5-at-10: Bowl picks and our ESPN favorites

5-at-10: Bowl picks and our ESPN favorites

December 27th, 2012 by Jay Greeson in Sports - Columns

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper

We're still in vacation mode here at the 5-at-10, so that means another top-five list, which is cool by us. Question: Are we the only ones addicted to list shows, even to the possible risk of the Mrs. 5-at-10's sanity? Normal TV is blah, but if you put a countdown on it or say the "Best of (blank)" we're so in. So it goes.

Two things before we get to today's top five - first, we'll have the bowl contest standings in Monday's 5-at-10; second, don't forget Friday's mailbag.

Top 5 ESPN personalities

We're not as down on the Worldwide Leader as some of our colleagues, but we have our favorites. And not surprisingly, two of ours are draft experts. (We love the draft; you know this.)

1) Mel Kiper Jr.

2) Jay Bilas

3) Todd McShay

4) Buster Olney

5) Brad Edwards

Our list is based more on expertise and information than entertainment value, as you can see. That said, even though John Clayton did not make the top five, his most-recent commercial is gold.




We're at 8-5 against the spread. Not bad, not great. Since we're committed to pick every bowl game and there are three more today, well, here are today's picks. (And yes, we added our missed pick of Western Kentucky late yesterday thanks to the reminder of JB (Buck) Rodgers.)

San Jose State minus-7 over Bowling Green (buy the half) and over the 45

Duke plus 9.5 over Cincinnati and over the 59

UCLA minus-2.5 over Baylor and who knows on the over/under - it's 82 for crying out loud and if that's not bad enough, you know what Baylor averages? Yep, Baylor averages scoring 42 a game and allowing 38 a game.