The dreaded two-a-days won't be a problem for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team during preseason practice. Coach Russ Huesman said Monday that the Mocs will practice only once a day.

"We won't have any two-a-days - all singles," Huesman said. "If you practice two times a day, your practices are very limited."

Teams are allowed 29 preseason practices from the start of camp to the season opener, and Huesman said the best way to maximize the sessions is to spread them out over 29 days.

"I just think we get more work in," he said. "I think it's better for (the players), too."

Wide receiver Blue Cooper said he won't be sad to see the two-a-days go.

"I think two-a-days are more of a traditional thing," the fifth-year senior said recently. "It's one of those things where you've got to go through two-a-days because it's camp, but I guess it's not like that anymore."

Cooper said one thing he's noticed about Huesman since he was hired in December is that he wants to get work done quickly and efficiently.

"If he tells us we're going to be out there for an hour, we're going to be out there for an hour and we're going to work the whole time," Cooper said. "I like it that way."

Huesman said he and his staff are working this week on scripting the first seven practices. The Mocs will practice the first two days, Aug. 1-2, in helmets but no pads and the next two days in helmets and shoulder pads. They'll go to full pads for the first time during the fifth practice.

Just because they're practicing only once doesn't mean the players' days will be short. Most days will be filled with meetings, practice and lifting sessions, team meals and a nightly walk-through at Chamberlain Field.

Players are due on campus by noon on July 31. That day they will be fitted for equipment, receive physicals (if they haven't already had one), get head-shot photos taken and attend a meeting where they will receive their team policy manuals and get NCAA and athletic department forms filled out. The team will have dinner together before breaking off into group meetings.

The first practice is scheduled for 3 p.m. the next day at Scrappy Moore Field.