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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Fixing social media has to start with each of us

Published Dec. 18 2018

The "hoax" was quite real. And seemingly quite effective. The Russians got a puppet installed in our Oval Office.

Pam's Points: The more things change, the more they stay the same

Published Dec. 17 2018

The Farm Bill, passed last week and now awaiting the president's signature, does some good things and some bad things.

Sohn: Policing, done right, is hard work

Published Dec. 16 2018

There may be no harder job in our society than being a cop.


Sohn: Protecting our wilderness more important than ever

Published Dec. 15 2018

Decades in the making, the Tennessee Wilderness Act has weathered six Congresses and finally — finally — is on its...

Pam's Points: Make a joyful noise to keep government straight

Published Dec. 14 2018

The protesters who prompted a Chattanooga City Council walkout Tuesday over the treatment of a local rapper by Hamilton County...

Sohn: Use Tubman to bring jobs, not gentrification, to East Chattanooga

Published Dec. 12 2018

What's next at the 36-acre ghost town that once housed 440 families in the Harriet Tubman housing development?

Sohn: The depressing saga of 'Individual-1'

Published Dec. 11 2018

We can be forgiven for being depressed. The sky is gray, the rain is cold and there is absolutely no...

Pam's Points: Climate change needs an army now

Published Dec. 10 2018

News happens fast these days.

Sohn: City steps up to end homelessness in Chattanooga

Published Dec. 9 2018

In April, we mused here about how we keep not fixing homelessness.

Sohn: Tennessee, Hamilton students make gains, but still have far to go

Published Dec. 7 2018

We keep hearing that Tennessee students are doing so much better - posting the fastest improving scores in the country.

Sohn: Tennessee should rethink primaries, but not close them

Published Dec. 5 2018

Just when you thought it couldn't get much harder to exercise your vote in Tennessee, our state GOP's State Executive...

Sohn: Did compromise pass along with George H.W. Bush?

Published Dec. 4 2018

"Read my lips: No new taxes." Then there were new taxes.

Pam's Points: Trump's 'Russia hoax' lies keep piling up

Published Dec. 3 2018

Keep watching the timelines

Sohn: The high cost of denying climate change

Published Dec. 2 2018

"I don't believe it."

Sohn: Make America rake again

Published Nov. 30 2018

Some of the things our president and his White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, said earlier this week about climate...

Sohn: Here's to inciting free speech, free press in county meetings

Published Nov. 30 2018

The funniest news story lead we've seen in a long time was in this paper Thursday morning.

Sohn: What does the Manafort meltdown portend?

Published Nov. 28 2018

No wonder Donald Trump is raging again about the special counsel.

Sohn: Fodder grows for Trump probes

Published Nov. 27 2018

Perhaps the dam is starting to crack — in the GOP.

Pam's Points: It's all about Trump - just ask him

Published Nov. 26 2018

What's our president thankful for?

Sohn: Trump's conduct 'not an act'

Published Nov. 25 2018

When a United States senator - a Republican whose feet are planted firmly on the ground - says President Donald...

Pam's Points: 'Tis the season to help our neediest

Published Nov. 24 2018

Life is good at throwing curve balls.

Sohn: Imagine power bills without great TVA management

Published Nov. 20 2018

Last week, you may have read that the Tennessee Valley Authority had a record year in 2018 for helping the...

Pam's Points: One more 'stolen' elections redux

Published Nov. 19 2018

Trumpian Republicans can't seem to get this phrase out of their heads: "stolen elections."