If your body is solely sacred to you, why not sensibly use protection for that body from the outset? Thus, the personal choice you demand.

Can we have a mid-term election for president before gasoline rises to $10 a gallon? Current president's Build Back Better is failing.

Anyone who legitimized hate and racism by voting for [Trump] is culpable for the violence we are now witnessing.

The law states Supreme Court judges cannot be threatened by socialist agitators. Why is there no enforcement of the law?

Biden doesn't go to Chicago each week to sympathize with victims' families. What about New York subway victims? Hard to spin those as racist.

Don't disrupt a MarjieQ event. She'll send a U.S. marshal after you.

Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty voted to oppose advancing aid for Ukraine. Vladimir Putin must be very grateful for your service to Mother Russia.

Ukraine has been, and probably still is, a corrupt country.

A simple question for the Biden blind: How long would Biden last as an SEC head football coach?

The racial replacement white supremacists fear so much is pretty much what white people did to Native Americans, isn't it? Was it OK then?

Are people really following the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial with the interest given it in print and broadcast? If so, why? Just why?

Let's go back to the '60s with two-parent families of all races, good public schools, safe neighborhoods, food cooked at home, no internet.

Republicans demanding a ban on abortions are acting like the Taliban. They want to control women, not save lives.

Are you getting the impression that this administration is clueless? From inflation to gas to baby formula, nothing it says makes sense. Pitiful, really.

Yes, you have the right to health care. What you don't have the right to do is force others to provide or pay for it.

Have you noticed that the people who want Roe v. Wade overturned are the same ones who are furious about the U.S. feeding babies at the border?

All "baby daddies" should be required to pay child support until the child is 18 years old. No daddy = no baby!

The "rule of thumb" regarding education loans to cover college expenses: The maximum amount borrowed should be less than or equal to your first year salary.

A May 15 letter to the editor was really extreme. It stated liberals think there are 70 genders, white babies are born racist and other ignorant gibberish.

Campaign ads say she always speaks the truth. Marjorie "I don't recall" Taylor Greene, the perjury queen. Time for the "gazpacho police" and "marshal" law.

To those who say that "the ends justify the means," I say that means the end of American civility.

Incoming Sheriff Austin Garrett better get a handle ASAP on what the heck is going on — or not going on — at Silverdale. Doesn't look good.

Now that [primary] elections are over, all candidates need to collect their signs that are scattered all over Chattanooga.

Love, love, love Ron Hart. He is the reason I get the paper. Thanks for the Friday humor.

I'm 70 years old and glad I lived most of my life during a civil time. I pity the millennials.

Mayor, the $10 million approved for road paving would not even start to repair all the roads in Chattanooga. Surely this is a joke?

Who is responsible for maintaining/replacing the tattered U.S. flags on the Veterans Bridge. They are a disgusting eyesore. Sad.

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