Let's handle our business, because this has been a super crazy week. Egad.

Here's Paschall wrapping these SEC media days with a look at the high hopes for Josh Heupel and Tennessee.

As for the Rushmores, let's move quickly.

Rushmore of sour: Sweet and sour chicken, sour grapes, sour apple and whiskey sour, because, well you know.

Rushmore of famous folks with a name of an animal: Larry Bird, Michael J. Fox (who also could be here with Marty McFly in some ways), Dick Wolf and Chick Hearn (if for no other reason than the Fletch scene, although he comes across as quite the jack wagon in the HBO series about the 1980 Lakers that got Jerry West all bent out of shape),

Rushmore of best shooting form: Mark Price, Ray Allen, Steph Curry (narrowly over his daddy), Glen Rice with extreme apologies to Steve Kerr and JJ Redick.

Rushmore of all-time baseball All Star game moments: Rose trucking Ray Fosse, Dave Parker gunning out Brian Downing in Seattle in 1979. Reggie Jackson hitting one on the roof at Tiger Stadium and Randy Johnson making Larry Walker and John Kruk look like Little Leaguers. (Yes, Carl Hubbell striking out five future Hall of Famers in succession was great — and Spy likely watched it live in 1933 or whenever but it's too long ago.)

My mom would have been 76 today. I miss her. Call your parents — if you can — and say hi because at some point you won't be able to and trust me, you'll miss it.

To the bag.


From Peter

Do you know how much people hate you?

Peter  —

No. But thanks for sharing.

From Backup QB

I need some help.  As you know, the day after the MLB ASG is perhaps the only day in the 365 day calendar that has no live sports options.  The ESPY's has taken up residence on that Wednesday as there are virtually no games being played.  Of course, College Football "talking season" is in full swing this week, but nothing of note where scores are being kept.  And really it's not just Wednesday of this week but it's a couple of weeks lull after the Golf majors have concluded and the waiting on Football and the 'er months of Baseball.  There is so little quality live action going on. 
I have two buddies that grew up, like me, in love with Football and Baseball.  These now-middle-aged guys are suddenly very passionate about el futbol!  One is an avid CFC Chattahooligan and the other is very involved with the Red Wolves.  Both play at home this Saturday and my buddies have offered a 'standing invite' to join them. 
While I appreciate the athleticism and skills of Soccer players, I'm sorry to say that I just can't get in to the sport.  Maybe it's the lack of scoring? Maybe, it's because I didn't grow up with the sport (in my local community, soccer began to be offered when I was in 6th grade and the high school didn't field a team until I was in 10th grade)?  Maybe it's because I don't understand "the beautiful game?"  Maybe it's the vocabulary that I just don't understand can you help me?  We (further known as "Football Americano" fans) have teams they (fans of "el futbol") call them sides.  We play on fields; they play on a pitch.  We give 15 yard penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct; they give a yellow card.  We have ejections; they have red cards.  We have exhibition games; they have friendlies.  We have overtime; they have extra time or penalty kicks.  We have sudden death; they have 'golden goal.'  I'm sure there's numerous other lingo in the glossary of Soccer terminology – can you think of more examples?  Help me understand why I can't get into this game that is so wildly popular and convince me if I should give a try.
Backup QB  —

I can't convince you to give it a try, because I can't convince myself to give it a try.

And before we go any further, this is where soccer fans will try to insert "You just don't understand the game" theories, which is a) condescending as heck and b) just flat wrong. I understand the game perfectly. And it bores me.

And one more thing: The 'soccer's going to be the next big thing' wave is like 25 years old, so when is that wave actually going to land?

As for terminology, the only others that jumped out to me are we have zero, they have nil. We play games, they play matches.

But to be fair, it's not the scoring — or lack thereof — because we both watch a slew of Braves games I bet and that's much slower and often as

Now that said, I'd bet going to a match with your buddies would be a dang fun experience, because in a lot of ways, soccer is a soft version of hockey.

And I mean that as a compliment, because while hockey — like soccer — can be a drag to try to watch on TV, going to an NHL game is a bona fide blast. In fact, one of my buddies at the TFP is a big-time Red Wolves fan — and one of the three biggest Steelers fans I know — and he gushes about how much fun it is to go to a game in East Ridge.

