A large crowd watched the Mocs defeat the Bucs 64-42.

ORLANDO — Gang, it's shorts and T-shirts here in then land of the Mouse. Heck, we took the tots swimming Sunday afternoon in  between park trips.

So how's the weather there?

We have done a 5-at-10 for more than 1,200 consecutive Mondays-through-Fridays since late October 2010 so we're not stopping now. You know the drill, we'll have a mini-version of regular stuff with some lists and a question. You guys play nice.

From the satellite offices on the Disney compound of the "Talks too much" studios, what are the odds we got our face painted Sunday?

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UTC's Tre' McLean, right, tries to rebound over ETSU's Petey McClain (1) and Jalen Riley (5) during their game against the ETSU Buccaneers on Feb. 21, 2015, at McKenzie Arena.

Weekend winners

It's Monday. It's time for who won (and lost) the weekend.

UTC basketball — We have heard for the dozen or so years we've been in Chatt-Vegas about the glory of UTC hoops. There have been speckles of it through the years, but the steamroller that Will Wade has constructed heading into the conference tournament is fun to watch and follow. Congrats. 

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Chelsey Shumpert (25) slaps hands with Jamsmine Joyner (30) as the Mocs are introduced. The East Tennessee State University Bucs visited the Tennessee Chattanooga Mocs in a Southern Conference Basketball game in McKenzie Arena Saturday.

UTC women's basketball — It would be easy to scoff at the XX Mocs run to the top of the league, but let's remember that Jim Foster has authored a story that could find itself in the top-15 in the country later today. Yes, UTC has been the dominant SoCon team for more than a decade. But, this is new high-water-mark, and while the position has remained heading into the league for 15 or so years, know this: If UTC loses in the conference tournament it still will get a bid. Read that sentence again.

Jimmie Johnson — Dude is simply money on the 1.5-mile tracks. Money. He won in Atlanta, a place where such silliness happened that we are not that shocked that someone stole an actual NASCAR and forced Travis Kvapil to WD.

Kevin Garnett — KG bought 1,000 tickets for Wolves fans in thanks for the emotional welcome he received from Minnestoa. Dude gets it, from game preparation to respecting his blessings, to competing at a high level every night, KG is a professional and we mean that with the utmost respect.

Ronda Rousey — The female UFC champ crushes everyone in her path. She is the most dominant champ since Tyson's heyday.

Weekend losers 

SNL — This time in the last couple of weeks we were praising the glories of the 40th anniversary of the iconic Saturday Night Live. Now, they do a spoof on terrorism. Hey, Lorne and Co., know this ISIS is never funny. 

Golf — This has nothing to do with Tiger's MIA status (but that certainly does not help). No one involved in golf — the fans, the tournament, the players, the media, anyone — likes Monday finishes. No one.

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Houston Rockets' James Harden (13) shoots in front of Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James in the first half of an NBA basketball game, Sunday, March 1, 2015, in Houston. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

James Harden — Dude was money in Sunday's thrilling win over Cleveland. But he tried to kick LeBron James in the crotch. Does Harden belong the Cobra Kai? Did he decide to act out young Eddie Murphy's joke at the beginning of Raw? ("I love that doo-doo line. That boy's got talent," — Samuel L. Jackson)

Will Smith — Dude has fashioned another box office bomb. The days of Men in Black and Fresh Prince and everything Smith touching turning to gold are dead. Dude is more Keanu Reeves than George Clooney.


What's the only thing that could make the SEC more passionate about its football?

Why, lawsuits of course. John Chavis is suing his former employer (LSU) and even his current employer (Texas A&M) in an effort to solve who owes whom the $400,000 buyout due after Chavis left the Tigers for the Aggies. LSU has counter-sued Chavis.

Wonder if there will be chants of "S-E-C.S-E-C." in the courtroom.

No probably not.


This and that

— Marshawn Lynch continues to be a complete media enigma. He won't talk to the media. Then he speaks to the Turkish media. He won't say anything, then he opens up and says he expected the ball but defended his team. Marshawn Lynch, where theories go to die.

— Hey college basketball fans, bubble time is here and conference tournaments start. It's March. Let the madness begin.

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Fotografía de archivo del 24 de agosto de 2013 del cubano Minnie Miñoso, ex jugador de los Medias Blancas de Chicago, durante la interpretación del himno de Estados Unidos, antes de un juego entre los Medias Blancas y los Rangers de Texas, en Chicago. (Foto AP/David Banks, Archivo)

— R.I.P. Minnie Minoso. Dude played in the MLB in five decades. That's nuts.

— This complete seems like something we'd do, but here's Yahoo's 2000s TV characters March Madness contest. The No. 1 seeds are Barney from "How I met your Mother," Walter White, Jack Bauer and House from "House." Good times. The comedy bracket has been filled with upsets with Barney, No. 2 seeded Rachel Green and many others falling to No. 9 Homer Simpson, No. 10 Michael Scott and No. 13 Larry David. For our money with a quick check of the field, our final four would be hard-pressed not to be Bauer, White (although No. 2 seed in that bracket is Tony Soprano, who has a legit complaint with the committee), Michael Scott (although how Rachel Green lost is strange), and likely House or Carol Hathaway (from ER) in a very watered-down Medical bracket. Good times.


Today's question

As always, share here or with Paschall on Press Row, who won the weekend. And who lost it.

Also we will have Disney questions all week:

Today — Rushmore of Disney villains? 

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