Uvalde "21," RIP.

America has no more of a mental health crisis than any other country. But the other countries aren't armed with war weapons. Thus, the carnage.

All these bright, young lives snuffed out forever, and all so many Republican politicians can talk about is the sacred right of Americans to bear arms.

It remains ironic and illogical that the majority of those who favor gun control also favor abortion and vice versa.

Want your (grand)kids to come home safely from school? Either move to another country or vote out your representatives who support weak gun laws.

Chris Murphy, the answer to your question posed to Senate colleagues after the massacre of little kids, "What are we here for?" Power and money.

We've done it Republicans' way — relaxing gun laws until there aren't any and begetting dead kids. Let's try it Democrats' way — outlaw assault rifles.

Mr. Schumer and your cabal of vipers: There is a difference between good-guy guns and bad-guy guns.

It's time for parents and juveniles to go to jail together while taking parenting classes and doing community service. No more freedom for unlawful families.

Where are the parents? Who is raising our children?

To those who demanded or sought defunding of law enforcement and thereby reduced or eliminated school resource officers, what do you have to say?

Neighbor called me and said she didn't have enough gas in her car to go vote, so I drove her. Guess for which party she voted.

Russia vs. Ukraine is like Alabama playing UTC in football. The Russians' (Alabama) sheer numbers eventually will wear down the Ukrainians (UTC) and be victorious.

No one should be begging for money. Jobs abound. Don't promote laziness, alcoholism, drug use by giving. Don't feed bad habits.

Thank you, President Biden, for bringing Marine veteran Trevor Reed home from Russia.

Biden's Build Back Better has left me broke, busted and bankrupt. Reinstate some of Trump's policies and watch the economy improve.

If you voted for Biden, you are complicit in higher inflation, gas prices, illegals, lawlessness and crime. And abortion.

The U.S. will never have a roaring economy without fossil fuel.

What kind of crazy state regulations can potentially stop a hospital from being built for years? A decision on health care should not take that long.

Notice the onetime formidable, active Chattanooga 2.0 hired a new director. Whatever happened to that organization, anyway?

Sabrena, I am one Democrat who "crossed over" and voted for you; however, I will never vote for you again.

On Memorial Day I remembered my friend and fellow unit member (473 CRAM) SSG Stephen R. Maddie, who was killed by a sniper in Iraq.

What genius at the city allowed the curb cut on North Market Street in front of Walgreen's so close to the intersection? Snafu!

Eleven new administrators for the school district office? Some may be replacements, but I'm fearful that central office is putting on bureaucratic fat again.

Local mayors and mayors-to-be could take a few pages of wisdom from the late humble, faithful, conservative Mayor Pat Rose's playbook.

Teens with guns in downtown Chattanooga. This is ridiculous. Not a good look for our fair city.

Repeat after me: It's 11 o'clock. Do you know where your children are?

The NRA had a total ban on guns at its convention this week. Why, you ask? Because they know gun bans work.

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