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Opinion - Times Commentary

Egan: The coming Green Wave

Published Aug. 20 2018

If emotions were water, and you took all the heartbreak felt by the millions who followed the plight of a...

Dionne: Republicans are playing with fire in the states

Published Aug. 19 2018

The backlash to President Trump and the steady rightward journey of the Republican Party could sharply shift the distribution of...

Friedman: If Mother Nature gets a vote in 2020

Published Aug. 19 2018

What if this time is different?

Ignatius: In revoking Brennan's security clearance, Trump takes another step toward the abyss

Published Aug. 17 2018

What Donald Trump did Wednesday isn't supposed to happen in a democracy.

Ignatius: The unintended consequences of U.S. disengagement

Published Aug. 16 2018

An Arab diplomat recently chided an American audience for speculating about what "the new Middle East" may look like. Open...

Krugman: Who's afraid of Nancy Pelosi?

Published Aug. 15 2018

Normally, a party that gives away $2 trillion without worrying about where the money will come from can buy itself...

Marcus: What Mueller knows about Manafort might explain Trump's growing agitation

Published Aug. 13 2018

Winston Churchill famously described Russia as "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."

Egan: Red, and ready to flip

Published Aug. 13 2018

It was titanic when the Speaker of the House, Democrat Tom Foley, lost his seat in Eastern Washington state in...

Friedman: Keep up the blanket coverage of Trump. It hurts him.

Published Aug. 10 2018

Some healthy soul searching is taking place in newsrooms across the country these days over whether the mainstream media should...

Dionne: Listening to history's echoes

Published Aug. 9 2018

How do democratic countries get to the point where they give up on self-rule?

Rampell: America is swarming with Paul Manaforts

Published Aug. 8 2018

One possible lesson of the many brazen, conspicuous scandals related to President Trump and others in his orbit: The U.S....

Bruni: Democrats, do not give up on the Senate

Published Aug. 8 2018

The party's odds aren't great, but they look better all the time.

Morris: Your lungs and my hippocratic oath

Published Aug. 6 2018

Protecting your lungs is part of my Hippocratic Oath.

Krugman: Stop calling Trump a populist

Published Aug. 6 2018

Message to those who keep calling Donald Trump a "populist": I do not think that word means what you think...

Dionne: Why Trump isn't fighting the bots

Published Aug. 3 2018

Here is the issue raised by Facebook's revelations this week about disinformation that we need to face squarely: The political...

Ignatius: This is not your grandfather's KGB

Published Jul. 30 2018

Looking at Russia's competing spy services, their overlapping operations against the U.S. and their sometimes careless tradecraft, some CIA veterans...

Bruni: Donald Trump's relentless tribe

Published Jul. 29 2018

The verdict on the most galling week of an outrageous presidency is in, and it shouldn't come as the shock...

Marcus: All the president's lies

Published Jul. 27 2018

"He's been lying all week, he's been lying for years. ... I don't see how he has any credibility."

Goldberg: Democrats are moving left. Don't panic.

Published Jul. 27 2018

In November, several outright Nazis and white supremacists will appear on Republican ballot lines.

Ignatius: Trump thinks he's his own best foreign-policy adviser

Published Jul. 26 2018

For the last 18 months, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and other top national-security officials have mostly kept their heads down...

Dionne: Hypocrites for Kavanaugh

Published Jul. 15 2018

Be prepared for a festival of hypocrisy, evasion and misdirection from supporters of the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to...

Levine: Cruel and unusual punishment at the border

Published Jul. 13 2018

According to immigration lawyers, children as young as five are in court going through the legal process.

Dionne: 'Bad' jobs don't have to be that way

Published Jul. 9 2018

So many policy proposals aimed at reducing economic inequality emphasize moving disadvantaged people into higher-paying, higher-skilled jobs, typically with more...