Who golfs: Laundry expert Ron Power

Who golfs: Laundry expert Ron Power

July 25th, 2012 by David Uchiyama in Sportlocal

Ron Power

Ron Power

Ron Power knows more about the spin cycle than almost anybody except the Maytag Man.

He's seen his share of putts spin around the cup, and he serviced washers and dryers before owning a small chain of coin-operated laundromats.

Both golf and the laundry business came to him when he was in his 20s.

"As a young man, I played football, baseball and basketball, and golf was nothing I thought about," Power said. "I had a friend who was a member at the one country club in town, and as high schoolers we hit balls on the side lot. But I never played the game until I got out of the Army in 1970."

Powers played at Creeks Bend for 16 years and later had dual membership at Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.

His career low is a 68 at Creeks Bend from the White tees. He claims his best golf moment of notoriety is scoring an albatross on No. 4 at WindStone by hitting a 3-wood then a 5-wood to a pin on the back left of the green of the par-5.

Aside from golf and his children, Power spent most of his time in the laundry business -- almost 40 years to be exact.

"I married into the business, and I had no intention of being a laundry man," Power said. "I learned how to fix the machines and it fit my niche. My father-in-law died and I was in a position to where either they sold it or I took it over. I purchased 16 laundromats.

"I ended up selling to my nephew, who has made the family proud."