Golf districts rescheduled for Wednesday, Thursday

Golf districts rescheduled for Wednesday, Thursday

September 12th, 2017 by Staff Report in Sports - Preps

The TSSAA District 5 and 6 Small golf tournaments rained out Monday have been rescheduled.

The District 5 tournament at Chatata Valley in Cleveland is now set for Wednesday. The groupings and 8:30 a.m. start time will remain the same.

The District 6 tournament is now scheduled to take place Thursday and will shift from Brainerd to Brown Acres. The groupings will remain the same, but there are other changes.

The first starting time is no longer 9 a.m., but rather 10:30. Also, each golfer will begin his or her round on the No. 1 tee, instead of the boys starting on No. 1 and the girls starting on No. 10, as on the original schedule at Brainerd.

The top three finishing boys' and girls' teams in each district tournament will move on to Region 3 play, along with the top five boys and girls with the best scores not on one of those teams.

The Region 3 Small tournament is scheduled to be held Monday at Chatata Valley.

District 5 Small tournament

Wednesday at Chatata Valley

Legend: Copper Basin (CB); Loudon (L); McMinn Central (MC); Meigs County (Meigs); Polk County (PC); Sweetwater (S); Tellico Plains (TP)

Boys' tee times, No. 10: 8:30 a.m.—John Houk (MC), Garrett Jones (PC), Lucas Pilkey (TP); 8:40—Jasper Cooley (L), Robert Waters (CB), Dylan Walden (Meigs); 8:50—Shane McCammon (S), David Crace (TP), Luke Sneed (PC); 9—Seth Ward (MC), Ricky Utrera (L), Samuel Anderson (Meigs); 9:10—Cole Fowler (CB), Trent Bibee (S), Tyler Wear (TP); 9:20—Haden Blair (MC), Matt Passmore (PC), Eion Cannon (L); 9:30—Trey Peaden (Meigs), Cole Houser (S), Logan Hutcheson (CB); 9:40—Bradley Dunkle (MC), Jonathon Pippenger (PC), Keeton Stakely (TP); 9:50—Cy Massey (L), Austin Collis (CB), Bryce McKenzie (Meigs); 10—Jaxon Marlow (S); Forrest Atkins (TP), Josh Loveday (MC); 10:10—Jake Roberson (PC), Jacob Smith (CB), Connor Mikalajewski (L); 10:20—Ryan McGlothlan (S), Noah Howell (Meigs).

Girls' tee times, No. 1: 8:30 a.m.—Emily Wilson (MC), Tatum Amos (S), Desera Woods (L); 8:40—Meggie Woody (PC), Kaitlyn Cribbs (CB), Katie Whitted (Meigs); 8:50—Callie Kirkpatrick (TP), Caroline Millsaps (L), Carsi Beaty (M); 9—Chandlee Jones (PC), Alaura Rollins (CB), Rebecca Godsey (Meigs); 9:10—Brooke Talley (TP), Alexis Newman-Millard (Meigs); 9:20 Alex Hook (CB), Emily Irwin (S).

District 6 Small tournament

Thursday at Brown Acres

Legend: Arts & Sciences (CSAS); Bledsoe County (BC); Grundy County (GC); Sale Creek (SC); Signal Mountain (SM); South Pittsburg (SP).

Boys' tee times: 10:30 a.m.—Trevor Smith (BC), Foster Wood (SM), Benjamin Burns (SM); 10:40—Ajay Tenenbaum (GC), Ben Seay (SM), Carson Johnson (SM); 11—Tommy Turner (BC), Wesley Portera (SM), Carter Kelly (SM); 11:10—Colton Friday (CSAS), Grant Dees (GC), Austin Swafford (BC); 11:20—Caleb Wagner (BC), Kollyn Cooper (GC), Casey Tierney (SP); 11:50—Ezra Smith (GC), Lucas Woodley (GC), Corbin Pell (CSAS), Hugh Jackson (CSAS); noon—Justin Shavers (SP), Bailey Foutch (SP), Brady Haston (BC), Trey Hampton (GC).

Girls' tee times: 10:50 a.m.—Hannah Holland (SC), Ashley Holland (SC), Taylor Gardner (SM), Lindsey Harris (SM); 11:30—Madelyn Harris (SC), Ashley Portera (SM), Haylie Wagner (BC), April Weaver (SM); 11:40—Denver Clendenen (SC), Morgan Mooney (GC), Emily Smith (GC).