From a lot of you in a variety of forms, here are three different versions and viewpoints...

"The SEC schedule is crap. Just crap. And Tech fans, judging by the message boards, are irate, even with the prospect of another colossal beatdown coming. They want that game bad."

"I love the SEC schedule. I hope they keep 10 conference games moving forward. What do you think Jay?"

"What difference does it make what the SEC, the ACC or any other college conference decides - we are not having college football Jay. You need to be prepared for it."

Gang —

I believe the ACC tried to strong arm the SEC, and the SEC giggled and said, "Here hold our, Scotch."

Let's review this big picture and in the moment, and here are the particulars from TFP college football expert David Paschall, who informs us that the extra two SEC games for each team will be announced in the days ahead.

In this moment, the ACC version is better than the SEC schedule, but like every suggestion in the Age of COVID, there are few true solutions and even fewer really good ideas in the path to our next normal.

The Corona reality has us gauging and deciding which are the best among all the bad situations

So, 10 conference games? Sure, I'm all for it, now please Lord let it happen.Because that's the big thing that swirls around the reality here. What do you believe the likelihood of having a college football season is?

I know they are going to try everything possible, and while football is football and it's impossible to socially distance and block and tackle, I 100 percent believe that the NFL will do anything to make a season happen. (I'm not along either, as Ken Rodgers, the bigwig of longstanding HBO stalwart Hard Knocks, told us on Press Row on Thursday that he thinks there's a 98-percent chance there is a Super Bowl in February.)

But the college equation — especially when (not if, but WHEN) there are outbreaks — becomes even more confusing when the regular students are sent home and the players remain. Man, the optics on that are harsh, and the reality of the cash registers that major college football players are in the eyes of the schools, the conferences and the communities is undeniable.

That said, if you will permit me to go a little abstract for a second, if you are someone who hopes that the college football model does not see the overwhelming overhaul that many of us believe is coming down the track, then there is a silver lining to the SEC schedule announcement.Follow along. The ACC tried to preemptively position its 11-game schedule to keep a slew of in-state rivalries with SEC foes that mean big money and national merit in terms of conference strength. The SEC yawned and went its own way.So, if the Power Five conferences are to break away, they are going to have to have a central office that views everyone the same — something we all know that the SEC simply does not believe or agree with.

Still the money in play and the stakes around the survival of college sports will win and I believe the Power Five — even if it is in the form of Four Super Conferences or some other hybrid — will eventually break away and take their ball (and more importantly their bank accounts) and go.

From Lisa J.

I enjoy you and David on the radio so I wanted to ask your opinion on where does Mike Golic rank in terms of sports radio history?

Lisa J. —

Thanks for listening and the question.

Not sure how many of you know but one of the most impactful and respected sports radio runs ended Friday morning when Mike Golic Sr. signed off of ESPN Radio.

The run — from Oct. 12, 1998 to July 31, 2020 — was amazing.

Golic was a trend-creator, because there were a lot of former players and coaches who found sports success in being an in-game analyst, but Golic was really the first to be a daily co-host.

His relationship with Mike Greenberg really created a blue-print for the two-person show with Greenie playing point and Golic being a Great Wingman.

So, if I had to put it into a sports comparison, Mike Golic Sr. is the best No. 2 in history, a way more likable Scottie Pippen.

And in truth, I know business is BID-ness, and few of us in the public eye, be it in Chattanooga or one a national stage, get to ride into the sunset on our terms, but because of Mike Golic Sr.'s role in really developing and fostering and helping to craft what was the rock on which ESPN Radio was built deserved a better exit.

As for the all-time figures in sports radio, Golic likely doesn't crack the top 10 as an individual, but Mike & Mike is a no doubt top two or three show of all time.

From Reid

Jay, you surprise me with your topics to be honest, and I don't know how you do this every day, but I was disappointed you did not have more on the Emmys announcement this week.

Thanks, and Press Row is a daily listen for me.

Reid —

Thanks for listening, and as for the 5-at-10, well, it's become a part of what our family does each Monday through Friday, believe it or not. Whether we're on vacation or even in places you can't imagine — I've done this from hospitals and before funerals believe it or not — it's just become part of the routine at this point.

