In today's times, can there be a person lower than a porch pirate who steals food delivered to the home of old or infirm people?

Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, whatever. If you don't want to watch/listen to them, nobody's stopping you.

At this point in time, do you suppose the GOP realizes its mistake in not impeaching Trump when it had the opportunity to do so?

Surely Biden's selection of a SCOTUS nominee will be jurisprudentially reassuring, considering his assessment of son Hunter as "the smartest guy I know."

Trump makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Republicans who called Nixon out had integrity, class and sought the truth. "Legitimate political discourse"? Yeah, right.

For those of us rightly upset with the price of gas, remember it was Biden who shut down the 800,000-barrels-a-day Keystone XL pipeline.

Republicans chanted "lock her up" for mishandling emails. Doesn't Trump's taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago minimally deserve a "tsk tsk?" Well, Republican patriots?

Do you feel like most of our current leaders came out of the wax museum? Sure looks like it. Pay attention the next two election cycles.

I became "deconstructed" when my church sold its soul to Donald Trump for political power.

Do you get the impression that world leaders don't believe our leaders, sort of like when Obama's red line went pink, then yellow? Prevalent lately.

Cancel culture liberals are so easily triggered. Joe Rogan is no right-winger; he just asks valid and inconvenient questions.

That clinches it. Sheriff Hammond has endorsed Matt Hullander for county mayor, so I know for sure I'm voting for Sabrena Smedley or Weston Wamp.

Monitoring every teacher's curriculum and publishing it would require a huge bureaucracy. I thought Republicans were all about cutting red tape and local control.

Lots of God talk in the first county mayoral debate. I love God, too, but I want to hear how my next county mayor will lead and spend wisely.

Legal immigrants might save America. They have strong family units and work hard to be self-sufficient. Two, three jobs. Unlike most native entitlement recipients.

I was taught these simple lessons in elementary school: Walk against traffic and ride with traffic. Doesn't anyone know this anymore? Much safer this way.

I am usually turned off by [conservative columnist] Star Parker's alternative facts, but she had a well-done column on race recently. Otherwise, I think she's a pimple on truth.

Why is it that churches think they need to travel out of state or out of the country to do mission work? Are these trips just "camouflaged vacations?"

Apparently, fistfights and slugfests are normal occurrences at Chattanooga bars. Recent beer board news caught me by surprise. I must lead a sheltered life.

One question: Where are all the people coming from who can afford the rent on all the gazillion apartments being built in Chattanooga? Huh?

I see county mayoral candidate Matt Hullander picking up trash in a new TV ad. That's as likely as Mayor Tim Kelly filling potholes himself.

Kudos to Charles Lowery Jr. for his outstanding career and contributions to the Chattanooga community as a member of the sheriff's department.

Chattanoogans, if you must rant, for the love of God, find something new to rant about. Your tired, old political rants reflect a community that's out of touch. Read, don't rant.

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