CARTERS - Bass are moving up the lake and getting ready for spring spawn, accord-ing to Buddy Callahan at Bart's Bait Shop. Various lures are working on bass as they are moving to shallower water. Striper can be caught in shallow water on planer board, but fishing will be difficult in short term because the shad kill is just starting. The water temperature is in the low 50s and there is a slight stain to the water. Fishing will continue to improve as the weather gets warmer.

CENTER HILL - Fishing is slow.The water temperature is about 45 degrees, and the lake is slowly rising. A few walleye are being caught below Webbs Camp on jigs in 20 feet of water. Bass fishing is very slow with a few fish being caught, while casting jigs on chan-nel banks. Crappie fishing is very slow with a few crappie being caught around brush on minnows. A few anglers are still catching a few spots, while jigging spoons under shad in 25 feet of water.

CHICKAMAUGA - Water surface tempera-ture was lower due to the cooling trend the area faced this past weekend. The lake elevation is 1 1 /2 feet above the normal winter average.The number of anglers on the other parts of the lake was slightly above that. The cold front shut down the fishing and most anglers were catching only a few fish regardless of the species that was being sought after. The large secondary areas have had a few crappie and bass located amongst the large schools of shad. Warmer weather moving into the area this week should make conditions a bit more conducive for catching fish.

GUNTERSVILLE - Fishing has been pretty good, according to Carol Anne Sporleder at Waterfront Grocery. Bass fishing has been best along the ridges on humps and points, as well as on shallow flats using jigs and spinner baits. There is not much of a crappie bite lately, but some have been caught near boat houses and bridges on jigs and minnows.

HIWASSEE - Been too cold for many people to be fishing lately, according to Eugene Lankford at Hiwassee Marine Bait and Tackle. Crappie fishing has been good near the creeks using getsits lures. Bass fishing remains slow, but a few have been caught on deep-running crank bait.

NICKAJACK - Fishing hasn't been good, but should be getting better as the weather warms up, according to Randall Sullivan at Sullivan's Grocery Fishing Supplies. Crappie have been hitting pretty will on minnows. Bass can be caught on worms and jigs, and some striper are being caught below the dam on rubber jigs.

TIMS FORD - Bass fishing has been is picking up lately, accordin to Pitts Clayton at Tims Ford Marina. With the cold weather, there has been very little activitiy, but some smallmouth and largemouth bass are being caught on crankbaits and minnows. The water temperature is still in 40s, which is keeping the crappie bite down. Crappie should begin biting as soon as the water temperature gets above 50 degrees.

WATTS BAR - The water temperature was lower this week due to the colder ambient temperature. The lake is 1.5 feet above normal winter level. Some crappie and bass have been caught in deep secondary water or near deep banks on the primary channel. Few anglers reported mixed results, but the number of fish that were caught were lower than in previous days. The warming trend in the coming week should trigger a higher number of bites for all species.

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