Dustin Johnson of the United States watches the flight of his ball after playing off the 4th tee as Phil Mickelson of the United States looks on in rear during the first round of the inaugural LIV Golf Invitational at the Centurion Club in St. Albans, England, Thursday, June 9, 2022. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Sorry, friends. Got a late start this morning.

We'll do the Rushmoress before lunch. Deal? Deal.

To the bag, and great questions this week gang.

From Patrick

God will you shut about Mickelson you hypocrite! If someone offered you that kind of money you are jumping at it and if you say you wouldn't you are a liar.

Patrick —

Happy Father's Day to you too Patrick.

(Side note: I think a lot of folks forget that the written word does not carry tone or timing or touch. Side note on the side note: I think there's a really sound argument to be made that as we wrestle with a national divide that is larger by the week, and as we communicate more and more frequently with the written word — for example, I interact with Chas often each week and I'm not sure if we've ever spoken more than maybe a time or three — that lack of interaction and tone only adds to our angst and divide. Thoughts?)

I will admit that the most interesting question that Phil has yet to be asked is if he needed the money. Considering the gambling depths he has admitted to reaching — and everyone who has ever been around problem gamblers know they are quick to talk about the wins and quicker to reverse fish story the losses (so if Mickelson is admitting to losing tens of millions of dollars, he's likely lost hundreds of millions) — who knows? Because if he was still super-rich and then took this money to be super, Super, SUPER rich, then the allegations of greed and all the sell-out chatter feels even worse in a lot of ways.

But as a father and main provider for my family, if the China Tribune came calling wanting to the @ for them and offered me generational, life-changing money for me and my family, well, if I had to guess, I'd be saying, "Dào bié" everybody.

That said, how many Mich Ultras do you think Jay Monahan raised last night after Philly Mick's knee-shaking, putter-breaking, curse-word-offering 78?


From John

I'm glad you mentioned the Braves' broadcast booth, Jay.

When did an Australian guy qualify as a baseball commentator?  Was he not able to find work at The Golf Channel where his accent is more appropriate?  It amazes me that Americans can't be found for such jobs. 

John —

That would be Peter Moylan who fills in occasionally with the broadcast crew. In truth, I think people from all over the planet could certainly understand the game, after all, Moylan played it at the MLB level for years.

I know you're joking, especially about the global array of accents of the golf commentators on the various coverages.

That said, it's a touch strange how Moylan's accent seems more extreme on baseball than Feherty's or Faldo's or Ian Baker Finch's et al., seems on golf.

There are a couple of things that have become apparent lately.

First, when the Braves are playing this well — headed into a Chicago with a 14-game winning steak — the lack of skills in the broadcast booth become more glaring. What I mean is, when the team is scuffling, we bemoan that. We they are playing baseball like poet warriors, well, we have to be negative nellies about something, and Chip, Paul and Brian are offering many things about which to belly ache.

Second, it also screams about the importance of chemistry in all things sports, announcing booth included. Because without Jeff Franceour, Chip is struggling too.

But if they keep winning, I'd be more than willing to turn the volume down, you know?


From Ellis (and was addressed to David Paschall too)

I'm a big fan of both of you, reading all and listening as much as I can. Sure wish Jay was still on the air. Question: With all the talk of a new stadium, has Lookouts ownership said anything about what sort of investment they might make? If they have, I missed it, and if you've written/spoken about it, I missed that too. Seems like they need to show their hand, and if it's zero, discussion closed.

Thanks for shedding some light.



Great question, and in truth I think the Lookouts ownership has faced a few potholes in this process — some self-inflicted, some circumstantial — that look to be problematic.

As for monetary commitments, the lack of transparency from the Hardball Capital folks has been puzzling. And all along I have thought they needed more upfront money. Meet the public halfway and be proud of it. Because, as the state is giving the Titans owners half a billion for new digs, the Titans are still going to have to put up at least that much too.

I know this kind of deal is BeardDawg's speciality, but the primary financial pledge the Lookouts ownership has offered is a $30 million pledge based in annual $1 million contributions. That's not putting skin in the game; that's paying low-dollar rent after someone paid for your house.

Lookouts leadership also did not handle their lobbying business as efficiently as possible, either, especially at the state level.

As for outside of hurdles, well, Bob Martino's primarily self-funded efforts in East Ridge are in stark contrast to the Hardball business plan that has generated new stadiums in Fort Wayne and Columbia, S.C.
Great question Ellis, and a very interesting topic for two reasons that are undeniable facts:

The Lookouts will get a new stadium.

Whether that stadium is here or someone else.    


From Chas

It was 50 years ago today that Nixon's CREEPs burglarized the Watergate Building. In his farewell speech after resigning, Tricky Richard advised, "never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself."

For the Friday bag, Jay, would you please channel the conversation when Nixon told The Donald that? Wonder what POTUS45 would say back to that.

Chas —

I'll give it a shot.

Nixon: Donald, can I call you Donnie, may I give you some advice?
Trump: No and no, Dick. (Giggles.)

Nixon: Well, you may know business (cough, cough, or your father does).

Trump: What was that?
Nixon: Nothing, nothing. Business is your business. Politics is mine. And let me tell you.

Trump: You can't tell me nothing old man. I'm putting the nix on you Nixon. (Pause) Get it?

Nixon: Yeah, never heard that one. Any way, know this: Never be petty; always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.

Trump: Yeah, they'll never beat me and there's no one who's a bigger fan of me than me.

Nixon: Yes, I can see that. But remember my words. Trust my words. Believe my words.
Trump: Yeah, but they just called you a criminal. They have said I have small hands, and you know what they say about men with small hands?

Nixon: They wear small gloves?

Trump: Yeah, that's it. But with less-than-all-do respect Dick, what do you know about hatred? Yes, people remember you harshly — even though you did a lot of good things in office — because of the whole criminal thing and crook thing and that breaking and entering thing.

Nixon: What's your point?

Trump: Well, first those are kind of small potatoes in the grand scheme of things in terms of political crimes these days. Heck the Clintons may have killed folks. And to be even more frank, the criticism you handled and the 'hate' you faced was drops in the ocean compared to these days.

Nixon: Really? Trump: Yeah. Twitter and cable news would make Ben Bradlee look like a warm glass of milk and an afternoon nap.

Nixon: Maybe it's good I am dead.



From Josh

So, it's summer and we all will be grilling right?

My wife and I have a long-standing disagreement and I want your opinion on a very important issue. What is the one must have addition to a hamburger?

Thanks and don't let me down you fat face.

Josh —

Well, let's get started with some serious stuff, huh?

And I say this with the hope that I can back you up Josh. And that your marital bliss can remain. (Side note: Here's a fine time to remind everyone of the , "Happy wife, happy life" mantra. Forget fortune cookies or words from Will Rogers or any other wise man. Married men who live by that one will live longer and smile more often. Happy Father's Day everyone.)

Anywell, and I fully admit this is a pretty personal conversation. And, even though I am not an attorney — nor do I play one on TV — we have to start with this loophole.

If I am given one and just one addition to a hamburger, I am taking cheese.

But if that is a given, and we are looking for addition to said cheeseburger, well, there are a lot of potentially correct answers.

For me. It's pickles. Enjoy the weekend.