Through shared Christian beliefs, the Ukrainians have shown the world what courage is. Their love of country and strong families is on full display.

Kamala, the new Ukrainian point person, is going to Europe to fix things. I need to get my ears cleaned out. Surely I didn't hear that.

Thanks to Biden (again), considering the price of gas, now even more people will choose to stay home rather than go to work.

Send MRE's, "Meals Ready to Eat," that the military uses to the Ukraine to relieve a food shortage. Easy to ship and store.

Why don't those on Sunday page F3 (Rants) unbiasedly address inflation, immigration, gas and grocery prices, crime and the other messes Biden has wrought or permitted?

Why send more money to Ukraine than we spend on securing our border? How is this huge sum readily available? Help them, but help us first.

Do any of our so-called political leaders and media even know the reality of the inflation they have created for 99% of Americans?

Beware when you hear: "Make no mistake," "c'mon man," "listen to me," "we didn't see it coming." You're fixing to hear a bunch of bull.

President Pence? Better than a three-time divorced, twice impeached, defeated, disgraced, one-term, narcissistic, habitual lying grifter who thinks he is above the law.

Do we really think Iran will use its ability to enrich uranium for peaceful uses? What has happened to common sense in Washington?

I am willing to pay more or decide what I can do without to save Ukraine and cripple Putin.

Freaks are us. Look around you. Americans have become offended freaks, and it's going to get a lot worse.

Have we finally realized that evil forces are in the world? Do you leaders think China can be trusted? It desires to rule the world.

Putin made NATO relevant.

Climate alarmists are making this world a dangerous place. We will always be dependent on petroleum. We should not be dependent on the evil empires.

Parents can teach what they want at home. Keep them out of the classroom.

I heard there are actually movies that Samuel L. Jackson is not in. I don't believe it.

State lawmakers are right to tap the brakes on a new Lookouts stadium. What do we — really — lose economically if the team leaves?

Always voted for Jim Hammond; however, I don't approve of him endorsing anyone for any office. If not a lame-duck, he wouldn't do so.

Hey Robin, how do you plead guilty when you didn't know the "nature of your activities?"

For goodness sake, don't cast your vote in the upcoming elections based on something somebody said on social media. Do your homework, and select the best candidate.

Is it me or is the city's homeless population growing? Seems like I am seeing more and more in different parts of town, not just downtown.

OMG, the traffic at the split is still awful, folks. Truckers and motorists: Slow the heck down. Be courteous.

Has Chuck checked with Trump to see if he likes Daylight Savings Time?

Congrats on Chattanooga's new police chief. Let's give her time to assess and prioritize. What happened to Glenn Scruggs?

Bikeless bike lanes on busy Dodds Avenue, one lane traffic of backed up, wasting time, gas and polluting. Net loss overall. Thanks, city leaders.

Good guy, Farm Bureau agent M. Holland (not Charlie!), thanked me for my military services, then without mention, paid my check upon leaving the restaurant.

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