Wiedmer: Jerry Kramer had more right to be mad at the Hall of Fame than T.O.

Published Aug. 6 2018

The 2018 Hall of Fame class's longest and greatest injustice wasn't Terrell Owens waiting three years for induction.

Wiedmer: Terrell Owens goes into Pro Football Hall of Fame his way

Published Aug. 5 2018

When he was finally selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on his third try, Terrell Owens had other...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a lot of Urban Meyer, 30-for-30 candidates, T.O.'s guest list and this week's Rushmores

Published Aug. 3 2018

Jay Greeson on Urban Meyer, T.O and more.


Wiedmer: Vols assistant Chris Rumph has priorities in order

Published Aug. 3 2018

Rarely has any coach at any level better said what Chris Rumph did concerning every coach's responsibility to the young...

5-at-10: Urban Meyer's big trouble, Chattanooga's soccer soap opera, Tiger and Phil shootout, Rushmore of TV shows based on movies

Published Aug. 2 2018

There are statements from the school. There's an in-depth story from Brett McMurphy on Facebook. There's video interviews of Zach...

5-at-10: Lookouts Stadium discussion, Trading deadline rankings, Gambling news, Rushmore of bands with one No. 1 or less

Published Aug. 1 2018

Jay Greeson on the Lookouts stadium, the MLB trade deadline, sports betting and more.

Wiedmer: 'Mr. Billy' was godfather of Chattanooga swimming and much, much more

Published Aug. 1 2018

His health beginning to fail over the past year or so, Bill Caulkins occasionally would lose his balance and tumble...

5-at-10: True or false Tuesday, MLB trade deadline, NFL lack of leadership, LeBron's greatest accomplishment and Rushmore of Wesley Snipes movies

Published Jul. 31 2018

Jay Greeson on the MLB trade deadline, LeBron James, the NFL and more.

Wiedmer: Channel 3's Paul Shahen ready to share stories on radio too long to tell on TV

Published Jul. 31 2018

You'd think WRCB television sports anchor Paul Shahen would have enough on his plate these days without adding to his...

5-at-10: Weekend winners and losers, rocky week for journalism in sports, Rushmore of Arnolds

Published Jul. 30 2018

Jay Greeson on journalism, the Braves, Dustin Johnson and more.

Wiedmer: Chipper Jones handled his Hall of Fame speech as easily as he always did the Mets

Published Jul. 30 2018

The story came fairly early in Chipper Jones' 21-minute speech Sunday afternoon during his induction into the Baseball Hall of...

Wiedmer: GPS AD Jay Watts ready to coach Poland's women's lacrosse team

Published Jul. 29 2018

Ever been to Poland? Neither has Jay Watts.

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with a couple of Tiger topics, cord-cutting and college sports, trade deadline stuff and normal beer snobs

Published Jul. 27 2018

Jay Greeson on comments, the Braves and more.

5-at-10: Braves directional test, Simonsens grand golfing summer, LeBron's chip off the block, Rushmore of most famous Rock-n-Roll lead singers

Published Jul. 26 2018

Jay Greeson on the Braves, LeBron James Jr., the summer and more.

Wiedmer: Fair or not, Falcons need Julio Jones if they're to be great

Published Jul. 26 2018

It seems everyone wants to choose sides in the Julio Jones-Atlanta Falcons contract stalemate. And that's completely understandable.

5-at-10: Gurley gets paid and what it means, Saban's the best at all of it, Yankees closer, Rushmore of NFL nicknames

Published Jul. 25 2018

Jay Greeson on Todd Gurley, the Yankees and more.

Wiedmer: Academic stats show Arth has UTC football on right track

Published Jul. 25 2018

It's easy to read the news that University of Tennessee at Chattanooga sophomore quarterback Cole Copeland has been suspended for...

5-at-10: Quarterback tiers, Harbaughs barking, Big Cat means big audience, Rushmore of five-tool celebrities

Published Jul. 24 2018

Jay Greeson on voting in Georgia, the Harbaugh brothers, Tiger Woods and more.

5-at-10: Weekend winners and loser, a British Open to cherish, Rushmore of actors forever linked to one role

Published Jul. 23 2018

Jay Greeson on Johnny Manziel, LeBron James, Tiger Woods and more.

Wiedmer: Red Bank football reunion will celebrate Tom Weathers and much more

Published Jul. 22 2018

Though former Red Bank High School football coach Tom Weathers' memory isn't always what it used to be, he still...

5-at-10: Friday mailbag with golf equipment, a best guess what we'd shoot at Carnoustie, best SEC coaches to deal with, this week's Rushmores

Published Jul. 20 2018

Jay Greeson on golf, SEC Media Days and more.

Greeson: Looking for SEC knowledge as we wait for actual football

Published Jul. 20 2018

We've spent most of the week pecking and parceling words and phrases.

5-at-10: THE Open, SEC media daze and predicted order of finish, Nashville's newsy day

Published Jul. 19 2018

Jay Greeson the Open, SEC Media Days and more.