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Opinion - Times Editorials

Sohn: Damning Mueller report has just begun to perk

Published Apr. 19 2019

No, it's not over. Nor should it be.

Sohn: Andy Berke right to challenge TennCare cuts, changes

Published Apr. 17 2019

One must worry for the priorities of Tennessee. Read yesterday's paper, and you'll understand why.

Sohn: Lawmakers, just say no to Gov. Bill Lee's school voucher plan

Published Apr. 16 2019

We should find out today if our Tennessee lawmakers really - and we mean really - support improving education in...


Pam's Points: Some news for our upcoming Earth Day

Published Apr. 15 2019

Scientists at Ohio State University say they have developed a viable alternative to petroleum-based plastic food packaging.

Sohn: Don't siphon the Tennessee River, catch the sky's runoff instead

Published Apr. 14 2019

Here we go again. Georgia is whining anew that Tennessee's southern border is drawn wrong, and Peach Staters are angling...

Sohn: Stopping gun violence starts with community

Published Apr. 12 2019

What is the cost of gun violence? More than any community can possibly calculate — and not just in lives.

Sohn: Foiled as king, does Trump plot to be CEO of America?

Published Apr. 10 2019

Ask yourselves if we're not looking at a coup attempt in plain sight.

Sohn: Contact state lawmakers today about voter suppression bills

Published Apr. 9 2019

You have to hand it to Tennessee's GOP: If Republicans in the General Assembly could turn back time to when...

Pam's Points: What saving Special Olympics taught us

Published Apr. 1 2019

Was Trump's reversal on Special Olympics funding really a surprise? It shouldn't have been.

Sohn: Flush the newest city-county turf war

Published Mar. 31 2019

It seems no one is happy with anyone in Hamilton County these days.

Sohn: 'You might think it's OK.' We don't.

Published Mar. 30 2019

The purpose of the hearing on Thursday was simple.

Sohn: Trump 'moves on' to spread vengeance and pain

Published Mar. 29 2019

Donald Trump has heard Trumpite Republicans' call to "move on."


Sohn: Gov. Lee's school voucher plan needs answers

Published Mar. 27 2019

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee last week pitched his controversial school voucher proposal to the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, doubling...

Sohn: Make the Mueller Report public today

Published Mar. 26 2019

Attorney General William Barr spent more time on his unsolicited 19-page job application — the June 2018 memo lambasting special...

Sohn: Trump and his 'best people' are the real 'Deep State'

Published Mar. 24 2019

No, Mr. President, it's not just liberal judges who keep blocking your agenda.

Pam's Points: If MAGA is so great, why are we panicked?

Published Mar. 23 2019

If you're worried about the future of America and your future in it, you're not alone.

Sohn: A whole other - better - downtown

Published Mar. 23 2019

Last week, the hulking blue and vacant Alstom plant site was a ghost town of industrial buildings and empty parking...

Sohn: New Zealand enacts gun safety. Why can't we?

Published Mar. 22 2019

It's about as easy to buy a gun in the United States as it is to buy one in Yemen...

Sohn: Our children are our future, and our votes

Published Mar. 20 2019

It's not often enough in these days of partisan-fueled vitriol that we get to read or see uplifting news that...

Sohn: We're not done paying for TVA's Kingston ash spill

Published Mar. 17 2019

If you thought we were finished paying for TVA's $1.2 billion Kingston ash spill, think again.

Sohn: Is GOP awakening to Trump, or reading tea leaves?

Published Mar. 16 2019

It's about time.

Sohn: There's already lots of 'unless' for impeachment talk

Published Mar. 13 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may or may not be right to dismiss — at least for now — a push...

Sohn: Gun sense pushes new wave of congressional resolve

Published Mar. 12 2019

The would-be bride knelt and cried beside the grave of her fiancéon Sunday.