The Supreme Court does not make decisions based on your wishes, the majority or popularity. C'mon man, get educated on SCOTUS and your government.

A fetus is not the woman's body.

Ban abortions. What's next, ban birth control? What a sad state of affairs. Republicans should be totally ashamed. I will be proud to vote Democratic.

Procreation requires no special talent. Taking responsibility by using the myriad forms and methods to prevent it is like fast food — cheap and easy.

You don't need abortion if you use birth control and safe sex. Period. Don't be lazy, casual and sloppy. Then it won't be an issue.

Wish those Dems would make up their mind. Pro-choice wants control of their own bodies. The left wanted to mandate everybody get the vaccinations.

Health care providers seem uncomfortable when you ask if they're vaccinated, even though they're charged with caring for my health.

Let's recall your ancestors' rights: 1673, 1773, 1873, 1973, 2022. During which era could any woman best exist, thrive or contribute to her world?

Tucker Carlson is an agent of the Russian government and should be sent to Guantanamo Bay as an enemy combatant.

Do we have to get Trump back to get back to where we were two years ago? So many things were right and working.

Ted Cruz says protesters at Alito's home are worse than Jan. 6 rioters. Really? Did they break in, beat police and smear feces on the walls?

Patiently awaiting apologies from the left on false RussiaGate and Hunter's laptop. Huh?

Trumpism's holy trinity: me, myself and I.

Second Amendment gun rights supporters need a better solution than more guns, fewer background checks and "good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns."

What happens to the money Trump is collecting to run in 2024 if he then decides not to run? Give it back?

TFP headline: "State Democratic Party is focused on the long game." Must be a really long game; can they see the end from here?

Moscow Marjorie and 14th District Georgia Republicans proudly continue voting against Ukraine and for Vladimir.

I'm not an MTG fan, but trying to make her ineligible to run because she played a "significant" role in the 1/6/21 riot looks desperate and absurd.

The "revolt against God in Christ" will be plainly seen, and all truth will be made to view. Nothing will be hidden that is not understood.

Anyone who thought Weston Wamp's GOP primary win was some sort of changing of the guard may not understand 6.2% of the electorate voted for him.

Those among us who are whining about high prices associated with the Ukraine war would not have survived WWII rationing.

Shouldn't the schools settle on a 10-year master plan of building/merging/closing before they keep asking for maintenance for schools that may not be around?

Could it be that interim Hamilton County Commissioner Ken Smith felt less and less at home with a woke-ish mayor and city council?

Eastgate loop challenge: Where are the lanes? The yellow lane markings have disappeared. Anyone have a can of paint?

May is sweeps month. Look for everything on TV to be breaking news.

Too many of us have taken it upon ourselves to tell the rest of us what we should say, think or do.

So sad that out of 232,752 eligible voters in Hamilton County, only 48,848 voted in the primary on May 3.

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