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More playoff puzzles

Today, the TSSAA releases its next round of high school football playoff projections. Our prep ace Stephen Hargis projects them in today's paper, but check later today for the next set of Blue's clues. Know this: It will get more confusing before it gets more clear.

Follow this link to Stephen Hargis' Playoff mystery

Big trouble in Big D

Tony Romo broke his collar bone and the Dallas Cowboys fell to 1-5 with a 41-35 loss to the New York Giants last night. Jon Kitna takes over for the Cowboys, who now hoping to join the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals as teams that started 1-5 and made the playoffs. Good luck with that.

Follow this link to the article "Giants knock out Romo, deal major blow to Cowboys"

Fantasy moves

If you have Romo, sorry. And since Peyton Manning is likely unavailable (kidding), look to grab Colt McCoy, the former University of Texas star and current Browns rookie. Hey it's better than nothing. And if he's still out there in your league, grab Dallas rookie Dez Bryant, he's better than a lot of things.

NBA starts tonight

Heat and Celtics and, yeah, yeah, yeah... It's a long regular season, but it does start tonight. The big story line today is LeBron James' new Nike commercial. Let's just say, that King James and Sir Charles Barkley are not going to be sharing any cabs anytime soon.

No mystery in the polls

College basketball season is around the corner, and that means the preseason polls will be released this week. There is very little drama in either the men's poll, which will be released Thursday, or the women's poll, which be out Friday. Let's just project that defending national champs Duke and UConn will be up there near the top.

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