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Opinion - Times Commentary

Goldberg: May the best woman win

Published Jan. 23 2019

The February before the 2016 election, Dan Cassino, a political scientist at Fairleigh Dickinson University, and some of his colleagues...

Leonhardt: The shutdown shows the weakness of the resistance

Published Jan. 22 2019

The grassroots progressive movement known as the resistance has had a very good two years. It beat back attempts to...

Dionne: Hating government won't improve it

Published Jan. 22 2019

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."'


Collins: Take the Trump-Russia quiz

Published Jan. 18 2019

In our never-ending search for cheerful news, today we note that Donald Trump's nominee for attorney general says the Mueller...

Friedman: Thank you, Justice Roberts, for your voice

Published Jan. 17 2019

For me, the most disturbing thing about the Trump presidency is the way each week, like a steady drip of...

Kristof: Trump's craziest shutdown arguments

Published Jan. 15 2019

I'd like to apologize to all the "banana republics" I've offended over the decades with snarky references to their dysfunction.

Krugman: Trump's big libertarian experiment

Published Jan. 14 2019

"Government," declared Ronald Reagan in his first inaugural address, "is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Friedman: A Green New Deal revisited!

Published Jan. 10 2019

Back in 2007, I wrote a column calling for a "Green New Deal," and I later expanded on the idea...

Leonhardt: Trump the vulnerable

Published Jan. 8 2019

Now that a new Congress has taken office, the vote count from the 2018 midterms is all but final.

Dionne: The next two years are about democracy itself

Published Jan. 7 2019

"This is what democracy looks like."

Ignatius: Trump's perilous withdrawal from Syria

Published Jan. 5 2019

Asked to describe U.S. policy toward Syria after President Trump's sudden decision on Dec. 19 to withdraw U.S. troops from...

Egan: We need to keep laughing

Published Jan. 5 2019

We the people, our power embodied by members of the new House of Representatives who swore to uphold the Constitution...

Dionne: Tough love from Nancy Pelosi

Published Jan. 4 2019

Incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to be clear about what the new Democratic House majority will not be: They will...

Krugman: Bad faith, pathos and GOP economics

Published Jan. 3 2019

As 2018 closed, we've seen many articles about the state of the economy.

Krugman: Hope for a Green New Year

Published Jan. 2 2019

Let's be honest with ourselves: The new Democratic majority in the House won't be able to enact new legislation.

Ignatius: A look into the crystal ball for Jan. 1, 2020

Published Jan. 2 2019

Bill Safire, the late, great New York Times columnist, made a tradition over 35 years of publishing a year-end "office...

Leonhardt: The story of 2018 was climate change

Published Jan. 1 2019

Our best hope may be the weather.

Dionne: The roots of the new nationalism

Published Dec. 31 2018

In affluent neighborhoods around Washington, New York and Los Angeles - and, for that matter, Paris, London and Berlin -...

Dionne: Getting identity politics right

Published Dec. 30 2018

Progressives have some intellectual and moral work to do. It comes down to this: Whom do progressives think they're fighting...

Friedman: Time for GOP to threaten to fire Trump

Published Dec. 27 2018

Up to now I have not favored removing President Donald Trump from office.

Ignatius: What Trump's Syria decision means on the front lines of the fight against the Islamic State

Published Dec. 26 2018

The voice of Gen. Mazloum Abdi, the Kurdish commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces militia, is tight and controlled as...

Kristof: Professor, was Jesus really born to a virgin?

Published Dec. 25 2018

Kristof: Merry Christmas, Dr. Craig! I must confess that for all my admiration for Jesus, I'm skeptical about some of...

Dionne: Merry Christmas, Chreasters

Published Dec. 24 2018

Christmas remains wondrous, but it arrives at a difficult moment for Christianity in the United States.