Repurpose the vehicle emission test sites into COVID 19 test and vaccine centers.

Biden administration: Good job on developing a simple at-home COVID test and getting these free tests out to the public quickly.

Everybody to include Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, Proud Boys, Antifa, Trump, Cruz, DeSantis, Abbott, and Donald Jr.: Stop the hate speech.

Quick test: Of the following words, circle the one you think best describes Capitol rioters: 1) patriots, 2) traitors, 3) terrorists, 4) fools.

Republicans held seven Benghazi hearings. Hillary testified 11 hours. Results, nothing but wasted taxpayer dollars. Now these hypocrites are stonewalling a real investigation.

Speak the truth or be woke? I vote for truth. Facts don't lie. And truth hurts. Get some grit and face facts.

GOP Senate candidates in Georgia were mediocre at best. But Trump destroyed them both easily, especially his final rallies, galvanizing Democrats for victory.

Gov. Lee's mandate disallowing mandates means our health department cannot require any COVID mitigation efforts. Consequently, mandatory jury duty is now an involuntary super-spreader event.

Navy Seals are the toughest soldiers in the world, so why are they afraid of a little vaccine shot?

Does Biden realize Bull Connor, George Wallace and other segregationists were Democrats? While in Atlanta, he should have apologized for his party's racist past.

Please stop blaming Biden and Democrats for inflation! It's worldwide, caused by the pandemic and better here than a lot of countries.

Wonder what Democrats complaining about GOP redistricting maps say about the unfair maps they drew through most of the 20th century?

Why has the Tennessee legislature unfortunately allowed quarantined students to remain in school? As a result, my entire family has been exposed to COVID.

"RAP sheet" Marsha is at it again. Another obtuse statement that is an embarrassment to Tennessee.

A recent letter to the editor was perfect: Parents should teach religion to their children and not expect the schools to do it.

Inflation and shortages are result of booming economy, capitalism working the way capitalism works, by definition. Now conservatives want government to intervene? Huh?

On Sanctity of Life Sunday, why no "outrage" over an Asian woman being pushed unto the subway tracks in New York City and killed — isn't all life precious?

Of the 32 homicides in Chattanooga in 2021, inquiring minds wonder how many were Black-on-Black crimes. That information might reveal a lot.

Scenic City? Has the leadership actually looked at all of the trash along the areas roadways? Coppinger has done nothing to address this!

The Rant has become a politically divided, name-calling, neighbor-bashing forum that is almost never civil. Time to eliminate it.

Don't imagine his name is in the running for police chief, but how about a big hand for the quiet, calm job interim Chief Eric Tucker has done?

We've got to do something about the homeless. Renting land from railroad is not the answer. You just enable encroachment, trash, crime, drugs.

Chattanoogans, did you know that if you drive the speed limit, you'll hit fewer red lights? Slow down!

Real action vs. ranting: Inclement weather cancellation gave the Rotary Club/Chattanooga an idea; sent preordered 100+ meals to the Community Kitchen. Let's emulate this.

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