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Opinion - Times Commentary

Krugman: Deficit man and the 2020 election

Published Jul. 22 2019

I've seen a number of people suggest that the 2020 election will be a sort of test: Can a sufficiently...

Blow: What Trump is teaching our children

Published Jul. 19 2019

When our children are young, we work doggedly to foster in them a deep and abiding sense of morality, ethics...

Collins: How not to insult Trump

Published Jul. 19 2019

Maybe we should stop talking about Donald Trump being a racist. He seems to love the idea too much.

Friedman: 'Trump's going to get re-elected, isn't he?'

Published Jul. 18 2019

I'm struck at how many people have come up to me recently and said, "Trump's going to get reelected, isn't...

Dionne: We can choose President Trump's vision of America or the vision championed by Justice Stevens

Published Jul. 18 2019

It was by chance that former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died on the same day that the House...

Blow: Trump's tweets prove that he is a raging racist

Published Jul. 16 2019

Donald Trump keeps trying to convince any disbelieving holdouts that he is a raging racist. At least, that's how I...

Ignatius: Like it or not, Democrats, Trump is on a roll

Published Jul. 13 2019

The agonizing fact for Democrats this summer is that President Trump appears to be gaining ground on domestic and foreign...

Ignatius: Democrats should take a smarter, harder line on Iran

Published Jul. 11 2019

Democratic candidates for president should get smart about America's confrontation with Iran: Rather than seek only to restore the 2015...

Goldberg: Jeffrey Epstein is the ultimate symbol of plutocratic rot

Published Jul. 10 2019

In 2003, journalist Vicky Ward profiled Jeffrey Epstein, the financier indicted Monday on charges of sexually abusing and trafficking underage...

Ignatius: Trump successfully played a hunch with Kim. Now what?

Published Jul. 7 2019

In dealing with North Korea's Chairman Kim Jong Un, President Trump should remember that he is a snake handler, not...

Dionne: The high cost of our 'Age of Impunity'

Published Jul. 6 2019

Our conversations about the global retreat of democracy usually highlight its impact on those in relatively well-off nations with long-established...

Egan: The Founders would gag at today's Republicans

Published Jul. 6 2019

Kids in cages and tanks for the tyrant. After that dictator-friendly Fourth of July, it's time for all true patriots...


Friedman: The biggest threat to America is us

Published Jul. 4 2019

Near the close of last Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate, Chuck Todd asked the candidates what he called "a simple question."...

Cottle: Hey, Democrats, what about the Senate?

Published Jul. 3 2019

Round 1 of the Democratic presidential primary debates is history, leaving the public with much to chew over.

Goldberg: Democrats, it's time to believe in women again

Published Jul. 1 2019

At Rep. James Clyburn's recent fish fry in Columbia, South Carolina, I met Sharon Hamill, a 59-year-old insurance agent who...

Manjoo: The global economy runs on parties you're not invited to

Published Jul. 1 2019

I was on a party yacht in Cannes recently when I found myself locked in one of the classic quandaries...

Krugman: The S word, the F word and the ballot

Published Jun. 29 2019

What did you think of the bunch of socialists you just saw debating onstage?

Blow: Is Trump a rapist?

Published Jun. 28 2019

I am simply disgusted by what's happening in America.

Ignatius: Demonizing one another won't bridge our political divide

Published Jun. 27 2019

When Paula White, who's often described as President Trump's personal spiritual adviser, railed in her invocation at his reelection kickoff...

Dionne: A pivotal week for Biden and Sanders

Published Jun. 24 2019

This week's two-day Democratic debate-fest is so sprawling that it looks more like a New England town meeting than a...

Cottle: Mind the GOP gender gap

Published Jun. 21 2019

With the announcement last week that Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Indiana, will not run for re-election next year, Republicans in Congress...


Friedman: Trump's foreign policy is to try to one-up Obama

Published Jun. 20 2019

Donald Trump was sure that this foreign policy thing was going to be both easy and obvious.

Ignatius: Shanahan's departure comes at a moment of significant military risk

Published Jun. 20 2019

President Trump has a credibility problem at a time when his confrontation with Iran is moving toward a dangerous test.