Trump's boy band: Mark Meadows on lead guitar, Roger Stone on bass, Steve Bannon on drums and Jeffrey Clark on keyboard. The name? The Fifth Amendments.

All they can talk about is Trump. He's gone. Guess they don't have anything else to discuss. Get a platform not based on blame, innuendo.

Should members who refuse to go to a House or Senate committee that is doing an investigation lose their committee seats and voting rights?

Think long, hard, honestly and analytically before you answer: How many Build Back Better hats did you see today?

I am grateful that Gov. Bill Lee is not my physician during COVID-19.

People, listen to the doctors, not the politicians. If you want to see next Christmas with your family, please get your shots. Think what that will do for all.

Wonder how many of us then serving in Vietnam would have been allowed the alternative of being shipped home if we didn't get a COVID shot?

Trump (Nero) watched TV (fiddled) as the Capitol was attacked (Rome burning).

Biden: "I have a plan." So did Custer.

Why are the Trump campaign signs still attached to power poles on Gunbarrel Road near the mosque? Isn't that illegal?

Do you think when Roe is overturned, Republicans lose their evangelical support ? Nothing substantive to bicker about then. Base numbers dwindle. Abortion pills may rule.

President Biden should give a speech like he gave on Jan. 6 every week, thus taking the fight to Trump.

Notice all the gambling adds? The party of Trump advanced legalized gambling nationwide. Like Pharma, the gambling lobby keeps Republicans in its pocket.

Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government the right to operate elections?

This is wrong. My daughter got yelled at by a co-worker for wearing a mask. They are counselors who work with at-risk clients.

Schools receive billions in COVID money. Teachers prioritized for vaccines. Stats support students in class. What's different in Chicago? Not one thing except unions.

The military is not an altruistic society; instead, what you see happening in the rest of the country is happening in the military — a mess.

Close schools. Open jails. Defund police. Pay nonworkers. How's that progressive agenda working for you? Look at the rising crime rates. Incredible. And beware.

If television stations would stop showing needles piercing arms over and over, perhaps more people would get vaccinated.

The Democrats' perception of democracy sure looks a lot like communism.

Greene: Lead — don't follow — your constituents. Science proves masks help.

Fellow Republicans: Take back our party! We're the Grand Old Party. It is a sad thing for America that our party has morphed into a cult for Donald Trump.

Biden is flailing. Infrastructure deal got done, and that will be it for him. Better to take the win. There is no Democrat mandate.

The Stop the Steal people have provided absolutely no evidence to substantiate their fraud claims. None. Zero. Nada. Nothing. And still you believe them?

Why can't HVAC installers put a flat head screw in the grill for the filter? Common sense please.

Kudos and gratitude to Walgreens North Shore pharmacy staff. Some of the kindest and most patient customer service people in our city.

We all can learn a lot from Sidney Poitier's mother, who told him "to always say please and thank you."

Real action vs. ranting: Inclement weather cancellation gave the Rotary Club/Chattanooga an idea; sent preordered 100+ meals to the Community Kitchen. Let's emulate this.

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