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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: If Trump's mouth is moving, look it up for yourself

Published Jun. 19 2019

We must wonder if President Donald Trump regrets his recent two-day interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

Sohn: Tennessee officials are wrong about union ills

Published Jun. 18 2019

Tennessee officials' brag that the state is "good" for business. They also boast that the failure of a unionization vote...

Pam's Points: Most overused description of all things Trump

Published Jun. 17 2019

Here we go again — saying something in the Trump world is "unprecedented."

Sohn: Why we still aren't protecting elections

Published Jun. 16 2019

It seems the forgotten tragedy of Donald Trump's election and the Mueller probe is that we know Russia interfered with...

Sohn: When did America go up for sale?

Published Jun. 15 2019

Sure, Donald Trump would like to take dirt on an opponent from a foreign government, he told ABC News' George...

Sohn: Drug deaths offer stark warnings

Published Jun. 14 2019

Hearing of drug overdoses — especially fatal ones — in our community is bad enough.

Sohn: How dare women presume to teach men

Published Jun. 12 2019

American women couldn't vote until just over 99 years ago — about the time our country was 144 years old.

Sohn: Volkswagen ad brings light to darkness

Published Jun. 11 2019

'Hello, Darkness, my old friend.

Pam's Points: Trump economic hoaxes too high to count

Published Jun. 10 2019

Jobs? What jobs?

Sohn: Trump's climate claims wrong 'both ways'

Published Jun. 9 2019

"I believe that there is a change in weather and I think it changes both ways."

Sohn: Let's help state lawmakers reconnect with our views

Published Jun. 8 2019

Tennessee's supermajority Republican General Assembly faces a tough choice.

Sohn: What's the value of a $150 a year in new taxes?

Published Jun. 7 2019

According to, the median home value in Hamilton County is $173,900 - 6.9% higher than last year and expected...

Sohn: Proposed county budget stands for our children

Published Jun. 5 2019

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger is standing up for schools. What remains to be seen is whether the Hamilton County...

Sohn: Stop the guns, resolve the anger

Published Jun. 4 2019

Square these thoughts: A gunman thought by coworkers and neighbors to be a nice and ordinary guy - an educated...

Pam's Points: Trump's insidious war on climate and science

Published Jun. 3 2019

George Luber is a national award winner for his work on climate change and health questions. He also is an...

Sohn: King Donald is above the law - unless Congress grows morality

Published Jun. 2 2019

The next time you hear someone say, "No one — not even the president — is above the law," it's...

Sohn: Climate facts, misinformation on collision course

Published May. 29 2019

The facts are pretty stunning.

Pam's Points: In the spirit of Memorial Day

Published May. 27 2019

"Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.

Sohn: Another 'infrastructure week' bites the dust

Published May. 26 2019

It could have been a Mount Rushmore moment.

Sohn: Robert Mueller, you owe us public testimony

Published May. 25 2019

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler says special counsel Robert Mueller wants to testify to Congress — but in private.

Sohn: City, police must restore public trust

Published May. 24 2019

It's bad enough when our Chattanooga Police Department has a cascade of officers accused of sexual assault, rape and other...


Sohn: Tennessee GOP has brass; D.C. GOP should take a lesson

Published May. 22 2019

Tennesseans should send a heartfelt thank you to Republican Gov. Bill Lee, who made it crystal clear Monday night that...

Sohn: Message to the GOP - women will not go back

Published May. 19 2019

The arrogance and hypocrisy of Republicans pushing anti-abortion laws in our country are astonishing.