Tennessee football coach Butch Jones shakes hands with fan Jack DeFriese after autographing his helmet at the Big Orange Caravan's stop at the First Tennessee Pavilion on Saturday, June 3, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The event gave fans the chance to meet Tennessee Athletics coaches and new athletic director John Currie.

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Butch's, man, Butch's

We had hope that Butch Jones was going to be better Monday at SEC Media Daze.

We hold firm that Butch's seat is not overly hot in 2017, but every time we try to convince ourselves that the UT coach is about to turn the corner to comfortable, he opens his mouth. When asked whether last year's 9-4 mark without winning the SEC was a disappointment, Butch was Butch.

"I don't view it as a disappointment," he said. "The way I view it is that we didn't accomplish everything we set out to do."

Uh, coach, that's kind of the definition of disappointment, and UT senior Kendall Vickers said as much after Jones left the podium. It's OK to say a negative word. Last year was disappointing for a lot of UT fans.

It was disappointing that so many players were hurt. It was disappointing that the ball bounced the other way at Texas A&M. It was disappointing that Florida again represented the East.

In fact, if Butch was not disappointed in losses to South Carolina and Vandy and was not disappointed in the fact that Florida went to Atlanta (AGAIN), then one of two things must be true. Either Butch does not know the meaning of the word disappointment or Butch's expectations are not any the same level of those that follow and love the UT program.

We want to believe Butch Jones is the guy to lead UT back to a relevant place in college football's best conference. There's a lot to like, starting with the excellent recruiting that has allowed UT to restock a program that was among the worst in terms of talent among Power Five programs after Derek Dooley left.

But every time we start to expect more from Butch, something happens. 

Be it the play sheet. Be it an inexplicable loss to Vandy. Be it five-star hearts or champions of life.

He has an amazing way of throwing out a quote that makes every Johnny Vols Fan cringe. Some guys are ready-made bulletin board material. Think Spurrier in his heyday. 

Butch is the exact opposite. He's the self-inflicting one-liner waiting to happen that makes every hard-core UT fan cringe every time he takes the stage.

Every time we start to turn the corner and thing Butch is the guy, we, well, weWe are disappointed. (And we are pretty sure we know what that word means.)

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Georgia football coach Kirby Smart discusses his 2017 signing class Wednesday as Bulldogs fans look on inside the Butts-Mehre Athletic Complex.

SEC Media Daze 2 primer

OK, Bielema was Bielema and Butch was Butch and Coach O, well, he was big in his talking points and spent about 15 minutes going over his depth chart. (Yes, even special teams.) So what's on tap today?

Glad you asked.

Florida's Jim McElwain will discuss a variety of things, from being back-to-back East champs to a roster that is still filled with NFL talent, especially on the defensive side. The big question swimming about will be if McElwain talks about the naked man on the shark photo that became a deal this summer. We're betting no, but it will be interesting if he gets asked about it.

Georgia's Kirby Smart will likely kick around the fact that he has all those defensive starters coming back. We would love for him to do it in a throwback Larry Munson voice, but that would be expecting something fun from an SEC football coach. (And to be honest, other than Dan Mullen and maybe Derek Mason, we're not expecting a lot of fun from the podium today.)

Speaking of Dan Mullen, he'll take the stage and talk about his swagger, his sneakers and the fact that Mississippi State likely will be picked last in the West. He's done each of the last handful of years, so there's no reason to expect anything different.

As for Derek Mason, we taped an interview for Press Row this morning with the Vandy coach, and truth be told, the overwhelming thought when speaking to Mason is he's honest and direct and unscripted. 

It's quite refreshing.

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New York Yankees' Aaron Judge competes in the MLB baseball All-Star Home Run Derby, Monday, July 10, 2017, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Here comes the stud

You have to wonder in his career growing up as a star athlete, how many times did the local paper use "Here comes the Judge" when covering Aaron Judge in high school.

Does a hundred seem high, considering the various levels and opponents and what not?

That said, there's little debate that the biggest star in baseball is the biggest player in baseball. Judge was a wrecking crew in last night's home run derby, and in the grand scheme of things that means nothing.

In the big picture of things, the Yankees rookie maximized his time on center stage and grabbed the handle of baseball's loving cup. He's a monster who is crushing everything.

He leads the majors in homers (30), walks (61), on-base percentage (.448), slugging (.691) and total bases (208). He's hitting .329 despite striking out 109 times in 301 at-bats. (If you are wondering, he hits everything so hard that when he puts the bat on the ball, he's a mind-blowing 99-for-192, which is a .516 average.)

And he plays for the Yankees.

Welcome to the game's brightest spotlight, Your Honor.

This and that

* Wow, this is pretty amazing. Apparently, Floyd Mayweather, who has earned more than $700 million in his fighting career, needs the purse from the upcoming fight with Conor McGregor to pay his IRS bill. Anyone want to bet that Mayweather will not be broke before it's all said and done? 

* Rafael Nadal lost at Wimbledon and apparently social media had a thing or three to say about it. 

* MLB commissioner Rob Manfred mentioned three possible cities as places for baseball expansion Monday. Surprisingly, Nashville was not among them. (Mexico City, Charlotte and Montreal were the three Manfred mentioned.) 

* There was talk among the MLB all-stars that maybe the baseball is juiced and that's causing the extreme power surge in the game this year. 

* Here's an interesting twist on a long-standing sports narrative. According to Bryce Harper, the fans in Philadelphia are not as rude as Mets and Braves fans.Who knew?

Today's question

Hey, it's Tuesday.

True or false time.

True or false, Butch Jones will be at SEC Media Daze 2018.

True or false, SEC Media Daze misses Steve Spurrier more than Steve Spurrier misses SEC Media Daze.

True or false, Aaron Judge will be your AL MVP.

As for a Rushmore, well, we're kind of rushed get it so let's go here: On this day in 1920, Yul Brenner was born. Who's on the Rushmore of dudes who had the best bald look?

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