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Blake Coddington.

Blake Coddington asked a few buddies if they wanted to hit some golf balls at the Moccasin Bend range Tuesday.

All of them had classes to attend.

So the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga junior pounded out a bucket of balls by himself.

A few shots tailed left. Some soared down the middle off his driver. Even more sailed to the right like an airplane taking off from Lovell Field to Charlotte.

"I have the grip-it-and-rip-it mentality," he said.

Coddington, a walk-on long-snapper for the Mocs, has a personal interest in improving his game skills -- business.

"I'm in business school and golf is a business sport, so the better you can play the more clientele you can get," Coddington said. "It's a good way to break the ice with clients and it's a good way to expense a business meeting.

"Some people wouldn't call golf relaxing, but I enjoy it."

Coddington grew up close to Valleybrook Country Club and plays most of his rounds either there or at Moccasin Bend.

"My grandfather played. He wasn't any good, but he played and he got me out here," Coddington said. "My grandma was good, but she can't really play anymore."

Coddington's career-low round is an 89 at Valleybrook. He has the goal of being a scratch golfer.

"I've cheated and said I've done better than that," he admitted. "I shoot scratch when I'm telling stories."