Ketchup. Trump threw ketchup and the big election lie against the wall. Only the ketchup stuck. Never underestimate the power of a condiment.

People from all over the U.S. are visiting/moving to Chattanooga. So, yes, we need a bigger, better and nicer airport to lure more businesses/employers here.

Biden's touting of his economic policies reminds me of the folktale "The Emperor's New Clothes."

For 50 years, they demanded their constitutional right to murder in the womb God's creation of life, and the court agreed.

Trump Republicans lump Democrats together as "socialist agitators" but don't mind stacking the Supreme Court with far-righters.

Whats next, Clarence? Loving v. Virginia?

Based on how Trump ran his business and the government, there is only one thing wrong with his name. It should have been Don Corleone.

Why not have open season on coyotes? The ones who bring illegal immigrants in to the U.S.

As the Jan. 6 committee continues working, I predict the Republican caucus soon will be proposing extensive prison reform legislation.

Please explain how making it harder for ordinary citizens to buy guns is going to take guns out of the hands of criminals. I'm a little hazy on the details.

Sign at Coolidge Park protest: "Forced birth violates religious liberty." Are we now Aztecs, sacrificing our children to the religion of "me"?

FOX News is a news operation in name only, therefore a NINO.

While anti-abortionists celebrate, tell us what "support" you plan to give those forced births and their families for raising the child of an unplanned pregnancy.

Supreme Court justices are supposedly competent in law but not necessarily in medicine.

The "new math": illegal immigrants + no immigration reform = 51 deaths.

The U.S. Constitution was written by white slave owners. What is sacred about that?

If the left doesn't like something, it wants to change the rules. Why can't they make new laws instead? They only mandate. They are weak.

TFP headline: "More than 1 million voters switch to GOP." The Jan. 6 soap opera must be having a great effect.

I liked Ron Hart's smart response to Roe v. Wade ruling: "Maybe men will think twice about getting pregnant now."

Your body, your choice. So choose birth control so that you don't kill a life as a result of your irresponsibility and laziness. It's very simple.

Gorsuch says a coach's post-game prayer was "personal and private." At the 50-yard-line? With hundreds of kids around him? Wrong on both counts.

Erlanger trustees changed their bylaws that allowed them to hire one of their own as CEO. How long ago was that cooked up?

If I read the paper correctly, county employees have gotten a 7% pay raise over two years. Do you think services are 7% better?

With so many other reliable and dependable pregnancy prevention methods, why were millions of babies killed unnecessarily via abortions?

I hope they speed up the next phase of the I-24 update near the I-75 split. I can't see how previous update helps on traffic coming into Chattanooga.

Mayor Tim Kelly touts pothole repairs. That and the repaving of McCallie Avenue are great. Keep it up.

Mayor Tim Kelly says about 90% of potholes are filled. Amazing how the routes I take all around Chattanooga are the 10% that aren't.

If you ever thought your vote didn't count, review last week's Supreme Court rulings — all of them. Your vote matters. Register!

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