Comments on the Supreme Court's decision Wednesday to strike down a key provision of the Defense of Marriage Act. The ruling extends federal benefits to same-sex married couples.

In marriage, the "until death do us part" is said not just in front of the minister and witnesses but before God. I have my doubts that He would recognize the other type (of marriage) just blessed by our beloved Supreme Court.

- Eugene Hinds

I'm thrilled! I look forward to the day when my marriage will be recognized by the state I live in.

- Sarah Foster Griggs

There's no such thing as same-sex marriage, and that's God's word.

- Belinda Pearson

I am a Christian. I have attended church and private schools for most of my life. I 100 percent support gay rights and same-sex marriage.

- Victoria McDonald

It's funny how all those that oppose same-sex marriage are like 100. Get with the times, grandma.

- Nikki Guthrie

God's word is in the Bible, and yes I am a believer, and yes same-sex marriage is wrong. I am young and "with the times" as well, God's time.

- Kina Marie Conner

Gays are praised and Christians are bashed. Sad day in America.

- Ellen Zuback

We are moving forward. Now get ALL states to legalize same-sex marriage.

- Leslie Long

Our creator established rules governing marriage long before governments began regulating the institution.

- Barbara Evans