There is one thing that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has shown the world, and that is border security.

Ol' Joe lays out every thing he won't do. Not real bright. Gotta keep your enemies guessing instead of telling them the boundaries. Emboldens them.

How is Tucker Carlson's constant praise of Communist dictator Putin not treasonous?

Donald Trump says RINO Georgia Gov. [Brian] Kemp was a "disaster on election integrity." That means he refused to participate in Trump's fraud. Shameful, isn't it?

Why are some SCOTUS candidates treated respectfully and others not? If you are conservative, watch out. It will be a disgraceful circus driven by Dems.

Thank you, Elon Musk, for the satellite internet terminals you sent to Ukraine to insure they had access to the internet! You put your money where your mouth was.

Her record proves Biden's SCOTUS nominee Jackson often adjudges the law and facts erroneously, thus resulting in an ominous number of reversals by higher courts.

Churches of Hamilton County: On Easter Sunday, donate one-tenth of your offerings received that day toward a relief fund for the Ukraine.

If we get permanent daylight saving time, put us back in the Central time zone, where we belong.

How does the Bible avoid a book ban while containing entries like Ezekiel 23:20?

Why aren't students taught to think for themselves anymore? Because critical thinking can't be measured on a standardized test. That's all that counts. That's why.

President Trump is not asking you to donate for the Ukraine; rather, donate so he can get a new airplane.

Finally, consequences for being so rudely woke that you disrupt free speech. It's about dern time. These wokies are out of control. Consequences are real.

Russian killer attacked Ukraine. Chief American admirer attacked Congress and demolished familiar traditional Republican Party.

If Putin doesn't want any of his neighbors to join NATO, that is reason for all of Europe to join.

What is the difference between a Republican and a Ukrainian? A Ukrainian will defend his Capitol.

Just try telling Apple to leave when China invades Taiwan. Hypocrites.

What genius would take an overcrowded four-lane street and convert it into a two-lane one? Can you say Dodds Avenue?

Want security? Don't use the internet to send messages. Use USPS. Put in an envelope. It has come to this.

Praying for Ukraine while picking up Chick-fil-A litter on my street. Thank God for your blessings, USA.

"W" Road traffic must yield to traffic already in the roundabout at Mountain Creek Road. Roundabout traffic has the right of way. "W" Road, yield!

So, Mayor Kelly, when does the paving begin?

Drinking game: If Weston Wamp mentions his children in a commercial, take a sip. Hope someone's around to be a designated driver.

When did the word "through" get replaced with "done"? When I was in school, the word "through" meant finished and "done" meant cooked.

Is it too late for a write-in campaign for Hamilton County district attorney general? I am not really wild about my choices.

"What didn't happen last week" explained the false high gas price narrative. It's market forces, not Biden. Yet the Rant parrots the Republican gas lie weekly.

Are all the internet rumors the reason mayoral candidate Matt Hullander has trotted out a few former employees to vouch for him?

Thank God and the TFP for the opportunity to Rant. Gives us common folk a voice and hope for the future.

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