OK, before we get to your questions, let's discuss a few things.

Yes, we have some hate mail — and because we have not posted some in quite a while, it's quite varied and also quite familiar.

Second, last night was a terrible night to forget to turn off the audible dings from emails and texts, because when the news broke that the President and the First Lady tested positive, my phone turned into a metal detector in a junk yard.

Third, hope you were listening to Press Row when we discussed the terrible Thursday night matchup and I shared that I loved, Loved, LOVED the over 41.5. Entertainment for everyone.

Fourth, let's remember the rules. Here's TFP college football maestro David Paschall on the Vols not running through the T for the first time in 55 years and Georgia's secret weapon in its punter. And here's TFP sports editor and prep sports guru Stephen Hargis with a preview of some of tonight's biggest games and a great column on the importance of No. 17 at McCallie. Great stuff friends.  

Some more house cleaning:

> If you are still kicking in your Intimidator Pool picks, kudos, and remember to get those in by end of business today. (Congrats Mike R., Jason G., and Ted P. for your ride-or-die commitment against the Jets and rolling with the Broncos last night.)

And here are our NFL picks, with the understanding — and keep an eye on this trend friends — that the over is now 30-19 in NFL games. Hmmmmmmmmm. (We'll have our NFL picks and the Rushmores around lunch.)

To the mailbag, and thanks to everyone for playing along for so long. Did you know that later this month, the 5-at-10 will have been a fixture on weekdays — every single weekday, regardless of holidays, illness or vacation — for a decade? We need to have some sort of celebration.

From Jay Hater

I'm done with your (bleep). I'll never read again, so put this email in your blog or where ever you want.

You realize you embarrass yourself every time you write about all this stuff you don't know (BLEEP) about!!!

You are everything wrong with the media.

Jay Hater—

Well, friend, you are in a large team picture this week. Enjoy the hatemail friends, and let the good times roll.

Batting first...

You have to be really trying to put a positive spin on this for Republicans to be able to say Biden and Trump were on the same scale (though for different reasons). I do usually appreciate your take as it often lets me see an issue from a different perspective. And I realize you are usually conservative, but I honestly think this article was beneath you.

OMG! trump acted like a know-nothing lying bully. What a Freak Show that was. Trump people are blaming the Mod Wallace for trump's odd behavior. Ain't nobody but trump to blame. BTW, Jay/ a great sports writer. Jay / a hack political writer.


Who the hell would NOT be confused and bumbling with a (Bleeping) maniac next to you saying crazy bull(bleep)?  Could you think if someone, anyone, much less the supposed president, was talking constantly right next to you.  You try it!  71 interruptions in 90 minutes attributed to Orange Foolious!  Jesus H Christ.  You and Cooper should get a room and wallow in your slop.


What do you mean Trump lost?!?!?! He crushed that loser Sleepy Joe and you and the lamestream liberal media refuse to ever give him credit for anything he does.

I thought you were different but it's typical media (bleep).


Screw you Jay! Ellen is kind and Roseanne was a wicked (Bleep) and you knew this before you even started writing.

You just wanted to play like your conservative (bleep)hole Trump lovers are victims!

Shame on you.


Do you get up and try to write this stuff to make people angry and hate you? Is that your goal, because if so your great at it!

And one more (there are more, but let's not go nuts)

"(Bleep) Off Jay. You suck at this."

From Todd

I'm sure you've addressed this many times. With THESE sports seasons and THIS crazy year of 2020, will the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL world champions have an asterisk? Should they?


No, I think in some ways, this has been harder.

Distractions. Away from family. Worried about injuries. Bubbles and no fans.

Granted the play has been different and the advantages of having home court in the NBA have been gutted (which has led to more unpredictable results and upsets in the most predictable postseason in all of sports).

And, yes baseball only had a 60-game season, but everyone played under the same circumstances, so no, I don't think any of them will have any other asterisk than happening in 2020, and the entire year 2020 needs something a heck of lot stronger than an asterisk.

