Safety, security assessments completed at majority of Tennessee schools

Published Aug. 14 2018

A comprehensive assessment of schools and district safety procedures across Tennessee will be completed by the end of the...

Trump's Harley boycott call roils Wisconsin primary

Published Aug. 13 2018

President Donald Trump's call for a boycott of Harley-Davidson motorcycles forced Gov. Scott Walker and other Republicans to either criticize...

Kansas governor questions opponent's role in vote counting

Published Aug. 10 2018

Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer said Friday that he believes Secretary of State Kris Kobach has told counties as part of...


Ohio, Kansas elections too close to call; Trump claims win

Published Aug. 8 2018

Two high-stakes elections that tested President Donald Trump's clout and cost both parties millions of dollars were too close to...

Off to the races: Tennessee general election for governor, Senate starts at quick pace

Published Aug. 7 2018

Fresh off last week's GOP primary victories, Tennessee's Republican candidates for governor and U.S. Senate are back on the air...

Ohio race pits Trump coalition against Democrats' resistance

Published Aug. 7 2018

President Donald Trump's preferred congressional candidate - and his chief legislative achievement - are about to be tested in battleground...

Tennessee regulators challenge investment 'scheme' in Chattanooga

Published Aug. 6 2018

Tennessee officials have have fined and permanently barred a Colorado man from selling securities for a Chattanooga-based natural gas and...

New Bredesen ad features Corker, Fleischmann speaking favorably of him; Fleischmann pushes back

Published Aug. 6 2018

Tennessee U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Phil Bredesen and Republican nominee Marsha Blackburn are up online with dueling digital ads as...

Lee won with a 'stiletto and not a meat ax'

Published Aug. 6 2018

By the time they shifted attention to him, Bill Lee was ready.

Georgia might allow medical marijuana growing and dispensing

Published Aug. 3 2018

Patients in Georgia are allowed to consume medical marijuana — if they can find a way to get it.

Maddox matches Ivey in July Alabama gubernatorial race fundraising

Published Aug. 3 2018

Democratic challenger Walt Maddox kept fundraising pace last month with Gov. Kay Ivey.

Trump endorses Bill Lee on Twitter

Published Aug. 3 2018

President Donald Trump is showing his support for Bill Lee.


Democrat wins mayor's race in Tennessee's largest county

Published Aug. 3 2018

Voters in Tennessee's largest county have chosen Democrat Lee Harris as their next mayor.

WWE wrestler known as Kane wins mayor's race in Tennessee

Published Aug. 2 2018

A former WWE wrestler known as Kane has won a "no-holds-barred, last-man-standing" round, this time in the political ring.

DesJarlais, Fleischmann win primaries

Published Aug. 2 2018

Republican incumbents Scott DesJarlais and Chuck Fleischmann easily won their primaries on Thursday.

Bill Lee wins GOP primary

Published Aug. 2 2018

Political newcomer Bill Lee captured Tennessee's Republican gubernatorial nomination Thursday, emerging as the victor in a brutal four-person primary race...

Blackburn, Bredesen advance in Senate race

Published Aug. 2 2018

Former Tennessee Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen and Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn have been running their campaigns for a critical...

Dean wins Democrats' nomination for governor

Published Aug. 2 2018

Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean decisively won Democrats' nomination for Tennessee governor Thursday, besting state House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh...

Early voting turnout in Hamilton County places last in state

Published Aug. 2 2018

State election records on early voting that ended July 28 show Hamilton County dead last in voter turnout, a significant...

It's election day: Here are some things to know before hitting the polls

Published Aug. 2 2018

Rep. JoAnne Favors' departure in District 28 has resulted in a five-candidate Democratic primary in Chattanooga with Dennis Clark, Yusuf...

Georgia jet fuel tax halted, months after Delta, NRA fight

Published Jul. 30 2018

Georgia's governor on Monday made good on his vow to restore a tax cut on jet fuel sales that was...


Randy Boyd to meet voters in Chattanooga on Tuesday

Published Jul. 30 2018

Randy Boyd, Republican candidate for governor, will meet with Hamilton County voters on Tuesday, two days ahead of election day.

Big fight, huge expenditures in Tennessee gubernatorial primary dominate Thursday elections

Published Jul. 29 2018

Tennessee political hopefuls are charging, sometimes through mud, towards the finish line in Thursday's election in which voters will choose...