UT's new football enrollees

UT's new football enrollees

January 11th, 2012 in Sports - College


Fruit Cove, Fla. (Bartram Trail)

6-2/205 Rivals: 4 stars

The skinny: The athletic, strong-armed Peterman is the third quarterback to enroll early at Tennessee in the last three years, following Tyler Bray and Justin Worley.

The word: "He's going to go up and compete and give his best effort and do everything he can to help his football team," said Bartram Trail coach Darrell Sutherland. "He's a quality guy. If he ends up in a different role next fall, then he'll not be content with it, but he'll embrace it and do everything he can to help his team."


Alliance, Ohio (Marlington)

6-2/220 Rivals: 3 stars

The skinny: Hill fills the Vols' need and desire for a larger power back.

The word: "He's a big, physical guy," Marlington coach Ed Miley said, "but what makes him is his balance. He's got great coordination of balance for a big back."


Anderson, S.C. (T.L. Hanna)

6-5/224 Rivals: 3 stars

The skinny: The former North Carolina commitment played in last week's Under Armour All-American Game in Florida, but he was limited with a hamstring injury.

The word: "We could tell pretty early on that he was going to be special," said T.L Hanna coach Kenya Fouch. "That's really what he brings to the table is versatility. Real athletic, a fast kid. Great kid, great student, comes from a real good family -- he's all of that, man."


Destrahan, La. (Mississippi Gulf Coast C.C.)

6-3/275 Rivals: 3 stars

The skinny: Sentimore played in 11 games for Alabama in 2010 before some disciplinary issues and his decision to leave the Crimson Tide. He's an early candidate for the class's most important recruit.

The word: "That was the plan for me to go back to Alabama and finish my career. [Alabama] Coach [Nick] Saban wanted me to come back," Sentimore told the New Orleans Times-Picayune last week. "But I felt like if I was going to start my career over that I wanted to start fresh and go somewhere else. Alabama is a great program. I'm not going to say anything bad about them. I just wanted to start over."


Lakeland, Fla. (Lake Gibson)

6-3/265 Rivals: 3 stars

The skinny: Lake Gibson uses a different schedule than some Florida schools, but that didn't keep Taylor, a former Miami commitment, from becoming the first student at the school to graduate early.

The word: "It certainly shows that he's dedicated toward his class," said Lake Gibson coach Keith DeMyer. "He really had a goal that he wanted to get to wherever he was going to go -- and he didn't know where at the time -- that he wanted to go early because he thought that would be advantage for him. That's a big plus for him."


Knoxville (Central)

6-1/195 Rivals: 2 stars

The skinny: Blanc played safety, kick returner and running back for Central, but his position in college is up in the air.

The word: "Ultimately, I think deep down in his heart, all he was waiting on was the nod from over there on the Hill," Central coach Joel Hassell said. "Once [UT] made contact with him and showed they were interested, I don't think he had any ideas of going anywhere else."