On the desk in Russ Huesman's office are a few neat stacks of paper. The laptop computer is on the left side, and a few hand-written notes are lying around.

"I'm not a neat freak. I'm not overly organized. I'm just kind of a middle-of-the-road organizational guy," he said back in July. "When I think of something, I make sure I write it down."

That explains the notes, which can contain a few words about any number of topics. Huesman, now less than a week from his first game as the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football coach, has what sometimes seems like a thousand details a day to manage.

Many of them have very little to do with the X's and O's of Thursday night's season opener against Glenville State.

There are practice schedules to make, compliance and academic issues, staff meetings, team meetings, speaking engagements, interviews with the media, radio and TV shows. The list goes on -- plus he's got to, lest anyone forget, coach a team trying to dig itself out of the Southern Conference cellar.

The schedule isn't getting any lighter, either. On Monday Huesman has to tape his TV show, and he and his staff will eat lunch in the University Center and encourage students to attend the opener. On Tuesday the coaches will be downtown promoting Wednesday's pep rally at Miller Plaza, which will feature Huesman and quarterback B.J. Coleman.

Huesman also will meet with the media Tuesday, first on the SoCon teleconference and then in person with local reporters. Huesman has a radio show to do Wednesday and will participate in a campus pep rally Thursday.

"Every day is busy," said Huesman, who returned to his alma mater in December after five years as Richmond's defensive coordinator. "It's just a different busy."

Huesman is used to knowing everything there is to know about his defense and the upcoming opponent's offense. But that's not his job anymore; it's defensive coordinator Adam Fuller's.

"It is hard; it's hard because I almost seem, not lost, but (in the past) I drew the (play) cards and I know what play's coming up and I can sit there and watch and I know what to look for," Huesman said following a recent practice. "Now I'm just kind of following it as a fan."

He's way more than just a fan during practice, though from time to time he will run up and give a player a hug after a good play. If he doesn't like what he sees from the offense or defense, especially the defense, he'll quickly voice his objections and revert to position-coach mode.

Huesman also is very involved in special teams as the punt team coach. He said he's been involved in punt teams throughout his career, but this is the first time he's in charge of the unit.

"It's been good," he said of his first experience as a head coach. "Organizing practice, organizing people, it's been fun and it's been rewarding."

Extra points

The Mocs went through a 45-minute practice and hourlong walk-through at Finley Stadium on Thursday. ... Punter Mike Hammons earned a new job this week as kicker Craig Camay's holder on field goals and extra points, replacing Sloan Allison. "This is the first time I've had experience with the holding," Hammons said, "but being a kicker I know exactly how to lean it and the timing and stuff like that."