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Opinion - Times Commentary

Kristof: Thousands more Jeffrey Epsteins are still out there

Published Sep. 17 2019

Jeffrey Epstein got away for years with raping underage girls, and the public is properly outraged that powerful people seemed...

Dowd: Let's debate - are Democrats doomed?

Published Sep. 17 2019

He's in our heads.

Dionne: Sorry, but Thursday's debate is about electability

Published Sep. 12 2019

It has become a habit to scold Democratic voters who say that electability is their standard in deciding whom to...

Krugman: How democracy dies, American-style

Published Sep. 11 2019

Democracies used to collapse suddenly, with tanks rolling noisily toward the presidential palace. In the 21st century, however, the process...

Petri: Jim Mattis's book is NOT about the president

Published Sep. 10 2019

I have started reading former defense secretary Jim Mattis's memoir - not about his time in the Trump administration,...

Collins: The back-to-school civics quiz

Published Sep. 6 2019

This is always a time of year for new starts, right? People coming home from vacation, starting new jobs, going...

Ignatius: Why America is losing the information war with Russia

Published Sep. 5 2019

Richard Stengel, a former Time editor who became the State Department's undersecretary for public diplomacy, writes that he was once...

Krugman: The great tax break heist

Published Sep. 3 2019

Tax scams are the tribute policy vice pays to policy virtue.

Friedman: How Trump and Xi can both win their trade war

Published Sep. 3 2019

It is impossible to exaggerate what a dangerous cliff the U.S. and China are perched on today.

Dionne: Remembering the point of Labor Day

Published Sep. 2 2019

It was known as the "Treaty of Detroit," but it did not end a shooting war. In 1950, Walter Reuther,...

Ignatius: As Trump-era politics get noisier, is a weary public tuning out?

Published Sep. 1 2019

You could say many things to describe a week in which President Trump got in a snit about buying Greenland,...

Egan: Why people hate religion

Published Aug. 31 2019

You don't hear much about Sister Norma Pimentel in the secular press.


Bruni: Donald Trump has worn us all out

Published Aug. 29 2019

Donald Trump's presidency has baffled me, enraged me and above all saddened me, because I'm a stubborn believer in America's...

Dionne: The coming implosion of our electoral system

Published Aug. 29 2019

The assumptions underlying a controversy are often more important than the controversy itself.

Cottle: Three-ring White House

Published Aug. 28 2019

President Donald Trump has a well-earned reputation as congenitally dishonest and occasionally disconnected from reality. But let's give him credit...

Blow: Trump's paradigm of the personal

Published Aug. 27 2019

For Donald Trump, all is personal.

Dionne: How the government can expand freedom

Published Aug. 26 2019

Complaining about government - its failures, its corruption and, in the worst cases, its capacity to oppress - is both...

Collins: Trump goes Godly

Published Aug. 23 2019

Do you blame God for Donald Trump?

Ignatius: The unlikely crusade to save capitalism from itself

Published Aug. 21 2019

"Evolve or die," wrote hedge-fund billionaire Ray Dalio in a manifesto published in April titled "Why and How Capitalism Needs...

Dionne: Real change depends on the Senate

Published Aug. 20 2019

There are two quite different paths toward change in the 2020 elections.

Friedman: Trump and Xi sittin' in a tree

Published Aug. 18 2019

I was glad to see the stock market get a boost - even briefly - from the news that Chinese...


Egan: The great western public land robbery

Published Aug. 17 2019

Imagine if the head of Philip Morris were put in charge of the American Cancer Society. Imagine he had spent...

Collins: How to torture Trump

Published Aug. 16 2019

Let's be trivial for a minute. Forget our endless supply of critical problems and just try to think of a...