I wish to thank Kamala Harris for her clear history lesson explaining that Russia is large, Ukraine small, Russia invaded Ukraine and that was wrong.

Matt Gaetz, under federal investigation for sex trafficking, gets a standing ovation in Rome, Ga. And you wonder why the rest of America laughs at us.

Anyone notice that both Democrats and Putin call anyone who opposes them a Nazi? Gotta be some correlation.

Truckers: So they say now they'll drive minimum speed to protest mask mandates. News flash ... most mandates are gone. Why not drive safely always?

It is heartening to see the compassionate response of the Polish people to Ukrainian refugees.

Does the Earth really care whether oil is pumped in Iran, Russia or America? Why are we importing when we have it here?

My wife recently reminded me that her vote in 2020 was a vote against Trump and not a vote for Biden.

The United States told Ukraine: "If you give up your nuclear weapons, we will protect you." We should live up to our word.

Please fellow Republicans, dump Trump. Time to get behind a new generation of leadership in our Grand Old Party.

We're setting all kinds of records: inflation, gas prices, out-of-stock groceries, stock market gyrations, lowest worldwide reputation. Way to go, Joe.

How many of Biden's people just laugh when asked a serious question? Too many.

Come on, Bill Barr. Now you want us to buy your "truth"? Spare us your 20-20 vision.

Regarding Afghanistan, coronavirus, Russia, inflation, jobs reports, gas hikes; we didn't see it coming. The new Biden motto.

Anyone in the USA who thinks the war in Ukraine does not affect them better check their 401K.

How could anyone honestly believe we'd be better off right now if Trump had successfully stolen the presidency?

The environmentally conscientious have been begging you to park your big gas guzzlers to save the planet. Hopefully, a big punch in the wallet will do it!

I don't know how this ends well for Vlad. And if it doesn't end his way, who or what does he take down while he goes down?

Our high gasoline prices are nothing compared to having one's city bombed and people killed for no reason. So I will pay the gas price without complaint.

You people complaining about gas prices, just be glad you can get it. Were you around in 1974?

Freedom is expensive, but you get what you pay for. Willing to pay more for gas if it frees Europe of that a-hole, Putin.

TFP reported Hullander saying "government has no place in making personal decisions for my family or yours." Is that his stand on abortion also?

Anyone else find it ironic that a "good ol' girl" has centered her mayoral campaign on throwing darts at the two "good ol' boys?"

If the only reason that David Perdue can give to vote for him is Trump's endorsement, I'll pass.

Newly accused felon Robin Smith must be fan of "Breaking Bad." She and Walter White both used New Mexico for their criminal headquarters. Humility.

MLB — Mark Wiedmer said it best: Billionaire owners and millionaire players care nothing about baseball fans.

What happened to all potholes Tim Kelley was going repair. They are getting worse.

Say it ain't so, Robin. You knew better. What a disappointment, but then, you have plenty of company in those legislative ranks. Pathetic.

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