From Shawn

Did you see that your boy Trump got the Corona as you call it? Ha-ha-ha. After all that he didn't do, he deserved it.


Feel free to never stop by here again. Love Trump or hate Trump for his politics and we all understand that. And anyone is welcome when is willing to state those views and be decent when other views are presented.

But wanting anyone to get a life-threatening disease or cheering when they get it? Bye.

In fact, you are what we used to call a 'converter' at Auburn.

The only positive thing you bring to this life is you convert oxygen to carbon dioxide for the trees. Beyond that, not so much.


From Jules

So it's a tradition at my house to put up Christmas decorations during UGA-Auburn week or weekend. I keep telling my husband I can't change the fact that 2020 is crazy and why in the world is the game the first weekend in October but so it is. Which way Jay? Christmas decor before Thanksgiving or after? There's also a third category if you're the guy driving around on Christmas Eve with a tree strapped to the roof of his car. Surely you're not that guy?

Side question: It's clear Paschall doesn't think AU can score much on UGA although UK's defense is pretty good. What do you think Jay?


Thanks for embracing the true nature and intent of the mailbag. To air out different and particularly interesting questions that may or may not be about sports or politics or whatever serious stuff that bogs us down during the week.

And yes, my email is a toxic wasteland of misfit emotions that would make the nuclear swamps of New Jersey seem downright homey.

Without trying to interject into the traditions of and the temperament in the Jules Family Home, I would be all for decorating this weekend, at least to a point. (Unless you are a faux tree family, there are not any trees anywhere these days anyway.)

How's this for a compromise: Figure out your favorite five Christmas decorations — maybe let each family member pick their single fav — and put them out. Or decorate one entire room and one room only. It will be a forever family reminder of the things that 2020 can't take from us. Our traditions. Our favorite memories. Our love for Christmas and family.

And to be honest, now that the SEC schedule has been altered, Georgia-Auburn are going to play early every year, rather than that second week of November. So you were going to have to adjust either way.

As for Georgia, there defense is so good and so talented. How good and talented? Nolan Smith was the nation's No. 1 DE in his class. He was on the field in garbage time against Arkansas. Think about that.

Georgia's strength matches (and surpasses) Auburn's when UGA's DBs swarm AU's WRs. I think it's close, and yeah, the first team to 24ish wins. (And I think that's Georgia, and I think your Dogs will cover the 7 too.)

From Chas (been a while and he had a slew from Thursday)

> Is Kiffin No. 1 or No. 2 in the state of Mississippi?

> Another Friday bag question: Now that The Donald is endorsing it, are you still against making Juneteenth a national holiday?

> How useful is the +/- analytic? For lots of players I've looked at, it doesn't seem to fit what I thought I saw with my own eyes.

> Is (Carter) the greatest ex-president ever? Was it ROSE-a-lyn or ROZ-a-lyn?


Last one first. It was Roz, as we discussed, and believe it or not, I met both of them multiple times in the 1970s. (My mom, when I was little, was the national president of the Jaycee Women and a political player in the state of Georgia. She actually was one of the leadership team in Bo Ginn's campaign for governor in like 1980. Newt ate dinner at our house in the 1980s multiple times. It was a crazy time.)

Yes, Carter used his post-president life better than anyone I can recall, and assuredly anyone of the last century.

Most analytics are extremely useful, but I like you still like to trust my eyes when watching dudes play. I think you can spin analytics in multiple ways, just like you can spin terms like glue guy or gritty or clutch in ways to fit your narrative.

I am for as many extra holidays as we can get. But I think multiple national birthdays is like multiple national  anthems. It does not promote unity among us.

Right now it's pretty easy to say Kiffin is No. 2 in Mississippi (and considering your story Thursday, I love the way you phrased that question — and I think he was going No. 2 rather than 1 and that's why he was late to the conference call), but I would rather have Kiffin rebuilding my program than Leach.

I think Kiffin is one of the dudes out there that could build a national champion. I think Leach's ceiling is an upset like last Saturday.

Have a great weekend friends.

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Jay Greeson