I would feel a whole lot better about an upcoming Roe decision if women — and only women — were making the decision.

Ending Roe won't stop abortion.

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, it would be crime against all women.

Protecting the sanctity of life is well worth the struggle. We will be a better country for it.

After a woman is forced by abortion bans to give birth to an unwanted child: What happens next and who pays?

Pro-life or pro-birth?

I trust that conservatives will expand family supports for women who must carry through with unintended pregnancies.

If you're to force your decisions on my body, then I demand you get a vasectomy.

So let's see: Republicans get their way on banning abortion, making guns widely available and cutting taxes for the rich. What's next?

Biden's Cabinet looks like the bar scene from "Star Wars" and is about as competent.

If Trump doesn't pay his $10,000-a-day court fine for contempt of court, then seize Trump Tower and auction it off.

Look for a Russia cyberattack any day now, Joe.

When Biden was a U.S. senator, did he not hear Clinton's political strategist James Carville's famous quip, "It's the economy, stupid"?

I pray the country will be able to survive the next two-and-a-half years under the most inept administration in my life.

Trump should go to Ukraine and broker a peace between Russia and Ukraine because Putin supports him being in power.

Republicans: Finding a solution for a problem that doesn't exist.

Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn't been charged or convicted of a crime; therefore, she has the right to run and serve in Congress.

New disinformation government official. Approved language only. Like Russian dossier true, Hunter laptop false, illegals good, crime down. You are happy.

Calling an illegal alien an undocumented immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

Biden has surpassed his initials, "JRB." He was "Just Really Bad." Now, he's graduated to "WPE." Worst. President. Ever.

Are you OK with a right-wing coup? No? Then don't vote for people trying to ignore the last attempt.

Are the U.S. politicians visiting Ukraine just there for a photo-op, or are they there to offer real help, freedom for Ukraine?

There is no more personal responsibility. No more common courtesy. No more absolutes. No more right or wrong. Except under God. One nation, under God.

The Second Amendment calls for arming a well-regulated militia. Not "Give everyone guns and eliminate all the rules." That's just insane.

White people came to this continent and subjugated Native Americans, then enslaved Black people to run it. White superiority indeed.

Happiness is watching libs cry/moan/bellow over Musk/Twitter. Spectacular, indeed.

The primary slugfest is over. Let's get on with a positive, forward-looking general election campaign — all the way around.

Sabrena [Smedley] ran an excellent campaign. She almost made county history. Good for her. Best of luck to Weston.

I remember Coca-Cola Co. providing pencils to all students that included the Golden Rule printed on each pencil. My, how our culture has fallen.

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