Gas goes from $1.89 to $3.19 under Biden, then goes down 20 cents. Dems brag about lowering the price of gas?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, what is your DAR ancestry. You can't just say "American" right off the bat.

Bumper sticker on a car — PTSD — or Post Trump Stress Disorder.

Not supporting the investigation into the attack on our Capitol? Leave this country. The attack was against democracy. I hope everyone responsible is found and punished.

It would be good for the country if the president would realize we are in crisis. He ignores it all and panders fantasy.

Now that the Derek Chauvin and Kim Potter trials are over, when will the trial of North Carolina Trooper Jermaine Saunders start?

What happened to the Republican Party that used to have a primary purpose other than advancing the agenda of the rich? Fleischmann can explain.

Democrats will support free stuff and $450,000 on illegal immigrants but wouldn't spend $5 billion to $12 billion on Trump's wall to prevent the dilemma. Party loyalty.

Sen. Blackburn, it is COVID and not "border security" that is more important to Tennesseans.

Joe Biden's presidency is imploding around him. What a difference nine months makes.

Trump's base booed him for saying he got the booster shot; consequently, this should scare everybody as they vote for president.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is dishonoring his father's memory of great public service to America by attacking another public servant to America, Dr. Fauci.

Gov. Lee, you said no to mask mandates, no to vaccine mandates, no to migrant children, but yes to the 2024 Republican National Convention?

Hosting the 2024 Republican National Convention would be a great "get" for the state. Let's hope the state goes all out to get it.

Still seeing news stories saying Georgia voters cannot be given water while waiting in line. It's still a lie. Voting officials can hand it out, not partisan organizations.

Due to COVID, human beings have been added to the "endangered species list."

Does anyone really believe that reporting on [U.S. Rep.] Marjorie Taylor Green's racist slur is going to hurt her? Pretty sure her hateful followers use them everyday.

Hallelujah, the kidnapped missionaries in Haiti rescued themselves by escaping! An definite answer to prayers.

Does anyone really believe the kidnapped missionaries escaped on their own? Come on! I bet a ransom was secretly paid.

Giving our new schools superintendent bonuses for the things he is getting paid $225,000/year for is like giving the postal workers bonuses for delivering the mail.

District 7 county commission candidates: Pledge to be as supportive to your community at Sabrena Smedley has been for the last eight years.

Attorney General Neal Pinkston was in mayor candidate Matt Hullander's campaign photo. Does Hullander approve of Pinkston's hiring practices?

Merry Christmas to "The Rant."

My New Year's wish is for dog breeder classifieds to be eliminated and for the TFP to give free adoption ad space to animal shelters.

Will 2022 be the year that Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly actually puts his assets into a blind trust, as he promised?

Let's all hope that 2022 will be a Happy New Year and better than the last.

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