Georgia senate committee approves 'campus carry' bill

Georgia senate committee approves 'campus carry' bill

March 7th, 2016 by Associated Press in Politics Republicans

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia lawmakers are one step closer to allowing anyone licensed to carry a gun in Georgia to bring weapons onto public college campuses.

A Senate committee approved a measure on Monday that would permit those with concealed carry weapons licenses to bring their guns onto school property.

If signed into law, guns must remain concealed by the owner. Guns also would be barred from athletic facilities and student housing, including sorority and fraternity houses.

Critics of the measure say that allowing more guns on campus will only put students in harm's way.

Rep. Rick Jasperse, a Republican from Jasper who sponsored the bill, says people licensed to carry guns should also be able to defend themselves on campuses.

The bill could reach the Senate floor this week.