To all of you gas price whiners: Park your giant, 4-wheel-drive pickups, suck it up, put on your big boy pants and help the free world defeat Russia.

What do law, medicine and journalism have in common? All used to be professions; now they are just businesses.

Biden had a tough choice last week — sanctions or World War III; therefore, we should all be glad he went with sanctions.

Against involvement with invasion? Too young to remember USSR, the evil empire Putin wants to rebuild? Want bomb shelters, school bomb drills? Stop Russia now!

Dems want to eliminate gas taxes in order to lower the cost of gas whose rise was caused by their policies.

Raise our nuclear threat level.

Joe Biden: This is what a failed presidency looks like. How's that working for you?

More Republicans view Biden (sitting American president) negatively than Putin (murderous ex-KGB dictator). Republicans, can you really not see where you're headed?

Putin would not have pulled off the Ukraine invasion without the help of his strongest ally who fractured NATO and divided America: Donald J. Trump.

We can send troops to help Ukraine secure its border but we cannot send troops to our Southern border, where Biden has never been.

Former New York City Mayor Koch used to ask his constituents, "How am I doing?" Think President Biden would dare do that?

Vladimir fan club: Officers — Donald Trump, president; Tucker Carlson, vice president; Mike Pompeo, secretary. Join today and get a free Fox News T-shirt.

We should give up Trump for Lent just to to see if America's political life would be better without him in it.

Putin better hurry up and finish his invasion of Ukraine before his gas money runs out.

Russia invades Ukraine, then China attacks Taiwan; if Iran announces it's becoming a center for Al-Qaeda and North Korea attacks South Korea, will Biden say stop?

Trump says Putin never would have attacked Ukraine if he was president. Trump is evil and not president, so what he says is meaningless.

Joe Biden would have a more successful presidency if he would change his motto from Build Back Better to Put Things Back.

All those 40-plus years of experience on the world stage are worth, uh, exactly nothing. Way to go, Joe. You did it again wrong.

Melydia, it's time to start looking for a new job.

Marjorie wails that she didn't know she was speaking at a conference of white nationalists, antisemites, homophobes and racists. Uh-huh. Sure. Vote. Her. Out.

People who believe in luck do not who Jesus Christ really is. There's no such thing as luck. Luck is vain. God is real.

Great job, Mayor Kelly, for picking Celeste Murphy as Chattanooga's new chief of police. Great hire.

Build the new stadium for the Lookouts and hold a contest to name it : The winning name owner gets a season ticket for life.

Send the mayoral candidates Hullander, Wamp and Smedley with the Silverdale inmates on trash pickup to prove they are serious about cleaning up Hamilton County.

Restaurant inspection report information is shocking. Thanks to TFP for keeping us informed. Better to know about low-scoring restaurants than get food poisoning!

About the ranter who doesn't want Chattanoogans to rant, isn't that exactly what this individual is doing? Ranting against ranting!

If parents have a choice with mask mandates in public schools, why not with library books?

Zoning rules, codes, permits, whatever, it doesn't matter. In our town, you can build anything, anytime, anywhere you can jam it in.

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