Side note: This October will be a decade of 5-at-10s. A full 10 years, every Monday thru Friday. Wow.

As for the Emmys, well, the awards will be given, in some fashion on Sept. 20 with Jimmy Kimmel hosting and offering a slew of predictable anti-Trump barbs. (Side question: How much credibility does Kimmel have left at this point? Discuss.)

Some big picture takeaways:

> Netflix had the most nominations, which, if you had mentioned that to someone when I started the 5-at-10 ion 2010, well, they would have laughed you out of the room;

> It's pretty cool that The Mandalorian, a Disney+ vehicle that is Star Wars-based and pretty excellent, got nominated for best Drama Series;

> If Better Call Saul does not win, then there needs to be a Congressional inquiry, and how Bob Odenkirk did not get nominated for lead actor in a drama is inexplicable;

> Ozark got nominated in just about every category; sadly I have not watched that, but it may be on the binge list moving forward;

> Another binge contender will be The Morning Show with Jennifer Anniston and a slew of actors and actresses I like;

Here's the complete list of nominees, Reid, and to be honest with very few exceptions, I have not watched many of those that are nominated quite frequently.

So it goes, and thanks again for listening and reading.

From Ernie


True or false, you agree with every single pitch-pitcher mentioned above. (If not, tell me where I'm wrong. The Mrs. 5-at-10 does it all the time.) I want Gibson in there some place, but not sure where. Great list!

How about a Rushmore of Civil Right leaders?

Ernie —

First thanks for your loyal participation with the 5-at-10 through the years, and I know you love True or False Tuesday. I may be feeling a little nostalgic today with the Mike Golic stuff, to be honest, and while it may sound corny, there's no way I can properly phrase the appreciation I have for you guys and gals who swing by here, read on A2 and/or listen to the radio show.

It's an honor to have support like that. Truly.

You bring up a great Rushmore, and to be honest how has this not happened? How? It's past time.

Yes, every city of any relative size has an MLK Dr. or Blvd. downtown, but that's not enough.

In fact, I'll contend that drum-beating for your idea Ernie is every bit as important and has more value than the protests to destroy the Confederate monuments across the South in a lot of ways.

And the big-picture perspective that Stone Mountain has been a gathering place for Georgians for decades — me included, bet we went to the laser show dozens of times in high school — and there's not a Civil Rights champions version of that anywhere is hard to believe and in a lot of ways, even harder to defend.

MLK has to be there. Has to. I believe John Lewis does too. Rosa Parks' resonating image and powerful stance warrants a spot, and probably Jackie Robinson. But I am open for nominations on this one, too.

Excellent question, Ernie, and truly gang — thanks.

I know we do not always agree, but comments like the one at the end of Thursday's back-and-forth like this "By the way, since you mentioned the disappointment of "Twitter", at the risk of sounding patronizing, I appreciate the "5@10" platform you've created more everyday" from Tom mean the world to me.

From Mike

I thought you were going to go with a Rushmore of Arnold, as in people named that?

Other than Schwarzenegger of course, who makes your Rushmore of Arnold? Thanks, and keep up the great work.


Well, Schwarzenegger is on there. I think Palmer is far left. From there,  

I have to add Arnold 'Red' Auerbach, because if I don't Spy will drive to Chattanooga and throw a hiss fit.

Finally, I'll offer Benedict Arnold, the Revolutionary traitor who is on the short list of people throughout history that have become the personification of a specific thing. (Yes, it was tough to leave off Arnold Jackson — "What you talkin' bout Willis?" — and Arnold the Pig from Green Acres.)

Which brings us to this week's Rushmores.

Rushmore of Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminator 1 and 2, Total Recall and Running Man.

Rushmore of Tigers: Tiger Woods, Tony the Tiger, Al Kaline and Aubie, the Auburn Mascot.

Rushmore of former athletes in politics: Bill Bradley, Manny Pacquaio,

Rushmore of Bunny: Bugs, Energizer Bunny, Playboy Bunny, Easter Bunny (And yes, I appreciate Honey Bunny from Pulp Fiction and the old-school reference for a short shot in basketball and for me, Bunny Colvin from The Wire has a special place too.)

Have a great weekend friends, and stay safe.

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Jay Greeson