Announcement: We'll be back with the Rushmores later. The Mrs. got back in town this morning and we're a little sidetrack.

So it goes.

From PD

So what's stinkier — the old cheese in my fridge or the Braves bullpen?



From KHP

Are that big of a (bleep) in real life?



From Luke H

I also loved the Sopranos ender. I think it is on the Rushmore of series finales, don't you?

Luke H —

Yes. Yes, I do. (Spoiler alert, but in truth, if you have not seen the series finales of these by now, well, never mind.)

Far left is the end to Newhart, when Bob wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette and it's all be a dream from the original Bob Newhart Show.

M*A*S*H has to be there too, and it still ranks as the most watched non-Super Bowl TV event ever.

If we keep The Sopranos in the conversation, then I'd likely add the finale to Cheers.


From Chas

(Who had several quality entries, and I will get to the Biden-Boris chat at some point.)

For the bag, I'll repeat two unanswered questions from Monday. Vegas has set the over-under lines for SEC wins, and UK drew a 4.5, third in the East, behind Gawga's 7 and Florida's 5.5. UT got a 3, while Vandy and SC are at 1.5. Thoughts?

Chas —

You had lots of great questions this week.

This one was the easiest on a Friday that got crazy busy.

Georgia's is appropriate and does not give a while lot of value for a bettor.

I'd go over on Florida — I think Emory Jones is the real deal — under on UT, SC and Vandy.

As for your boys, well, I'd go over because they drew a favorable draw from the West with Miss State and a reloading LSU bunch.


From Fat Vader

Question on a Thursday: Which gone too soon actor would you like to have back more? Philip Seymore Hoffman or James Gandolfini?

FV —

Another great question from another great regular.

If I put both of those on the Rushmore and add John Candy and John Belushi, who am I leaving off?


Great week, gang. Thanks for your input and the support.

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