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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Trump sing-songs his national emergency plan

Published Feb. 16 2019

Cue the violins.

Sohn: TVA defies Trump and closes two coal plants

Published Feb. 15 2019

It's not often that the Tennessee Valley Authority gets a mention in The Washington Post, Bloomberg news, The New York...

Sohn: If you're a politician, shame is what you do

Published Feb. 13 2019

Aren't you tired of the who's-offending-whom game?

Pam's Points: We can't keep kicking the can down the road

Published Feb. 12 2019

At first flush, it might seem a good temporary compromise that state Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, and state Rep. Patsy...

Sohn: Connecting the dots in the Bezos/Enquirer/Saudi thing

Published Feb. 11 2019

Another puzzling piece of fallout from the Jeff Bezos/National Enquirer soap opera is a glittering Saudi connection.

Sohn: Poor George, Poor Donald. We are women, hear us roar

Published Feb. 10 2019

Women of a certain age will never forget the moment in the 1988 Democratic National Convention when then-Texas state treasurer...

Sohn: A toast to Bezos, the First Amendment and transparency

Published Feb. 9 2019

There's an old saying: Don't pick a fight with somebody who buys ink by the barrel.

Sohn: City's new visioning must grow people, not empires

Published Feb. 8 2019

Can we hear the future calling?

Sohn: Ralph Northam moonwalks an apology

Published Feb. 5 2019

The high road is full of bumps, and the low road is a swamp.

Sohn: Jared Bigham takes education vision to state chamber

Published Feb. 5 2019

In one way, Chattanooga is losing one our strongest advocates for uncompromisingly good education.

Pam's Points: Shutdown panel needs our 'thoughts and prayers'

Published Feb. 4 2019

The wall and shutdown-pause negotiations are "a waste of time," according to our president.

Sohn: Velocity 2040 is about investing in ourselves

Published Feb. 3 2019

Chambers of commerce are normally in the optimism business.


Sohn: The Worldwide Threat Assessment missed a big one - Trump

Published Feb. 1 2019

There's been a lot of reporting in recent days about President Donald Trump's insults to his intelligence chiefs after their...

Sohn: Voters beware - labels don't make the leader

Published Jan. 30 2019

One of the most memorable moments of Kamala Harris' Monday night town hall interview with Jake Tapper on CNN came...

Sohn: Homeless count gives baseline for new city plan

Published Jan. 29 2019

Last week, we counted homeless people again in Chattanooga. We do this every year, as part of a federally mandated...

Sohn: Has the tax cut for the rich helped you?

Published Jan. 29 2019

Remember the massive $1.5 trillion tax cut for the rich President Trump and the then-GOP majority Congress pushed just over...

Pam's Points: Shutdown didn't slow special counsel

Published Jan. 28 2019

Roger Stone, President Trump's longtime adviser, was indicted Friday on federal charges that link the Trump campaign's and WikiLeaks' efforts...

Sohn: Chattanooga City Council wants police answers, action

Published Jan. 27 2019

Kudos to the Chattanooga City Council for demanding not only answers but also action on the latest allegation of local...

Sohn: Trump's EPA is charity for polluters

Published Jan. 25 2019

Here's an idea for illegal immigration control - borrowed from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

Sohn: Sorting through the repeated Trump lies

Published Jan. 22 2019

Democratic lawmakers promised Friday to investigate a report that President Donald Trump directed his longtime lawyer and fixer, Michael D....

Pam's Points: Get set for more bitter political days

Published Jan. 21 2019

Well, the deal to end the shutdown is no deal. But then it couldn't have been.


Sohn: We can beat climate change, if we will

Published Jan. 20 2019

Antarctic glaciers are losing six times as much ice as they were just four decades ago, thanks to our warming...

Sohn: Teaching character with Medal of Honor heritage is a winner

Published Jan. 19 2019

The Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center is not about things. It's about people. And character.