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Rushmore of cool celebs who could be/would be just as cool if their names were flipped: Harrison Ford, Kirk Douglas, Cassius Clay (and also flipping his religious name of Muhammad Ali would work too), and Chattanooga's own Samuel L. Jackson, because admit it, Jackson L. Samuel sounds boss too — and you gotta leave the initial.

Rushmore of Wizards: Merlin, Harry Potter, Gandolf, and since Wes Unseld was a Bullet, so let's go Brandon Beal. (Side question: How tragically forgettable is the Washington NBA franchise when the face of your organization since the turn over the millennium is Brandon Beal, narrowly over the final swan song years of Michael Jordan?)

Rushmore of all-time sports photos, and buckets of Kodak film this one was not easy, so we had to break it into two, action and after action: Action — Ali over Liston,  Mays' over the shoulder catch in the '54 World Series, Bobby Orr horizontal over the ice after winning the 1970 Stanley Cup, Dwight Clark's catch; After action Olympic fists raised, Kerri Strug on one leg, Babe walking to the microphone and Brandi Chastain celebrating the World Cup win in 1999.

Rushmore of 'Carey' with multiple spellings allowed: "Carry on my Wayward Son," Harry Carey, Jim Carrey and Cary Grant over carry-on luggage, carry it like a loaf of bread, and carry-out food; all-female category is Carrie Fisher, Carrie (our murderous prom queen Vader mentioned), Carey Lowell, Carrie Underwood.,

Today's A2 column from some round-faced fella on seven area men who delivered life-saving grace to those in Ukraine.

From Bob

Of course you are joining the rest of the liberal lamestream media and ignoring the second amendment after this shooting. You are such a joke.

No one reads your (bleep) or takes you serious. (Bleep), you could not hack it on a local ESPN show for (Bleeps) sake.

This is about mental illness not guns you (Bleep)hole!

I thought you were different but you just like the rest of the commie (bleeps) in the media. I am done with your (bleep)!

Bob — 

Good morning to you too.

I don't have the answers. I wish I did. I hope someone does. But this much I know for sure: This is not an either or problem. This not guns OR mental illness. This is not R OR D. This is not governmental responsibility OR personal freedom.

This is all of that. And this must stop. And the finger-pointing, jazz-hands distracting tactics that are happening all around on every station as each carnival barker tries harder and harder to howl at the moon with the loudest, most ludicrous take to make sure they names are scrolled every 8 minutes on their cable channel of choice is sickening.

Did you see Lauren Boebert say in support of guns on Fox that "We didn't ban planes" after 9/11.

No Lauren we didn't but other than the far left lunacy, is anyone really calling for gun bans — to pull all the guns everywhere? — even as we cry for the lost children and their families in Texas? I don't think anyone is calling for all the guns to be confiscated.

But, Lauren now that you mention it, 9/11 is an interesting starting point, because, I'm not sure if how much you traveled by air before the terrorists took down the towers, but after that, well, it's a whole bunch more difficult and secure to get into an airport and onto an airplane.

And since then, the numbers of hijacks and/or attacks in this country have been nominal, no?

So maybe, unintentionally, Rep. Boebert's 9/11 comp should be examined as a starting point on its merits, and we emulate the restrictions and hurdles and checks and added time — by comparison, it used to take 30 minutes car-to-gate at the airport, now closer to three hours — in the way we allow people to purchase guns.

But, know these two things Bob:

> First, you have a foul mouth, and I think it was Twain or Carl Spackler that said, "Enraged profanity is the sign of a man with a small vocabulary and are dumb as (bleep)." (Or I may have just made that up.);

> Second, if this issue — not the tangental conversations of guns or mental illness or lobbying or the whataboutisms that is the national discourse — that is the safety and well-being of school-aged children can't be put atop all the other squabbles, then we are so far off the rails, I'm not sure what could get us back.

But as always, thanks for reading.

From anonymous

I know this is space is for sports but man, today that's hard. I am not a gun owner but I am a lifelong conservative (for the most part, there is room for liberal ideas). So the conservatives are being scrutinized and maybe rightfully so. Serious question, why would anyone be against more thorough background checks? I know that kind of thing isn't free but does it cost that much? It shouldn't. I have also heard the argument that the Second Amendment was put in place when there was no military for protection. I don't know the answers just thinking it through. One other thing that conservatives need to address is they often argue that if you make them illegal, people will get the guns illegally. However, we tell the Democrats they can't use that argument for the rights to terminate pregnancy. People will just terminate in a more dangerous way. We say that is a slippery slope, with which I agree. But we can't talk out of both sides. Just thoughts.

Anonymous — 

Very well said.

And anyone who comes to the conversation to make this life-ending, life-wrecking, life-changing scourge better with agendas or preconceived political posturing is not part of the solution.

I don't know how many times I have to say — or how much more clearly I must be for folks like Bob up there — but I am a life-long conservative and a gun owner.

But if you can't see that this needs to be adjusted, altered, fixed, overhauled — something, ANYTHING, well, then I don't know what to tell you.

Start with background checks. Move to security measures at schools. Explore almost everything.

But doing nothing is as insane as the folks crying for all the guns to confiscated and each is an example of the far extreme that has become insulated by the do-nothing divide we have carved through the soul of America.

From a slew of you

Thank you so much for alerting me to Better Call Saul. It is the best show on TV.

I've said it before but I really don't think I've ever seen a show prior to BCS that develops the characters as well. Often, if you do too much development it becomes kinda slow and hard to get through certain parts. This writer or director and the actors - it's pure brilliance. 

Gang — 

The first half was really good. And it's staggering to think but my expectations are even bigger for the second half and how the Lalo storyline plays out.

If you want to offer predictions here — or in the email — feel free.

But we know a few of the main pieces have to move forward because of their prominent spots in "Breaking Bad."

So the two biggest unknowns center on Lalo and Kim Wexler. And I'm stoked.  

From Chris

RIP Ray Liotta. I know you love mob movies and I do too.

Where would Liotta as Henry Hill rank in the March Madness bracket of movie gangster characters?

Thanks and keep up the great work - I read the 5@10 everyday.

Chris — 

Welp, this question consumed far too much of my Thursday night.

OK, Liotta's great turn as Henry Hill would have to be a pretty high seed in the real-life gangster bracket.

I'd give Warren Beatty as Benny Seigel the 1 seed in that draw.

The other "Goodfella" characters are combinations of other gangsters if memory serves, so Jimmy Conway is a high seed in another bracket.

Chris, this question is too good to short change it. I need the weekend.

But it's going to take a Villanova over Georgetown upset to keep Vito Corleone out of the title game, no?

Enjoy the weekend friends.

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Jay Greeson