How soon before Biden sings "Blame it on the Bossa Nova"?

If I had to choose to pay $10 per gallon of gas or have Trump back in office, I would gladly pay $10 a gallon!

One thing Americans cannot resolve — so far — is gun violence against innocents. We cannot let this stand. Looking for leadership.

Americans needn't fear al-Qaida, ISIS or the Taliban any more. We're doing a perfectly adequate job of destroying the USA by ourselves.

The Texas school shooting is incredibly awful and horrifying, but who will speak for the dozens — mostly Black — shot every weekend in Chicago?

Biden didn't cause gas prices; it's worldwide. So is inflation, consumer goods shortages, etc. If you didn't myopically watch Fox, you'd know that!

BBB = Better Before Biden

It will be old-fashioned fun to vote against the Biden administration that puts illegal immigrants and China above hard-working American citizens.

Any member of the working middle class still believe in: "Hi, I'm from the government and I am here to help you"?

Putin fights imaginary Nazis in Ukraine; the American radical right ridiculously flings "communist" at its opponents. Out-of-date lies still make good propaganda.

Presidents have almost no power to create or stop major economic trends, which are always created by many domestic and international economic and political factors.

How come the MAGAs who say we should spend the money here instead of Ukraine don't ever spend the money here either?

Dems are clueless about how to help this country move forward. Stop with the holier-than-thou, finger-wagging attitude, for starters.

Conservatives want to take all of us back to a bygone era; question is, what era? 1950s? 1850s? 1450s?

Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw-Haw (1943), Pyongyang Sally (1951), Hanoi Hannah (1968), Tucker Carlson (2022). All of them are enemies of democracy and of the USA.

BLM leader is triggered by the word IRS. Ha, ha, ha. I guess so. Happens when you don't obey the law.

The best thing that can happen to the Democratic Party is for it to implode and start all over again.

State abortion laws should be passed via a voter referendum, not a dictate from mostly male state legislators. Their views are out of touch with women.

Would love to hear the left's rationale for not supporting women vs. men transitioning to women participating in sports. The silence in deafening.

Anyone who still supports Joe Biden must be living under a rock or they wake up in a new world every day.

What will happen to the U.S. supply chain when China invades Taiwan?

Georgia voters will likely unseat Sen. Warnock, who got them $10 billion in infrastructure improvements. If so, they should have to return the money. Hypocrites.

Silverdale Detention Center is a dangerous place because it is full of criminals confined to a small place.

Hullander thought it was his. He failed, hence sour grapes. Smedley appears to be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Name change to Trump?

I saw where Time magazine listed Pete Davidson as one of the most influential people of 2022. There really is no hope for this world.

Educators and left-wing politicians must start listening to parents — especially minority parents — and stop supporting one-size-fits-all public schools

When you go to the beach this Memorial Day, remember the ones who didn't make it to the beach on D-Day. Freedom isn't free.

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