Gang, we have been hit or miss in the comments section for the last couple of weeks, but the crazy pace that has been August is about to calm a touch.

Our Madaris Best of Preps Kickoff Classic is tonight as McCallie and Cleveland take the field at Finley Stadium. Swing by, it should be a good one. Our high school football preview section - the Prep Blitz - hits the streets Friday. The college preview section hits the streets Sunday.

We are most pleased and thankful to have so many talented co-workers and staff that helped make these arguably the best previews we've ever done. War TFP.

From the "Talks too much" studios, someone crack open a Co-Cola. It's go time.

NFL items

The NFL is saying there are changes coming the extra point.


The NFL is obviously making a concerted effort to make the games more high-scoring because the overflow of defensive penalties in the preseason is obvious even to the oblivious.

Case in point: Here's a piece of clear judgement from Jerry Jones of all people, saying the Seahawks hands-on defensive philosophy is the reason the league is being more strict with the defensive rules.

Makes sense. And the fact that it comes from the egomaniacal Jones only makes more sense in the bizarro world that is the modern-day NFL


Great work Wednesday by Jomo. Simply excellent.

If you need two more, let us know. To borrow the old Smith Barney campaign, "You've got your tickets the old-fashioned way... You've earned them."

OK, we'll give away tickets to next weekend's Life Expo - where Regis, yes that Regis, will perform - to whomever comes closest to the score of tonight's Madaris Best of Preps Kickoff Classic.

Deal? Deal.

As a reminder, if you can't make the game, you can listen along at ESPN 105.1 FM. If you can't make the game and you can't listen along, you can follow TFP prep aces Kelley Smiddie and Gene Henley's coverage on the Twitter with #bestofpreps.


From the files of "This just seems like a bad idea"

We may make this a regular feature here around these parts. Hey, tomorrow is 1,000 consecutive 5-at-10, so we need to figure out new ways to adapt and tweak the product, right? Right.

So here we are, and the debut of "FOTJSLABI" we go to the Godfather of bad ideas, Mr. Harvey Updyke. Yes, the same Harvey Updyke that went by the name "Al from Dadeville" on a sports talk radio show and poisoned the famed oaks at Toomers Corner on Auburn's campus after the Tigers beat Updyke's beloved Alabama Crimson Tide in 2010.

Well, Updyke is going to be in a dunk tank - or possibly let people throw pies in his face - to help race money for charity.

Somehow, this just seems like a really bad idea, right?

Any other early nominations for the "FOTJSLABI" this morning? (Side tip: It's pronounced FOT-slab-ee because the 'J' is silent, and yes Spy we realize the irony of having a silent 'J' in the "Talks too much" studios. Move along.)


This and that

- Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount - the Pittsburgh Steelers top two running backs - were charged with marijuana possession Wednesday. Yes, we are aware of the symmetry between name and offense in this incident. We also know it's too bad for the Steelers two deep.

- Interesting item here that Major League Baseball upheld a protest by the San Francisco Giants and they will continue a game today that was called Tuesday. It was just the 15th time in MLB history that a protest has been upheld. By comparison there have been 23 perfect games and 15 unassisted triple plays.

- Kevin Durant reportedly has been offered a 10-year, $265 million deal from Under Armour. Yes, that's a ton of cheddar. Nike still has a chance to match the offer, but how's this for prospective of the avenues of coin in today's sports: If Durant takes the Under Armour offer, he would be paid more the people putting the shoes on his feet ($26.5 million a year) than he would for the people putting the jersey on his back (the Thunder will pay him $41.2 million over the next two years).

- Here's hoping this gets resolved, but all-around TFP ace David Paschall has an interesting scoop this mooring about the Dodgers possibly breaking up with the Lookouts. Here's hoping that does not happen.

Today's question

Everyone's least favorite Braves outfielder B.J. "Stinky" Upton is 30 today. Kenny Rogers and Wilt Chamberlain also celebrate birthdays today. SAL-LOOT.

Three Rushmores for the honorees, and feel free to pick and choose:

  • Rushmore of least favorite Braves;

  • Rushmore of worst plastic surgeries (seriously, Kenny Rogers looks part fish part plastic part alien, and completely not good; that said, Kramer loves Kenny's chicken);

  • Rushmore of all-time athletes who could still play today, because Wilt's defintely on that list.

Go and remember the mailbag for crying out loud.