Cleveland completes annexation of four expected growth areas

Cleveland completes annexation of four expected growth areas

September 28th, 2010 by Randall Higgins in Politics Regional

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - The Cleveland City Council completed the process Monday of annexing four areas where commercial and industrial growth are expected to develop.

The areas are north and south of APD-40 between U.S. Highway 11 and Interstate 75, southeast of exit 20 along I-75 and Benton Pike at Michigan Avenue Road.

Two weeks ago residents from neighborhoods south of the area voiced concerns about potential pollution and traffic problems.

Doug Berry, economic development vice-president for the local Chamber of Commerce, assured those residents Monday "it's not our intention to degrade the community.'' Instead, he said, the Industrial Development Board wants to attract the next generation of environmentally sensitive industry.

On other issues, the council approved changing the name of the Northeast Recreation Center to the College Hill Recreation Center.

That is something alumni and residents want, said Vice Mayor Avery Johnson and Councilman Bill Estes. College Hill was one of the region's few black schools during segregation times. Part of the recreation center gym is from that school.

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