Region features Bears vs. Raiders

Region features Bears vs. Raiders

February 9th, 2011 by Ward Gossett in Sports - Preps


Stone Memorial High in Crossville

Tournament begins Friday

Legend: Alcoa (A), Bradley Central (BC), Cleveland (Cl), Cumberland County (CC), Greenback (GB), Heritage (H), Kingston (K), Maryville (M), McMinn County (McCo), Rhea County (RC), Stone Memorial (SM), Walker Valley (WV), William Blount (WB).

103--1. Austin Stevison (Cl), 2. Dakota Bromley (BC); 3. Matthew Spradlin (H); 4. Franklin Kirland (WB). 112--1. Austin Oliver (Cl), 2. Jacob Climer (BC), 3. Tyrus Hamrick (WV), 4. Dakota Boggess (McCo). 119--1. Aaron Hutson (BC), 2. Caleb Langford (Cl), 3. Zach Keavilan (SM), 4. Joel Simpkins (Cl). 125--Ethan Hames (BC), 2. Haden Hamilton (Cl), 3. Hunter Davis (WV), 4. Anthony Giattino (CC). 130--1. Jericho Crutcher (BC), 2. Devon Teastere (H), 3. Brandon Strickland (Cl), 4. Tanner Vittatoe (GB). 135--1. Marvin Lopez (Cl), 2. Tyler Schuch (BC), 3. Nick Ogle (M), 4. Julian Kamirez (A). 140--1. Aaron Lopez (Cl), 2. Tyler Pitts (BC), 3. Jose Ramirez (A), 4. Darik Brackett (K). 145--1. Cole Dias (WV), 2. Blake Jacons (BC), 3. Gabe Meadows (M), 4. Josh Hamilton (Cl). 152--1. Bradley Colbaugh (BC), 2. Keagan Matlock (H), 3. Brooks Talley (GB), Evan Howell (WB). 160--1. Isaiah Nichols (Cl), 2. Jacob Bailey (BC), 3. Cory Keen (WB), 4. Gauge Parks (A). 171--1. Jonathaan Waldrop (SM); 2. Jaron Brock (M), 3. Ethan Beddingfield (RC), 4. A. J. Shelton (BC). 189--1. Jesse Jones (Cl), 2. John Adams (SM), 3. Seth Snyder (Cl), 4. Devin McCulley (BC). 215--1. Tucker Bolton (BC), T.J. Satterfield (WB), Seth Snyder (Cl), Kelsey Walker (SM). 285--1. Patrick Benson (BC), Shawn Morgan (M), Jordan Hines (Cl), 4. Joe Evans (H).

The Region 3 wrestling tournament in Crossville has all the makings of another Bradley Central-Cleveland duel.

Old news to some, but the championship semifinals and finals could provide just as much excitement as the teams' region duals semifinal a couple of weeks ago when Bradley escaped with a two-point victory on its way to its fourth state duals championship.

"It went about as we expected. No real surprises," Bears coach Steve Logsdon said.

The coaches usually meet after the state tournament and go back and look at what they did the previous year and how they want to adjust. At that time they accept or amend seeding criteria.

"That saved us some time," Logsdon said.

Bradley also hosted a day of duals for region teams that had not wrestled, "and that really cleared up some potential problems for teams that wouldn't have seen each other," he said.

The region tournament begins at 5:30 EST p.m. Friday in Crossville at Stone Memorial. Saturday's wrestling begins at noon with the championship and consolation finals scheduled to start at 4. The top four place-winners advance to the state tournament Feb. 17-19 in Franklin.

Admission is $7 per session for adults and $4 for students. A tournament pass is $15, and a Saturday-only pass will be $10.

Bradley and Cleveland took the lions' shares of top seeds, each getting six. The difference came in No. 2-seeded wrestlers. Bradley had six, the Blue Raiders one.

"Cleveland's loaded," Logsdon said. "Both of us got some good seeds, and I think it's going to be a close race."

The region championship trophy, though, is little more than an aside. The important thing is getting as many wrestlers as possible to Franklin.

"We want to get them in the state tournament and see what they can do," Logsdon said.