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Edward Carter votes in the Super Tuesday primary election at the Bethlehem Center polling site in Chattanooga on March 1, 2016.
Here is the list of candidates who qualified to run for office in Southeast Tennessee as of Thursday's deadline. Bledsoe, Bradley and Grundy county results were not available Thursday.



Assessor of Property

Marty Haynes (R)

Mark Siedlecki (D)


School board District 1

Jason Moses

Patti Skates

Rhonda Thurman


School board District 2

Kathy Lennon

Jonathan Welch


School board District 4

Montrell Besley

George Ricks

Tiffanie Robinson

Annette Thompson


School board District 7

Donna Horn

Joe Wingate


District 26, Tennessee House

Gerald McCormick


District 27, Tennessee House

Steve Gordon (D)

Patsy Hazlewood (R)


District 28, Tennessee House

Dennis Clark (D)

JoAnne Favors (D)


District 29, Tennessee House

Mike Carter (R)

Ethan White (R)


District 30, Tennessee House

Katie Cowley (D)

Marc Gravitt (R)

Patrick Hickey (I)


District 10, Tennessee Senate

Todd Gardenhire (R)

Ty O'Grady (D)

Khristy Wilkinson (D)

Nick Wilkinson (D)


District 3, U.S. House

Chuck Fleischmann (R)

Michael Friedman (D)

Topher Kersting (I)

George Ryan Love (D)

Melody Shekari (D)

Geoffery Smith (R)

Lookout Mountain judge

Flossie Weill


Lookout Mountain commission

Jim Bentley

Walker L. Jones

Carol A. Mutter

Brooke Pippenger

Don Stinnett


Lookout Mountain school board

Haven Glascock

James M. Haley

Karen Welborn



School board District 1

Julie Bennett

School board, District 2

Teresa Lofty Childs

Roger D. Evans


District 39, Tennessee House

David Alexander (R)

Clyde Benson (R)

Tony Peoples (D)

Nancy Silvertooth (D)

Kathleen Swift Lawson (D)


District 92, Tennessee House

Tamra King (D)

Billy Spivy (R)

Thomas R. Tillis (R)


District 16, Tennessee Senate

Janice Bowling (R)

Alice Demetreon (D)

Michale Shane Wilcher (R)

Mike Winton (D)




School board, District 1

Donna Adams Cagle


School board, District 3

Melinda King


School board, District 4

Tony Allman

Bill Irvin


School board, District 5

Sharon Sliger Brown


Englewood mayor

James Cox

Tony R. Hawn


Englewood commissioner

Dway "Wally" Arrowood

Buford R. Hackler

Jason Hitt

Jerry Shirk


Etowah commissioner

Ann Abbott

Mike H. Casteel

Bill Freeman

Gene Keller

Tim. L. Moses

Rebecca Shaw

Jim Swayne

Edward Weeks


Etowah school board

Marcheta McDonald

Jessica Blair Goodin


District 23, Tennessee House

John Forgety (R)



School board, District 1

Andy Andrews

Sharon Davis


School board, District 4

Jeana Bradley

Tessa Plaster Perkinson


Criminal Court judge, 9th District

Jeff Wicks


District 22, Tennessee House

Anna Miller Grabowski (D)

Dan Howell (R)



Assessor of Property

Bill Trew (R)

Randy Yates (D)


Road Superintendent

William "Alley" Bruce (R)

Roy Thomason Jr. (D)


School board District 1

David F. Green

Jayson Lamb

Terry Rose


School board District 2

Danny Fletcher

Shawn Pritchett


School board District 3

Robert "Robbie" Cole

James "Mush" Davis

BJ Howard


School board District 3 unexpired

David Good

James (Pat) Suits


Constable District 1

Seth Bishop

Jaime Lewis


Constable District 2

Tim Tatum

Shawn Lewis

Jeremy Tipton


Fourth Fractional Township

Douglas Collins

Ronnette O'Neal

Dennis Trentham

Darren Waters


(List of Tennessee House and Senate qualifiers unavailable Thursday)



County commissioner, District 6

Rosco Dillard

Sandra R. Stephenson Francisco

Doyle Montgomery


School board, District 2

Benny Joe McCoy


School board, District 4

Harold "Bimbo" McCawley


School board, District 6

Carroll Henderson


School board, District 8

Brian L. Crowe

Chip Pendergrass


School board, District 9

Henry Reid


Spring City mayor

Woody Evans

Billy Ray Patton

Jeff "Bimbo" Rhear


Spring City commissioner

Jody Bauer

Max Douglas

Bailey Hufstetler


District 31, Tennesse House

Ron Travis (R)

June Griffin (R)


District 16, Tennessee Senate

Ken Yager (R)



Assessor of Property

James W. Condra


County commissioner, District 8

David Hudson

Tommy Johnson


School board, District 1

Greg Dawson

Loren E. Shell


School board, District 3

Rachel H. Hixson


School board, District 5

Samuel F. Hudson


School board, District 7

Charlie Rollins

Darlene Yell

Linda Pittman Tate


School board, District 9

Shelli K. Dodson


District 31, Tennessee House

Ron Travis (R)

June Griffin (R)


District 16, Tennessee Senate

Janice Bowling (R)

Michael Shane Wilcher (R)

Alice Demetreon (D)

Mike Winton (D)