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Opinion - Times Commentary

Levine: Hijacked by hate

Published Mar. 22 2019

No public relations firm could have rocketed the new Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar onto the national scene as quickly as...

Goldberg: Who do Jared and Ivanka think they are?

Published Mar. 20 2019

Many high achievers, particularly women and people of color, suffer from impostor syndrome, the fear that they don't belong in...

Dionne: The autocratic Trump and 'constitutional conservatives'

Published Mar. 19 2019

President Trump's opponents typically treat him as a clown, a fool and a garden-variety bigot.

Ignatius: The Pentagon can't get everything it wants

Published Mar. 18 2019

Sen. Mark Warner is all for defense modernization. But just don't touch those aircraft carriers, six of which are based...

Collins: Cheese! Beer! Democrats!

Published Mar. 15 2019

So the Democrats are going to nominate their presidential candidate in Milwaukee! Let's talk about this for a minute....

Dionne: The ideal date for Judgment Day

Published Mar. 15 2019

Please, Tom Steyer, stop spending all that money on impeachment ads. If you want to run spots against President Trump,...

Bruni: Bribes to get into Yale and Stanford? What else is new?

Published Mar. 14 2019

One of the funniest stories I ever heard about the college admissions madness came from an independent consultant who was...

Goldberg: The massage parlor owner and Mar-a-Lago

Published Mar. 13 2019

Even if you're an avid follower of the news, it's hard to keep track of Donald Trump's scandals.

Friedman: Ilhan Omar, AIPAC and me

Published Mar. 10 2019

I've been watching with more than a little interest the controversial statements about Israel and the Israel lobby by Ilhan...

Dionne: Renewing democracy after Trump

Published Mar. 8 2019

A central challenge of the Trump era is how to deal urgently with the president's transgressions while also taking steps...

Ignatius: Can the Mueller report provide any resolution?

Published Mar. 7 2019

Robert Mueller's final report should present Congress with a clean choice: Either the facts warrant impeachment of President Trump, or...

Leonhardt: A dose of moderation would help Democrats

Published Mar. 5 2019

The energy in the 2020 Democratic campaign has been coming from the left. Candidates are pushing Medicare for All, a...


Egan: After Cohen, Republicans are now Trump's fixers

Published Mar. 2 2019

The character sketch of Donald Trump by the keeper of his secrets was no surprise to anyone who has given...

Bruni: In defense of the gerontocracy

Published Feb. 28 2019

Dianne Feinstein doesn't get it. How could she? She's 85. Ancient.

Krugman: Trump, trade and the advantage of autocrats

Published Feb. 27 2019

There's been some good news on global trade lately: A full-scale U.S.-China trade war appears to be on hold, and...

Dionne: The GOP's time for choosing

Published Feb. 26 2019

In 1964, Nelson Rockefeller, then the governor of New York, rose before the Republican National Convention to condemn "extremists" who...

Ignatius: Young veterans in Congress bring new hope for Democrats

Published Feb. 25 2019

The left wing of the Democratic Party has been getting much of the media attention since the new Congress convened,...

Kristof: Cue the stage lights for 'The Trump-Russia Story'

Published Feb. 20 2019

The Trump-Russia story is a drama that has unfolded in four acts.

Ignatius: Trump's red line is turning blue

Published Feb. 16 2019

President Trump has been insisting for so long that any investigation of his personal finances would cross a "red line"...

Egan: How words become weapons, and wimps

Published Feb. 16 2019

You could always slight the very rich by calling them moneybags, robber barons, fat cats or plutocrats. Billionaire was a...

Dionne: Don't make it easy for Trump to hide his failure

Published Feb. 15 2019

President Trump's regular threats to close down parts of the government to vindicate an applause line make you almost nostalgic...


Kristof: Navigating the male-female work relationship

Published Feb. 15 2019

We're seeing a backlash from the #MeToo movement, with many male bosses saying in surveys that they are less willing...

Friedman: The two codes your kids need to know

Published Feb. 14 2019

A few years ago, the leaders of the College Board, the folks who administer the SAT college entrance exam, asked...