I had a history teacher in college who said Catholic priests practiced "muscular Christianity" — "believe or get beaten up"; ask indigenous Canadians.

How do you think Republicans came to control so many state legislatures? National (dark) money for culture war candidates; no moderates, please.

Who really needs guns more powerful than the M-16 that I had during Vietnam? Murderers, that's who.

Biden's monetary policies would bankrupt even Kings Midas and Croesus.

In conservative culture war campaigning, Trump is a good actor seeking to feed his ego and use the presidency to generate more business income.

If all of us are equal under the law, I want to be equal to Hunter Biden, James Biden and Paul Pelosi.

We gave the airline industry $40 billion to stay staffed during the pandemic. Instead, they encouraged retirement, ruining schedules today. Thanks a lot.

With Biden driving out fossil fuels, I hope all those new electric VWs will have plug-in ability to solar panels and windmills.

Hey, city officials, why shouldn't private developers have the same "flexibility" that the city does in development?

Hey, Secret Service, we know you're lying.

Get Brittney Griner (WNBA) free from Russia, President Biden.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for one who has traveled to Russia for five consecutive years and still doesn't understand drugs are forbidden.

Trump lost in 2020 and Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 because they both assumed people would vote for them because of who they were.

The Pharisees (Democratic Select Committee) have met again and provided more false witnesses to vilify Trump.

Never underestimate the determination and ability of politicians of any stripe to protect their sinecures.

So Putin's to blame for rising gas prices but Joe's responsible for decreases. Explain that math.

PGA, "live and let LIV."

Lookouts play at home about 240 hours per year. "Hundreds" of uses — funny they couldn't find one for the larger, existing stadium.

For clarity's sake, we'd like to see Lookouts owner Jason Freier release the Weston Wamp/stadium emails.

To dodge diabetes, know what not to put in your mouth. There is no bigger pain than grim news.

OK. South Broad gets developed. Who gets "Hawk Hill?"

Taxpayers would be better served to build a Walmart or Ikea to "catalyze" development of South Broad Street area.

Giving the news impartially, without favor? How many front-page headlines have you given Matt Adams v. Weston Wamp? That's bias.

Still many questions about the stadium project, which is roaring to final approvals. Curveballs and knuckleballs all the way.

Whose name is going on the stadium? Highest bidder or bought public official?

Sadly, Hamilton Flourishing lost its mission and the oomph it had when UnifiEd ceased to be relevant.

Thank you, VA, for having a "no mask, no admittance policy" — from a 73-year-old veteran!

Would love to see a study done of occupation of area apartments. How can we have so many new ones without our population increasing to match the need?

I know everyone has staffing issues, but can't someone at least bother to proof the front-page headlines? "Broard"? Really!

Thank you, TFP technology managers, for improving online subscriber experience with continuous content access. I appreciate not being logged out. Good job.

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