Super patriot "Captain Bone Spur" watched the attack on the Capitol for two-and-a-half hours before doing anything. "Go home. We love you; you're special."

Fellow Americans, we are going to lose our country as we know it before 2024. Why? We are too stupid to see that these socialists are here to stay.

What went wrong over the past 250 years? George Washington couldn't tell a lie. Abraham Lincoln was know as "Honest Abe." And now ...?

Sen. Joe Manchin should resign; he is certainly no Democrat. Against everything his party ran on. Shame on him.

Democrats need to stop bashing former President Trump and start taking care of business.

Pretty bad when the press secretary has to correct verbiage of POTUS re: Ukraine invasion. Minor leeway given. What? Imagine world leaders' thoughts. Shaking heads.

If 2020 had no voting violations and record number of voters, why pass voting reforms? No need. Voter ID required like vaccine ID. Neither racist.

What do Republicans stand for?

8,500 U.S. troops on alert for Eastern Europe. They don't compare to the over 100,000 Russian troops already there.

Your vote is the only way to correct the course of this country, from POTUS to the courtroom. Time to correct. Liberal policies fail everyone.

If, as he says, the buck stops with him, how logically can Biden shift the blame on every major issue facing America today?

If you get smarter with age, Tennessee politicians must still be in middle school. That's the age they act. Some even younger.

To Democrats, America is all about race, not freedom and the pursuit of happiness. [They are] more concerned with where we've been than where we're going.

If all the Russian troops are on the border with Ukraine, then all China has to do is attack Russia across the Sino-Russia border.

Democrats are lamenting the retirement of Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper. But, pray tell, where has he made a significant difference?

Criminals' rights exceed victims' rights. When did this happen? Upside down. Travesty. Dems proud though. Let's fix this. Vote them out.

Biden then: Mandates everywhere and everyone. Biden now: "C'mon man, just deal with it." Decisive leadership?

The attack on the synagogue in Texas proves that every church needs a "security plan" because churches have become very "soft" targets for terrorists.

Thanks to all of you liberal socialists for this brain-dead excuse for a president who is trying to destroy this country.

If you are healthy, you have 1,000 wishes. If you are sick, you only have one. Get vaccinated!

Who wants a say on the Hamilton County Commission? Check out who have builder/contractors relations and who gives to them.

The teacher shortage will be solved by paying teachers significantly higher salaries. This works in the business world. Stop avoiding the obvious solution!

With no Democrats declaring for Hamilton County mayor, one is led to believe there is little leadership in the local party. Democrats, what say you?

When the prescription drug ad says their product "may cause pancreatitis," is that considered fair warning?

Ladies, never use Uber or drive for them. You can't depend on technology to rescue you if a lunatic attacks. Get another ride home.

We need to be fighting hunger and poverty instead of each other over the wearing of masks and getting a vaccine shot.

Tired of the same ol' Trump and Biden rants! Aren't there any clever, intelligent people left in Chattanooga?

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