Other items included:

* The board agreed to proceed into an agreement in which the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, working with Learfield Sports, will be assigned the exclusive marketing rights for Finley Stadium. UTC athletic director Rick Hart provided a marketing draft proposal but was unable to attend the meeting.

* Finley's primary scoreboard is in need of repair, so the board agreed to spend $3,400 out of its operational budget for repairs. The captions, or the names of the two competing teams, are not functioning.

* According to Patten and Finley Stadium executive director Merrill Eckstein, there is now a three-person waiting list for skyboxes.

The NCAA Football Championship Subdivision title game has been visually attractive the last several Decembers at Finley Stadium. Yet it's sounded terrible.

In each of the past two years, all six woofers in Finley's sound system have blown at the championship game. Preventing another round of sorry sound was the primary topic Tuesday as the Stadium Corp. held its monthly meeting.

"If we have to worry about a foul-up this year, then we don't have to worry about the championship game," Stadium Corp. chairman Bryan Patten said, "because it won't be here."

Darren Roberts, who owns the Sound Post in Rossville, recommended the purchase of six high-powered subwoofers and reducing the distance from the amplifiers to the speakers at the 20,668-seat facility, which would lessen strain and sound overlap. The upbeat modern music that is played on the speakers contains substantial bass, he added, which puts extra pressure on the speakers.

Roberts presented a proposal with a total installation cost of $11,530.

"It worked great for Mocs games, but the FCS game is way louder," Roberts said.

Finley's sound system underwent a $28,000 upgrade in the summer of 2007, when Roberts got his first look at the situation, so several board members were upset the topic was being revisited.

"I'm surprised the subwoofers and the moving of amplifiers weren't discussed on the front end," Mike Davis said. "We keep coming back to an issue that easily ought to be resolved."

Roberts said he was asked to provide an analysis at a time when the stadium was empty and he didn't have an accurate gauge of how loud Finley can get. The 2007 FSC title game between Appalachian State and Delaware drew a stadium-record crowd of 23,010.

Davis and Ryan Crimmins requested second opinions from audio professionals, which the board agreed to do.

"The response from the NCAA is that if this fails again, we're done," Davis said.

Finley Stadium has housed the FCS title game annually since 1997.