Let's handle our BID-ness.

Rushmore of Judy — Garland, "Judy, Judy, Judy," Judge Judy and Punch and Judy narrowly over former Alabama wideout Jerry Jeudy.

Rushmore of "tanks" — Frank the Tank, "Tanks for nuttin'" (the quote from Danny Noonan's squeeze in "Caddyshack," and since she was also in "Animal House," well, that's a pretty strong half a Rushmore), drunk tank and Sherman tank. (Side note: If he can help Auburn grab the upset tomorrow night, Tank Bigsby will eventually get there.)

Rushmore of duel — dueling banjos, Burr and Hamilton, FanDuel and Vince Dooley.

Rushmore of worst additions to a sitcom — the youngest Keaton on "Family Ties," Cousin Oliver on "The Brady Bunch," Scrappy Doo (just out of principle) and the daughter Archie adopted when Edith left the show and it went from "All in the Family" to "Archie's Place." Wowser.

Here's the link and a reminder to vote on the 5-at-10 Bracket Challenge as we wind up our first run at this. We'll have a new question and be looking for nominations come Monday. 

If you survived week one of the eliminator, I need your pick before Sunday. I will start posting who is left and who has used which teams starting next week. Deal? Deal.

To the bag.

From Chas

Question for Friday: Does Mark Stoops has the best gig in America?  

Chas —

No, but he has done as much in his current job, in reference to program ceiling and expectations as anyone in the country.

Side question: Despite his rise and successful steadiness at UK, I'm surprised Stoops' name is not mentioned for glitzier locales like a USC more often, you know?

I'm not sure how you would gauge the 'best' job in college football, because it's easy to say Alabama, but that's the best job because of the guy doing that job.

Take FSU, which not that long ago was no worse than the second- or third-best job in the country and now it's a mess.

I will readily admit that Stoops is the frontrunner to be a Kirk Ferentz-like lifer there.

So is Gus Malzahn in his current stop at UCF. (Side note: And now that UCF is eyeing a ticket to the Big 12, it looks like the Gus Bus will get to the playoff before Auburn, if I had to bet on such things.)

From Pat

Best SNL imitation man, you just could do a Darrell Hammond Rushmore by itself on this one.

I have to start Aaron Rodgers in my fantasy league, right? I mean, I just have to. He's not gonna put up a 1 pointer again. Is he?

And fire Geoff Collins.

Pat —

The SNL imitation conversation is so layered and difficult. And while I appreciate the skill set Darrell Hammond brought to the table, I'm not sure he makes the Rushmore in the category.

As for fantasy football, first, I love fantasy football questions. Second, I miss playing fantasy football more than I would have guessed.

Third, there are a couple players on every team that you have to ride or die with, and Mr. Man Bun is on that list.

Don't be the over-coach guy, because even if he drops another 1-point game, that would not hurt as badly as his dropping the 35-point monster on your bench.

From Steeler Fan

Agree with your upbeat impressions of the Manning Bros. Monday night. What I loved most was not so much the banter — which is fun, I laughed out loud when Peyton said Eli's rookie QBR against Ray and the Ravens was 0.0, "and that's the exact same as Bluto's GPA in 'Animal House.'" But what I really loved was the insider info: how many of Chief's TE Travis Kelce's routes are unscripted, how half-time resets are mostly a myth, how miffed QBs get at the home crowd when they make too much noise at the wrong times, how Cover Zero makes QBs salivate and wet their pants at the same time, how Ray Lewis and Co. would intimidate their own offenses in practice, how career QBs like the Mannings are conditioned to side with the offense in all situations. I just found all this golden. It makes the regular broadcasters seem like dull frauds, by comparison, and all the hot-take screamers on ESPN daytime seem like uninformed children. I guess it's the irreverence of the Mannings that I like the most: They say things you aren't supposed to say on TV. What are they going to do: Fire them? Ha!

Steeler Fan —

Spot on Steeler Fan.

The details that they shared — even not really knowing they were sharing them in some regards — were amazing. And highly entertaining.

I can't say I'm surprised, because didn't we all believe that Peyton was going to be great.

He's charming and self-deprecating. He's meticulously prepared. He's arguably the smartest football player of my lifetime. And he had the comfort zone of his brother to bounce things off of.

I loved it.

But here's the most surprising part of it. The numbers were dreadful. The Monday night game drew 7.6 million viewers on ESPN, 6.9 million on ABC and fewer than 800K on ESPN2 for the Mannings.

Side note: You can downright bet that the next time they do this, there will be a gaggle of current players who have an eye on a possible broadcast career post-playing days lining up to sit in with Peyton and Eli.

Russell Wilson made himself quite the impression and looked quite comfortable in the booth Monday night.  

From Paul

I'm with you on the prequel to "The Sopranos." I am super pumped for this.

It also got me thinking about what other movie would you like to see a prequel of?

Paul —

There's simply no way to put my excitement for "The Many Saints of Newark" into context. On a scale of 1-10, I'm north of 17.

Of course, that almost always means disappointment, if previous experience holds true.

As for other prequels, hmmmm.

OK, here's one.

I want to see a young William Munny, killer of women and children, and Ned from "Unforgiven" in their heyday.

Anyone got any suggestions here?

And to the feedback from all sides from my column earlier this week on A2.


If you didn't vote for Biden, and only two major candidates ran in 2020, I can surmise your choice was "the other guy!"  Yikes!

Despite this new piece of TMI, I will continue to enjoy reading your view of the world.


After four years of the vilification of President Trump and the cheerleading to support by the liberal media I find your sudden call for decorum and respect for the office of the president hypocritical in the extreme. Add the fact that you don't even recognize your hypocrisy alarming. Last time I checked the Democrats hadn't yet outlawed free speech. So spare me your high-minded BS when college students at a football game express their disapproval of a failed president who stole the office in a rigged election.


Where were your calls for respect and unity during the Trump presidency? The problem with reporters like you is that you always seem to call for respect only when it fits your narrative or when your candidate is being attacked. Your hypocrisy is on clear display for all to see and trust me, we see right through it. Maybe, just for once, try to not be so biased and people will start listening a little better. People 'like you' have been slinging mud and vitriol for the last four years and now all of a sudden you want the other side to be nice and take the high road? We're just playing by your rules, my friend. Respect for the office was lost long ago and it isn't coming back anytime soon, unfortunately.



An email that had Biden in the subject line and then was blank. I responded wondering if the writer had meant to include a comment about my column.

"It was left blank to illustrate your story is Blank. Truth to power can be ugly."


IDIOT! He's a TRAITOR bring in people with COVID  !!!!!!!!!!!! TRY EM ALL HANG EM !


No, Jay.  "The fundamental definition of hypocrisy" is "We disrespected your guy [Trump], but it's not OK for you to disrespect ours [Biden]."  As usual, it's Democrats who are the hypocrites.


Just so you know, until he proves otherwise with a full forensic audit of the 2020 election, neither I nor tens of millions of other Americans regard ... Biden as a legitimate president. This was the reason why they chanted that phrase. That is what that chant means: that they do not recognize ... Joe as president. After all, if the Democrats and RINOS have nothing to hide, why do they refuse, hysterically, to do a full forensic audit? No smoke without fire, after all!
You seem a bit out of touch with what is happening in this country, I hope this information helps you out.

AND (finally)

(Bleep) You, and the rest of the lame stream media, you Commie (bleep)!

Have a great weekend gang.

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Jay Greeson