Never in history has there ever been a bigger collection of incompetent nincompoops than the entire Biden administration— top to bottom.

If Trump is brought to justice for sending his mob of traitors to attack America, will he plead insanity?

Biden swung so far left that maybe this country will self-correct from extremes and get something right for a change. Vote with your brain.

Joe Biden has lower approval ratings than Trump. I know some of you won't believe the facts, truth or numbers.

Republican officials on television have an R in parentheses after their names for identification. It's short for rifle, the industry that owns them.

Obama beget Trump, who beget Biden. Let's start on a fresh track of new moderates, both sides. Stop the madness, the extreme swings. We can.

Stopping a bloody nose by tying a tourniquet around the neck is stupid, but it resembles Biden administration policies.

Trump backs Blake Masters, an Arizona candidate who says Blacks cause [the majority of gun violence]; therefore, don't vote for either one.

Build Back Better? More like Fail Forward Faster.

Republicans, if some Democrats had crossed over party lines and voted for Trump in 2020, he would be president today. (Right Sabrena Smedley, Cindy Fain?)

Joe, you can spin fairy tales, but we live it, so we don't believe you or your people. We are not dumb, blind, deaf. We read.

Maybe a neat idea is to run for political office and lose and say it was stolen and collect millions of dollars from ignorant people.

Forty-year high inflation rate. Forty-year high illegal alien rate. Rapidly rising crime rates, gas prices, illegal drugs. Falling investments. Way to go, Joe.

For the benefit of the country, Biden doesn't need to run in 2024 because the Democrats need a stronger candidate to beat DeSantis or Trump.

Matthew McConaughey for president in 2024 would be a better choice than Biden, Trump or DeSantis.

Two things for certain: 1. Democrats don't know how to rule the country; 2. We now understand why Merrick Garland was rejected from SCOTUS.

How can Fox call itself "Fox News" when it devoted hundreds of hours to the "nothing" Benghazi hearings but plans to devote nearly nothing to the attempted insurrection?

Russia has been, and definitely still is, a corrupt country. It is also the unprovoked and dastardly attacker.

It's simple, really. One, abortion is bad; they should be performed as few and far between as possible. Remember mask and vaccine mandates? Educate, suggest, not force.

Protecting weapons of mass murder is more important than protecting children in schools. That's where America is. Are you good with that?

To all of those who want to ban semi-automatic rifles because of mass shootings, I ask: What kind of rifle did Timothy McVeigh use to kill 168 men, women and children in Oklahoma City?

When I was a boy, I was told anybody can become president. Now I truly believe it.

Since no one "needs" an AR-15, let's put speed limiters on all vehicles sold in the United States since the maximum speed limit anywhere in this country is 75 mph.

Biden looking out for everyday people? The price of gas, groceries, etc., is the same regardless of socioeconomic status, but disposable income is not.

As we're discussing social ills because of a lack of male role models, let's examine what our progressive society has done to the Boy Scouts.

If I read the words "here's what you need to know" in a headline, I don't read it. How condescending!

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