I didn't know how much I missed candidate campaign signs. Is it too early to wish election season was over?

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