From JJ

I listen to your show on the radio every day on the way home from work. You guys are great -- I would like some more Vandy talk but you and David know your stuff for sure.

You guys were talking some time in the last week about how crazy a time in sports it is for you and that got me wondering what's the best time of year for you as a sports fan and what's the busiest?


JJ -

Thanks for the support and for listening along. It's been a fun - and crazy for sure - ride to this point.

As for the Vandy talk, well, we'll leave that to Paschall mainly because we do not know a guy who knows more college football than he does. Period and end of discussion.

This is the busiest time of year by far because of all that goes into getting ready for football season. There's a ton of stuff to do, and everyone at the TFP Sports ranch is covered from head-to-toe in assignments to tackle.

As a sports fan, we'll rank October as No. 1 because college football is in full swing, the NFL is picking up speed, playoff baseball is going strong and all the rest. Plus the weather is swell. Second likely is the late March-early April bridge that goes from March Madness to Opening Day to the Masters.

Good times.


From Sandy

I have been reading the 5-at-10 for a while and starting listening to the radio show when you and David started last summer. You guys really are entertaining.

Who was your favorite/best Press Row guest?

Sandy -

Thanks for the question and for reading along.

Wow, that's an excellent question, and one that we spent a lot of time on to tell you the truth. We had a lot of great ones at SEC media days - we had 18 guests in four days - and have had a lot of memorable local folks from TFP writers like Downtown Patrick Brown and Stephen Hargis to guys like Rich Mozingo and UTC coaches galore.

some text
UTC head coach Russ Huesman watches his team kick an extra point.

We're note sure if we can pinpoint just one, but the moments that stand out were the Rapid Fire segment with new UT hoops coach Donnie Tyndall,, when UTC football coach Russ Huesman recounted his movie theater conversation at the urinal and Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen talking about how Ole Miss fans treat him.

There are too many really. Take Thursday for example - David was able to get UGA AD Greg McGarity on to talk about the NCAA changes and we asked former Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson about being the Godfather of Bama Bangs.

Good times.


From scole023

Change is here. We all knew it was coming.

But what will college football look like in five years?

Thanks and keep up the good work. Oh yeah, when are you going to have another contest -- I like to win stuff.

SCole023 -

Where you been my man?

As for the contest, we'll see if we can't come up with something in the coming days.

We believe in five years the changes to college football will be looming. We believe the conversation will change from "full cost of attendance" to whether the players are getting paid enough, and that's a fair point.

We believe there is change coming and it will bring chaos with it, especially at first.

But we also believe, that as the players start to ask for more money, the big five schools will continue to seek more autonomy. It is the cycle of scenarios such as these.

Start with permission and they will begin with cost of attendance.

As Jomo pointed out here Thursday, there were a lot of subtle victories in this first deal for the NCAA. They still control enforcement and scholarship limits and a lot of the crux of what is the governing part of college athletics.

But let a couple of the major players from the power five leagues get in NCAA timeout (that is if the NCAA has gumption to throw the book at some of the big boys), and the power leagues are less than pleased with the process, well, that's when the push for 'cost of attendance' becomes the push for more control of the process and so on and so on.

And this equation is only going to magnify as the money continues to escalate and the arms race between the big boys keeps flexing.

Will that change be in five years? Doubtful. Will it be in 10? We believe so.


From Will

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Tiger Woods of the U.S. celebrates after a birdie on the 11th hole during the first day of the British Open Golf championship at the Royal Liverpool golf club, Hoylake, England, Thursday July 17, 2014.

I love golf but I miss Tiger. Will Tiger Woods ever be Tiger again?

Thanks and keep up the good work on the 5@10 and on Press Row.

Will -

Simply, no. Tiger Woods is now a golfer. He's no longer the golfer.

And that's because of a variety of things, but the run of recent injuries puts even his staunchest supports at a loss.

In truth, this was going to happen at some point, and the injuries just expedited the process. And we don't see another 'Tiger' on the horizon.

Even with his recent surge and excellent play, it's hard to see Rory McIlroy being the guy that energized the golf - and sporting - world like Tiger did 15 years ago.


From Believer

I have noticed that you routinely throw out a Rushmore idea without saying what your Rushmore would be. Why is that?

Like today you asked for school-movie Rushmore and I spent all day coming back looking for your verdict. Well...

Believer -

Well, we're waiting. Nice Judge Smails line.

We have stopped including our Rushmore suggestions in the 5-at-10 because we want to encourage folks to play along. That said, we will start checking in around 2:30 before we head over to the radio station and complete the circle.

Deal? Deal.

As for the Rushmore of 'school' movies, our original question was about movies with the word school in the title: Old School, Back to School, School Ties, Summer School.

As for the follow-up about movies about high-school - and since this is a F-O-I-B sports column each also has a sports element: Hoosiers, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Breakfast Club and Dazed and Confused (which got a razor-thin edge over Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller).

Great stuff as usual gang, and feel free to chime in with your thoughts.