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Opinion - Times Commentary

Blow: Looking forward to reconstruction

Published Nov. 20 2018

Make no mistake: the 2020 presidential race has already begun. It began before the ballots were fully counted from the...

Ignatius: America's overt payback for China's covert espionage

Published Nov. 19 2018

While the bombastic U.S.-China "trade war" has been getting the headlines, U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have been waging a...

Blow: Grab 'em by the passion

Published Nov. 16 2018

Why doesn't the news media simply ignore Donald Trump?

Dionne: Will the GOP keep dancing with autocracy?

Published Nov. 16 2018

When a national leader urges that votes be ignored or that an election result he doesn't like might best be...

Bruni: Save us, Al Gore

Published Nov. 15 2018

Time and Donald Trump do interesting things to a man.

Dionne: What House Democrats need to do

Published Nov. 13 2018

Expanding health coverage, reforming our democracy, restoring upward mobility with well-paying jobs, curbing gun violence and moving to repair our...

Kristof: Forget excuses, what counts is winning elections

Published Nov. 8 2018

In the end it was only a blue ripple, and that should prompt soul-searching among Democrats - particularly as everyone...

Trump's corruption: A working list

Published Nov. 7 2018

They don't even try very hard to hide it.

Collins: The ideal Trump rally

Published Nov. 2 2018

Donald Trump is holding 10 rallies over five days before the midterm elections. How bad do you think it's going...

Bruni: The Internet will be the death of us

Published Nov. 2 2018

Nora Ephron once wrote a brilliant essay about the trajectory of her and many other people's infatuations with email, from...

Dionne: The politics of division can never unite us

Published Oct. 31 2018

It's often innocently assumed that presidents, by virtue of the office they hold, automatically push aside partisanship in the face...

Dionne: Republicans are scared of Stacey Abrams. They should be.

Published Oct. 29 2018

By engaging in voter suppression, Stacey Abrams's opponents are paying her the highest possible compliment.

Kristof: Trump's ignoring our real 'national emergies'

Published Oct. 26 2018

It's not about immigration. It's about bigotry.

Levine: Holocaust lessons at Memorial Auditorium

Published Oct. 26 2018

When I heard that Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss was speaking in Chattanooga, I seriously considered staying home.

Friedman: How to make America America again

Published Oct. 25 2018

What is there left to say about the terrible murder of moderate Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and its aftermath?

Dionne: The hidden costs of the GOP's deficit two-step

Published Oct. 22 2018

A truly gifted con artist is someone who pulls off the same scam again and again and keeps getting away...

Ignatius: What did U.S. spy agencies know about threats on Khashoggi, and when?

Published Oct. 20 2018

Saudi Arabia must conduct a serious, no-holds-barred investigation of the apparent gruesome murder of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. The...

Krugman: The Trump tax scam, Phase II

Published Oct. 20 2018

When the Trump tax cut was on the verge of being enacted, I called it "the biggest tax scam in...

Kristof: If a prince murders a journalist, that's not a hiccup

Published Oct. 16 2018

The reports about Jamal Khashoggi, the missing Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor, whom I've known for more than 15...

Dionne: Refugees should not be political fodder

Published Oct. 15 2018

In the madness of the Trump era, terrible things happen with almost no notice. An announcement is made, some news...

Friedman: Donald Trump versus 'The Jungle'

Published Oct. 14 2018

When Donald Trump spoke at the United Nations on Sept. 25 and provoked guffaws from the diplomats in the audience...

Ignatius: Western spy agencies strike back

Published Oct. 14 2018

One of the most satisfying moments in any spy thriller is when the bad guy - the black-hat operative who...

Waldman: Republicans may be about to steal an election in Georgia

Published Oct. 12 2018

It isn't often you get to watch an election being stolen in real time, but that might be what is...