Hey GOP lawmakers and MAGAs, how about MASA — Make America Safe Again? Are you listening, Trump, Cruz, Abbott? No more AR-15s.

Pray for the parents, police, EMS, hospitals and funeral home staff who had to see and deal with that awful scene in Uvalde, Texas.

There is no one solution to our mass shooter/gun violence plague. We have to do many things at once, some bigger than others. Get used to it.

Can you imagine the maladroit malapropisms if Biden lost the use of his teleprompter when giving a speech?

My U.S. representative says something mind-boggling stupid every single day. What a nightmare! MTG is an idiot.

Our country is more dangerous and more expensive under Joe, and he goes on a comedy show. How prime. He always does the wrong thing.

Republicans, with a majority you must close borders, enforce laws, add police, free up oil production, cut entitlements, fix health care. Get a platform. Do it.

I'm guessing that the Ranter who is willing to pay $10 a gallon for gas is not living paycheck to paycheck.

Dems want you to believe what they say, not what you see. We are not blind. Poor choice of leaders, top down. Correction in November.

How about less government, more parenting, more families, more accountability, more discipline, more church, more faith. These have proven records.

Gun owners, the greatest human right of all is to live a safe life without fear of random murder. That trumps your right to an AR-15.

I hope Elon Musk pulls out of his Twitter deal because that means Trump will be kept off it.

Coty [Wamp]: You have not been elected. Leave politics out of these recent tragedies; there are grief-stricken families.

Middle finger or choice words about somebody's mother used to be how young people sorted out Saturday night disagreements. The good old days.

Chicago is gun-free, by law, and look at the shootings there. We need more mental health care and parental accountability. Enforce existing laws.

Not sure what the Wamps promised the Dems, but it worked.

OK. That's enough. Chattanooga was on national news for weekend shootings. Lock them up (gang leaders, all the troublemakers).

If local witnesses won't come forward, then their community will continue to suffer. Time to stand up to evil. Be brave.

The youth in downtown Chattanooga show no respect. Imagine that. Neither do their parents. No accountability for either. Lock them all up. It's time.

Saw this on a billboard: "If money is the root of all evil, how come churches are always begging for it?"

Unless both parents, living together or not, experience consequences for their children's behavior in the classroom and on the streets, nothing will change.

Gun violence, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, uneven public education. City and county leaders, we are watching.

Mayor, a gang is a gang. If it's a only a few instigators, arrest them and jail them.

The Red Bank area and Dayton Boulevard need restaurants, businesses, etc. That market is surely being missed. It would be supported!

We sure as heck don't need bike lanes on McCallie Avenue. Cyclists cannot outpedal gunfire!

I tried marijuana — for the past 53 years. If it is indeed a gateway drug, I definitely missed the gate.

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