I say roll the dice. Take in a Red Wolves game. And if anyone tries to tell you don't understand the beautiful game, punch 'em in the arm and say, "Oh, I get it. I just like to use my hands whenever possible."

From Jeff

I haven't watched (the ESPYs) in years because it became so politicized, and I'm sure their ratings have fallen off a cliff, but I happened to be scanning last night and stopped when I saw they were naming the Pat Tillman Award. Don't know if you saw it, but you need to set aside the 12 mins. Former Army officer Gretchen Evans was the recipient. There she was in a sea of super egos and millionaires, and she exemplified the humbleness and privilege of being an American. She's being shot at on an officers pay while Lebron shoots a jumper at $40K a game. Who's the real hero here?

Anyway, it makes you proud we still have folks out there like her to relay it and I believe the vast majority of Americans side with her love of country. We just gotta quit screaming at one another and work toward the common goal of continual betterment of this Nation.
PS. That was way too deep for me and next time will focus on the trivial sports I referenced above

PPS. I was a huge Cat Stevens fan in the 70's and early 80s and of course fell off when he went anti-American. Maybe he's a good dude now. I listened to the whole Tea for the Tillerman album the other day, and forgot how good he was. That was back when you listened to an album first track to last and I still know what song is coming next this many years later.

Jeff  —

Great email my man, and the lack of perspective crafted from following sports is downright surreal when we think about true heroes and real-life champions.

LeBron or Brady or Peyton or Tiger or fill in the blank are/were great at what they do, and they have millions of fans and should cash in on their very rare and elite skills.

But the real-life heroic achievements of the Gretchen Evanses in America are supremely undervalued.

Makes it really difficult not to be somewhat bitter when Juan Soto says $440 million is not enough and gets bent out of shape when he has to fly commercial from the All-Star game, no?

From Scott

Hey Jay,
Enjoyed the heck out of your write up on our Thunderwave kiddos (Thursday).  Thanks a ton for doing that.  It was certainly a journey we will all remember forever.  I have to admit it got a bit dusty where I wasNice work as always.

PS- Miss hearing you on the radio on the drive home.

Scott  —

Congrats my man. What a lifetime memory that will be for all of you and your families.

As for the radio, well, who knows, but this week I started coaching middle school football, and that would not be possible if I was still doing the radio thing.

I miss Paschall and Wells, but not the daily commitment if that makes sense.

Plus, those guys are crushing it without me. So there you go.


From JTC

Hi Jay,

Will the guys leaving the PGA for the LIV (love acronyms btw) look back later in life and wonder if they scarred their legacy? Do you think the large payouts will prevent regrets? What happens to the Ryder Cup going forward?

JTC  —

I don't think so. Only Mickelson would have long-term effects in regard to legacy, and that is because of his persona more than his playing career. And I think we all agree that Mickelson was going to be the next A-list TV analyst before all this happened.

But if the LIV backers are committed to this for the three years, I think they could go toe-to-toe with the PGA and compete. I didn't think that before, but look at names in the limited field on a regular basis.

A LIV event of Mickelson, DJ, Koepka, Reed, DeChambeau, Sergio, Westwood and Poulter would be considered star-studded compare to the 3M event in Minnesota this weekend that has Tony Finau and Jason Day as arguably the biggest names on the leaderboard.

Now the biggest threat to the LIV is not the PGA Tour but the majors and whether those guys will be allowed to compete in the sport's biggest events.

The Ryder Cup will be fine, even without those dudes, and the Americans will feel the sting more than the Euros if I had to guess. And it will impact Mickelson's legacy in that regard since he assuredly would have been a U.S. captain at some point.

That said, I'm all for ditching the President's Cup, which is a hollow knock-off of the Ryder Cup and having a LIV-vs.-PGA event in Ryder Cup fashion.

Imagine that. Tiger vs. Phil. JT vs. DJ. Rahm vs. Sergio. Reed vs. Rory. Koepka vs. Jordan. That would be a ton of fun, right?

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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Jay Greeson