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Opinion - Times Editorials

Pam's Points: Are politicians speaking to the hearts and minds of voters?

Published Aug. 12 2019

In case you've been blissfully tucked in a cave away from political news all weekend, you might not yet have...

Sohn: It's time to shoot down gun violence

Published Aug. 11 2019

It's pretty clear that most Americans are fed up with mass shootings. Frankly, most of us are fed up with...

Sohn: Saving our dinner, one pollinator at a time

Published Aug. 10 2019

It seems we can't stop the human race from annihilating our world and ourselves.


Sohn: GOP runs from talk of Trump and race

Published Aug. 9 2019

You might say Nebraska state Sen. John McCollister was channeling what the president would soon counsel via a White House...

Sohn: Trump didn't pull the trigger - exactly

Published Aug. 6 2019

Has our president at last realized that his repeated claims of an America under attack by "an invasion" of immigrants...

Pam's Points: Let's talk about priorities - Earth, politics and jobs

Published Aug. 5 2019

Yes, Earth is in the balance

Sohn: The GOP needs to hear your Trump concerns

Published Aug. 4 2019

It was a standard journalism request — the kind reporters and editors make everyday.

Sohn: Let's help Hamilton commissioners understand their schools tax vote

Published Aug. 3 2019

Here's a school news quiz: What were the main talking points for a recently proposed (and then killed) 34-cent tax...

Sohn: Democrats need to aim at Trump, not each other

Published Aug. 2 2019

So many candidates, so little time.

Sohn: Want to stop the shooting? Improve education

Published Jul. 31 2019

It's been another bloody summer in Chattanooga, and the shooting doesn't show signs of letting up.

Sohn: What will it take for Republicans to speak out against Trump?

Published Jul. 30 2019

We will keep asking what it will take to make Republicans find their voices against the most corrupt and corrupting...

Pam's Points: Reading the tea leaves of disarray

Published Jul. 29 2019

Surely all the pundits will fill the weekend airwaves a-twitter with pronouncements of Democratic division over future impeachment moves.

Sohn: Tennessee walking horses still need help

Published Jul. 28 2019

It's walking horse time in Tennessee. Again.

Sohn: 'Moscow Mitch' and election security

Published Jul. 27 2019

What country are we living in where our Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocks two election bills designed to deter...

Sohn: Proposed plan for school fixes has promise

Published Jul. 26 2019

Change is hard.

Sohn: Read - or re-read - the Mueller report

Published Jul. 26 2019

Most of us know that if we read the book first, we rarely like the movie based on that book.

Sohn: The Mueller Report - the movie - airs today

Published Jul. 24 2019

The big question for the testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller before two congressional committees today will not be...

Sohn: Our 'conversation' about race and the body cavity search needs sunshine

Published Jul. 23 2019

Hamilton County really knows how to add insult to injury.

Pam's Points: On politics, privacy and our planet

Published Jul. 22 2019

The CNN debate nights already have been likened to a Democratic candidate reality show.

Sohn: Take climate change to church this week

Published Jul. 21 2019

"What does it mean to be alive right now? Right now. Right this second, right this epoch, as mankind alters...

Sohn: Snail darter is a success of science and democracy

Published Jul. 20 2019

Once again, we have proof that we can - when we will - make a difference for the better in...

Sohn: Trump isn't king. Stop acting like he is.

Published Jul. 19 2019

Politics can be so confusing.

Sohn: GOP's silence brands whole party as racist

Published Jul. 17 2019

What's that sound? Don't you hear it? You don't? Lean further right and listen harder.