From Todd

Jay, with the ever increasing Covid cases and the latest SEC football delays, do you think all SEC teams will play all of their games? Is there a chance that they push out the SEC Championship game? What does this mean for the bowl games and playoff games?


It's impossible to know what to think or try to predict what's around the Corona corner these days.

Heck, I think Hamilton County schools will be fortunate to get to Thanksgiving in person. And I also think that the system will shut it down from Thanksgiving until 2021 in hopes that the vaccine gets approved.

Side question for the group: If/when Pfizer gets the vaccine approved, will you take it? Sign me and the rest of the 5-at-10 up as soon as possible. Side question on that side question: Did you see what Ticketmaster is exploring, to have fans verify that they have been vaccinated for COVID before they can purchase tickets to concerts or events? Thoughts about that?

As for sports, I know my love for the Masters is extreme (more on that in a moment) but watching the golf yesterday and again this morning has been the most enjoyable sports experience since we learned the phrases flatten the curve and socially distanced.

The SEC is not the same, and it feels like that for everyone across the SEC with the exception of the Tide and the Gators and possibly A&M. And the SEC, I think realizes that.

Getting one or two of those teams in position for the playoff, in my mind, is about the only reachable and logical goal for the league right now. Do we really need Georgia-Missouri on Dec. 19 before the SEC title game? Of course not. Same with Auburn-MIssissippi State.

Yes, the TV revenue are critical for all the schools in this financially crunched time, but the numbers keep growing.

I think we'll start losing more bowl games and lose them by the bunches. This think sucks. Big time.

And your question is even more timely, considering here's a story from ESPN's Heather Dinich that the Big 12 commissioner says there are talks of delaying the college football playoff.

I understand that logic, but if you push it back don't you run the risk of losing a Lawrence or Fields or someone else as they get ready for the draft. Maybe, maybe not.

In the basic sense of your question, no I don't think all the SEC games get played. And no, I do not think the SEC game will be pushed back. I also think that there will be roughly half the normal bowl games — if that — with a goal of getting the playoff in at almost all costs.

But like everything else with COVID, does anyone really know?


From the Notorious Big E

Best active pros without a major. Maybe qualify with over 3 years on pga or euro experience.

Big E—

Great question, and I think that list starts with Lee Westwood, who got to No. 1 in the world and has multiple 54-hole leads at multiple majors.

I'll add Jon Rahm to that list, another former World No. 1, and currently the best without a major.

I would add Rickie Fowler to that list too and then Matt Kuchar. Thursday's Masters star Paul Casey and Tommy Fleetwood are right there in that conversation too.


From Michelle

Jay, I love your column and your writing style with all the random quotes and references. I have only been reading your blog for about a year, but have you done your "Rushmore" of favorite movies, be it in sports or comedies or overall?



Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the silliness.

Not sure I could do a Rushmore of favorites, but we'll try.

Sports — Bad News Bears (original), Miracle, Hoosiers and Bull Durham of course

Comedy — Animal House, Caddyshack, Raising Arizona, Coming to America

Overall — Godfather, Goodfellas, It's a Wonderful Life, Bull Durham

As for this week's Rushmores (I will add the NFL picks and the Intimidator Pool entries around noon, friends.)

Rushmore of American sports venues: Augusta National, Chruchill Downs, Madison Square Garden, Rose Bowl.

Rushmore of worst Disney animated movies: Bambi (non-negotiable), Bolt, Planes, Brother Bear. (And we left off sequels, because the multiple extra cash-in attempts in The Lion King series would qualify)

Rushmore of Leo/Leonard: da Vinci, DiCaprio, Nimoy, the Lion.

Rushmore of Streets: Sesame Street, Easy Street, Wall Street, Bourbon Street. (This one was tough, and it was hard to leave off U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name," and the TV classic Hill Street Blues.)


From PPT

Why in the world do you talk on and on and on so much and at such length about a golf tournament? It's golf! No one cares especially in 2020 with everything going on in our country and the world.

Grow up!


Long story short, I love the Masters more than any other sporting event for a single word.


The tournament respects the fans and the game.

The players have the utmost respect for what playing in that venue means and what winning does for a career.

Period. There's simply nothing else with that universal quid pro quo of respect across every level and for everyone involved.

And PPT, I'm Peter Pan. I'll never grow up. Long live the Lost Boys.

And for the not-exactly my fan club portion of today's episode

> Free advice here, if I may-learn to laugh at Clay's efforts, because through him we sure laugh at Trump & Trump's supporters.  Read & understand David's points of view, & Dr. Clif's.  Not sure if telling us you didn't vote for Uncle Joe is more redundant or more superfluous. Little joke-litter of puppies are born, said to be Trump Republicans.  Two weeks later declared Biden Democrats.  Asked why the political change, was told "they've got their eyes open now"!!  haha.

> Trump "had become the political dog that ate everyone's homework" - what a load of (bleep). This is the worst president ever and his army of apologists like you are complicit in ruining this country.   

> Sometimes I make myself read your columns, although I mostly skip them because I already know what you are going to say.  I don't understand why Times-Free Press readers must be subjected to multiples of your columns weekly, as they are most unpleasant.

> If what you wrote in your article is true then the Democrats have nothing to worry about, right. The mere fact that the left is so against the recount makes me suspicious. As a journalist isn't your aim to report the news and not shape it.

> You want Trump gone. Ok next time a terrorist waltzes into America free as a breeze and kills a bunch of people then who will you blame. Never mind that health insurance will be astronomical so we can provide it free of charge to certain groups while hard working people will pay out the nose for it. So go on and celebrate now cause last time I checked your not one of those certain groups. Trust the group that you and I belong to will be expected to pay for everything. It's Socialism a great thing? Says no one that's ever lived in a Socialist state cause if it worked then they would stay where they are instead of coming here.

> Now we're supposed to sit back and give the Great Man time to absorb his loss and the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are LITERALLY DANCING AND SINGING IN THE STREETS BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO BE GONE — respecting his delicate feelings because he can't stand being a LOSER. What a falsely-macho bigot he has shown us that he is.  He's also shown us that about half the populace of this country is just as bigoted, crass, cruel, and selfish as he is. And that includes you.

> (Bleep) off you (bleep)hole socialist! Of course you wanted Biden to win all along, you just pretend to be for our president! You are worse than Clay and Pam because I expect it from those two communists!

> Your column supports fraudulent activity at best. Now President Trump in his own interest is working hard for a recount which will probably work against him but we voters have a right to know.

> It's so-called 'journalists' like you who are out to get President Trump that make America hate newspapers.

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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Jay Greeson